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Avatar n tn It can't be good to snort it. It's not meant to be taken that way. Ask her why she snorts it. It's doubtful she can get high on it...
Avatar f tn 3) stop taking enough to get high You will never quit until you do that. Weather you can or not is up to you. You have to come to a point where you make the decision you want to quit. The en you have to make a plan then you have to execute that plan. SIMPLE .... but not easy. The solution from a clinical point of view for you at your point of addiction is so easy. A simple taper, and change the behavior. In short break the cycle. How to do a taper is easy.
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering exactly why it is not possible to get HIV from sharing a straw to snort drugs. Also, why are you sceptical about hep c's contractability through the same means? Thank you.
Avatar f tn You know, to have a safe place, perhaps its worth it to hear one or two "I told u so's"........They might surprise you and be so happy you gave up the jerk they will forgoe the urge to say they were right....Funny how folks get that urge........To have a safe place to stay though, perhaps you can "tune them out" for a while.
Avatar f tn It sounds like he just can't keep it up w/o the porn and that he needs to be over-stimulated so to speak because he is higher than a mother you know what on coke. I am sure that he still wants you- he just can't perform... On the other hand- I saw your other post. Coke is a HUGE monkey! Many people start out using recreationally. Most can't stay at that level. You mentioned that this habit is creeping into weekday use. This is a BAD sign.
Avatar f tn hello sarah and welcome. I am sorry that you are your children are being verbally abused by your husband. it is hard to tell many times if they are high or need to get high when they are in a rage. if your husband has admitted to snorting pills everyone in awhile it is probably way more than that. when they are using they lie and deceive. how long has your husband been using? does he get the pills from a doctor? do you know what he is snorting?
1563685 tn?1310405954 You posted this, Drugs that are not injected directly to your veins like the Pot / marijuana, cocaine, Amphetamine, ecstasy and etc... dont transmit HIV.
Avatar m tn immensely. The drugs numb you. I have been clean for 10 days and i can already feel more for my husband than I have in a long time. He is actually working away from home this weekend (hasn't in along time) and I am thinking 'I don't want you to go"...where 2 weeks ago I wanted him to go.
Avatar n tn The best way to taper is slow. Depending on the drug a 5% decrease per week will get you where you want to go. During that time you can seek councelling or support groups. If you are truly an addict then you have your whole lifetime to deal with this. There is absolutely no point in rushing the detox at the risk of failure.
Avatar f tn I can't count on him for that so I do need the the help or at least someone helping me keep track... If I'm looking at this wrong...can you please share what you mean by you know from experience?? I understand the illness of addiction, but as far as "experienced"....I'm truly not...
Avatar m tn Formula makes a good point that I had forgotten.......you can eat and maintain some sort of nutrition if you do H and coke together. H takes a bunch of the rough edges off. And coke trashes your appetite as well as amphetamines do. Thats not an endorsement of heroin.....but coke is very hard on you physically - - all stimulants are. Your central nervous system is so far out to lunch when doing coke that its easy to have all kinds of bad things happening.
Avatar f tn This post is 4 yrs old. Post on new thread you can get alot of help and support.
Avatar n tn i knew you could do it how are you feeling? i know you want to quit both one battle at atime my friend! you have taken a step today I am proud of you !
Avatar m tn which use convoluted reasoning to suggest that sharing of devices to snort drugs such as cocaine can also transmit blood and, in this way, HIV or hepatitis (c or b, but I am aware you are vaccinated against hepatitis B so this is not a concerns). I am not aware of any convincing studies however which demonstrate that this is the case. Think through this logically: 1. Your acquaintance would have to have HIV- very unlikely. 2.
Avatar n tn Sharing straws used to snort drugs thru your nose is a mode of transmission. So, ..yes, you can "catch it thru that" If you are concerned, I suggest getting tested. It would also be a good time to get vaccinated against HepA and HepB.
Avatar f tn Using Ibogain to quit an opiate addiction works along the same principle as going out and getting extremely drunk on Tequila and waking up the next day with the worst hangover you've ever had in your life, then hoping that you will never touch another drink of any kind again because you don't ever want to get that sick again. You may as well snort a kilo of cocaine. Both have the same chances of working.
Avatar n tn The thing that I want to know is, what can I do to get her to stop? She has 2 small girls at home and claims that she wants to get clean, but I feel as if she is not making a huge effort to do so. We have been down this road before and she had a relapse, I'm not sure that she is serious. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. I want the sister that I grew up with back, I can't handle much more of this.
Avatar n tn How dare I do that to them after what was done in my childhood. I am SO glad for you that you've not fallen victim to that same path of destruction. Enough is enough isn't it! Debby the other NY'er (PS I am one hour north of the city exactly - what is considered "upstate") I mean if you can get more SOUTH just about let me know...but yeah we call THAT upstate LOL.
Avatar n tn And stop having babies that we all have to pay for because you spend your last dime on drugs. The women here have the right to cast shame, many of us have been through soooo much to have babies.
Avatar n tn meaning you're seeking a feeling above and beyond what the medication is supposed to do. Would you snort Tylenol? Or Tums? You have to be honest with yourself. Secondly...there can be long term effects of snorting medications...including damage to the septum and lining of the nose. Not something you want to start.
Avatar n tn but the most important thing I want you all to know is that you are all such wonderful people. We can do this, we can get out from this bondage! We really, truly can. I believe that with all my heart. Here's some more lyrics for you by Coldplay.... stuck here in the middle of nowhere with a headache and a heavy heart well nothing is going quite right here i'm tired, i can't play my part come on come on oh what a state i'm in come on come on why won't it just sink in?
Avatar n tn I just wanted to drop by and let you all know that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. I’m VERY proud of my woman, she has done fantastic! Yes, I was taken back as I found out how bad things had become, but guess what, I’m here for her; I have been and always will be there, thick and thin. Any word of advice I can give only comes from my heart. Let your loved one know what is going on, become a team and fight the fight TOGETHER.
Avatar f tn But withdraw ease works , but you have to follow a better eating plan and b-12 and B-6 and sleeping pills ... Anyways it took a good 6 months but if you have pills that you can trapper with I think it's the best cold turkey is a painful 4-7 days and I did t want it that way...
Avatar f tn Get some suggestions about what everyone else is doing, not everyone is around and some posts get lost so do it a couple times a week and see the response you get...and find a way that works for you!! That would be my suggestion..... Hang in there and I knwo I havent said it to you either but welcome to the forum!!
559790 tn?1215908174 You want help getting off heroin that is free and where no one will preach to you, right? Can you see how silly that sounds? Just make the decision that you will do whatever it takes to be free from chains that come with a bad drug habit -- then do it.
358455 tn?1277437219 bippity boppity boo!
Avatar n tn Justsayno, that's odd that you state that.....because the doc told me that this Opana was stronger??.....What you say does make since tho because my anxiety level is thru tthe roof since I started this med....I mean I'm on pins and needles and can barely put one foot in front of the other!
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you try to get your appointment moved up if you can, and till then take the meds as they are prescribed. Good luck!
Avatar n tn oh wait, i just re read your post, sorry i thought you meant you found that on your daughter's night stand but I see you said she found it on her mom's nightstand, sry disregard wat i said.