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1768695 tn?1313809411 You may want to cut your pill again--into fourths instead of halves to begin with and go up to half a pill after you tolerate that. Maybe you can take 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 before noon. I wouldn't go past noon or you will have a hard time going to sleep (much like me after taking my Ritalin too late today). I'd give it a good try, unless you think you will really hate it. BTW, welcome to the forum. I absolutely love it. There's lots of really smart, wonderful people here.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Let's see what additional psychotic drugs we and prescribe to you and other drugs to cover your symptoms. Why would I cure you with a single pill when I could sell you six different drugs to cure your six symptoms. Follow the money!
Avatar f tn After going thru severe stress again i was diag with hyper and so was given same meds but told i could not stay on them for more than a year or so and would have to make a decision for either surgery or rai (radioactive iodine) but either way would become hypo more than likely). I understand its easier to trea and safer than having hyper but ive also heard that symptoms are weight gain, memory loss etc...
13016205 tn?1428506370 In regards to the peripheral neuropathy - yes, hypo can cause it, as can low B-12. If you already been checked out, you might want to make sure you aren't diabetic, since untreated/uncontrolled diabetes also causes peripheral neuropathy. I can certainly sympathize with the pain in the balls of your feet/under your toes... I have it on the entire bottoms of my feet, but it "is" worse in those areas.
889468 tn?1241571223 And, yes, I did have to get a bit hyper to prove that! I sympathize with you. My SVT gets my HR up above 200, where it stays no matter what I'm doing until it decides to stop again. Not fun...Luckily, when I went slightly hyper, I knew the symptoms, and I wasn't waiting around too long to start screaming. My TSH is out the window! What a relief!
536139 tn?1273189552 -) Now that my levels are normal I have noticed that I gained a few pounds, but this is the reason why, my endo has told so in the past and I've also seen Dr Lupo write about this - and I'm taking tapazole not PTU. Now, I'm guessing that your endo told you so, but you need to get your blood checked a couple of weeks into treatment to make sure you don't have any side effect. These are rare but can happen (which is what I think happened with me when taking PTU).
1806721 tn?1510192923 results, but don't you think it's odd that after all these years no one has proven the first case? Do you realize the number of people that would be required for such a cover up? I applaud the fact that you did your research and got input from your doctor. That is the only way to make a decision that works for you, but it is dangerous to look at all the data available and tossing it aside because a drug company is involved. In any case, I wish you the best!
268013 tn?1224524098 You are not hypo as you stated before. You are still hyper and need to still be on the PTUs to get levels closer to normal before stopping them.. When you do get ready you need to wing off - go slowly off them reducing med. dose a little at a time. Suggestion, have them do a FT-3 with the FT-4 and TSH. Not a T-3. Your levels looks like you might be having a concersion problem but neet the FT-3 done with the FT-4 - if its not too lake. If so have them do it next time.
Avatar f tn Since he advised you that they, (hydrocodone) can change your brain chemistry and trigger anxiety and depresseion, he has the knowledge available to prevent that from happening. But he didn't. So, yeah..........you're right. You now get to spend more time on drugs that you probably wouldn't need if he'd done his job. And people wonder why I don't have much respect for GP's. Go figure.
Avatar f tn I heard that the interferon is actually targeting the immune system to kind of disable it to an extent and this is how the actual interferon's fix you up?
362203 tn?1248813910 Looks like you may be a little hyper. Get yourself into a thyroid specialist and or endo so they can run proper diagnostic testing on you. Try not to worry and take it one step at a time.
Avatar m tn I learned to move on and try to make the future better with every action, do activities that make you feel good about yourself (working out, helping others etc.) Lets not dwell on the past, just try to make the future right, its all we have.
Avatar f tn This is a hard decision to make and only you can know what's best for you. I can tell you that tapering takes patience. You won't do yourself any favors by trying to cut too fast. I did that and for me, it was a mess. I still have procedures that will help the pain temporarily. I also use some prescription topical gels. However you decide to get off, if you do, there are lots of suggestions here that help. I've tried a few and some I've found to work wonders, others not so much.
Avatar n tn That's just my observation. Do you know for sure you have Graves disease or are you in a hyper mode of Hashimoto's? If you don't know, I would ask about antibody testing to determine this. I usually see the formerly hyper (now hypo from RAI) women mention the "atomic women" website as a place to get more info. It's at http://www.geocities.com/ibayoa/ Also, Elaine Moore is known for her information on Graves Disease at http://www.elaine-moore.
Avatar n tn Hi! There is a Doctor I know of, who was Hypothyroid, and is no longer thanks to Iodine supplementation. His website is www.helpmythyroid.com Iodine is a natural substance that we all need for healthy bodies. Anyhow, his office or he himself could give you more information or your Dr information on how yu could go about treating your problem. And if Iodine supplementation might be right for you. All of his info is at the website. Also, you could look into www.stopthethyroidmadness.com.
4939681 tn?1361302899 LOL, Please keep me updated on how it works out for you! I wish you all the best and hoping this is the answer for you. My mother said that as bad as I feel, she's surprised that I'm not desperate enough to try it out, yet.
1895320 tn?1359137205 If you're definitely planning to find a new doctor, you might save yourself a lot of frustration by waiting to see him. You do have the script from your PCP that might tide you over until you can get in to see a new doctor. People who convert slowly usually add a direct source of T3 to their meds, either synthetic (Cytomel and generics) or desiccated, like Armour or NatureThroid that contain both T3 and T4. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
428030 tn?1238285098 Well either AR is rubbing off on me - or vice versa. KEEP THOSE LAB TESTS WITH YOU. It sounds like you are thinking of trying to change since your doctor now won't open up to Armour - so it is easier to make the change with copies "in hand." Boobs......... AR that's naughty. lol This poor guy gets it all the way around. Cycles - boobs ... oh my gosh. Personally (I am Armour) I don't really think you want to consider that at this time.
443974 tn?1224592928 but I do hope that you are one of the few. No reason that you can't be! Just make sure you watch those levels closely!
Avatar f tn I would have been one that was surprised at such a high starting dose. I'm not surprised that it caused you to go hyper. I do hope that by cutting back on the T3 med, you are starting to feel better.
540310 tn?1343627720 I guess if you take your adhd meds just to feel good or just to 'get high' because you feel sick or you feel like ****, then I would say that you may be addicted to those as well. Prescription drugs are one of the most abused drugs out there. Just because they are prescribed doesn't mean they are safe. Crystal was my DOC for the first 5 years of my drug use as well and coming clean from that (been 2 years) wasn't easy. But now I am addicted to prescription meds.
Avatar f tn Classic example of how anti-depressant can help and one can make you worse. Reason for this normally is that when you suffer from anxiety you are up too high. You need medication to bring you down and relax you. Anti-dpressants are designed to bring people up who are feeling down. So some bring anxiety sufferers up too far. Do more harm than good. Took them ages to get me to trust the Zispin. Had to make a deal with me. I had been through the Exfexor hell and expected the same thing.
Avatar n tn If you're having trouble sleeping, it's a no-brainer to me that you should go after that. I'm a fan of the ambian. Others prefer lunesta. AS for raceyness, well maybe ya want to ge a fuller coverage bikini and consider something more supportinve when you do the morning jumping jacks. Har-dee-har. Actually, we're it me, rather than a blanket AD, I'd try low dose ativan or vallium for the specific events. And sure, go for a pain med to. I had Ultram prescribed... but never ended up taking it.
Avatar f tn I agree with Rival that I don't think that pot leads to hard drugs. Smoked pot from 28-50 and never did hard drugs except drink alcohol. Tim you are so right about the pre-sales of drugs in products prior to the FDA. Did you know that in states that allow medical marijuana or have legalize it employers still have the right to have drug tests and the right not to employee that person....legal pot or not. Just because the state legalizes it doesn't mean the have to condone it.
Avatar f tn The low level of TSH is only your body's hypothalamus and pituitary's response to these T3 and T4 levels. If you are still having symptoms, that is your body saying you need some more of the Frees. In your case, you seem to need your free T3 moved up toward the upper third of its range, and adjusted according to your symptoms. Remember that free T3 is 4 times as potent as free T4.
1766910 tn?1314198573 Other than your heart racing, all the other symptoms you list are consistent with being HYPO, not, I repeat NOT Hyper. Without your numbers it is difficult to tell. But I would bet that the meds suppressed your TSH while you were still hypo. The fact that your Dr told you that your TSH was suppressed AND that your T3 & T4 were low are very typical signs of the Dr having "Immaculate TSH belief".
16373421 tn?1447958739 You can always get the drugs if you need them, but it seems to me to be better if you can find an exercise program that gets you back to moving in a positive way since the drugs they use and the surgery are problematic. They'll be there if you need them.
586424 tn?1232180259 Do they have you on PTU or an anti-thyroid med? PTU is safe to take whilst pregnant. Safer than being without an ATD. Ask about PTU to get that TSH up a little.
Avatar n tn there are other treatments if you are hyper. dr. mark will probably address that. could you have hashitoxicosis? or are you just hashi's going thru a hyper phase? in any event, please think long and hard about RAI. there is a group on the web called Atomic Women (sorry, don't know the link) which will probably be very informative to you. But i do think it's wise to listen to the patients who have been thru something.