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Avatar n tn I am currently taking Buspar for GAD. It does not seem to be having (after 2 months now) the effects I hoped it would. Before jumping to a Benzo, I would like to try L-Theanine. Any drug interactions known? Any information on L-Theanine? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Well, most of the teas you mention aren't green tea, they're black tea. Green tea is better for you, white tea even better. Arizona is just a sugary drink. I mean good organically grown green tea you brew yourself. You can find many in a good health foods store. Just for fun, research tea and see how they differ, it's quite interesting.
Avatar m tn call your pharmacy for information on drug interactions.
Avatar m tn This morning the pain is still there as is some slight nausea though I was able to eat something. Does anyone know of drug interactions between Anacin and Progesterone? Is there something else it could be?
Avatar f tn There're few web sites that shows "drug interactions", and "drug/herb/food interactions" ...do a search online for words in " ",I am sure you'll find your answers.....if not, please feel free to message me and I'll send you a link.