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Avatar n tn Go to Drugs/com you can enter any drug and get results of interactions Good Luck FTB4
Avatar m tn Klonopin and celexa are the same class of drug. Do they act synergistically? Does vistaril act synergistically with celexa? You should check out interactions with your pharmacist to find out what effect they will have on you.
1082697 tn?1260064616 i am taking it to help with my depression along with celexa . i have been on the celexa for years. the zyperxa is making me hyper. but a good hyper. i have been taking it for over a week now. now this drug is suppose to make you sleepy. well, it is working the opposite for me. the doctor told no one she has ever had on zyprexa had this reaction to it. if anyone can help me with this, i would appreciate it. i am not feeling so depressed .
Avatar n tn http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/celexa-with-trazodone-679-335-2228-0.
Avatar f tn Be sure to tell both of your doctors medical and psychiatrist what medications you are on from the other. If you have concerns about drug interactions and are not able to talk to your doctor about it right away you can always call and ask a pharmacist.
Avatar f tn Your stomach upset may be due to celexa. Abdominal pain (stomach pain), Indigestion or heartburn, and Diarrhea are possible side effects of citalopram (celexa). If you're unsure about the drug interactions, you can call your physician or pharmacist.
Avatar f tn I am presently taking 40 MG of Celexa - 20 mg in the morning ane 20 in the evening also taking 1 mg of xanax three times a day (trying to cut down). I have been on these medications for some time. Why is it that sometime I have good days and bad days that I some time that I feel that I need a boost of something. I have tried several antidepresents and this seem to work for me but another draw back is that it has killed my sex life and is hurting my relationship. What else can I do.
Avatar m tn call your pharmacy for information on drug interactions.
Avatar m tn This morning the pain is still there as is some slight nausea though I was able to eat something. Does anyone know of drug interactions between Anacin and Progesterone? Is there something else it could be?