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Avatar f tn People w/o knowledge I mean personal experience dont get it.Drug addiction is hard there is no reason and a million reasons why(depending how u [email protected]).U need to check on meetings,addiction specialists and always know we all get it here.Its tough+***** big time+ur coming off a med that takes longer to feel normal again but u will feel normal again.STAY strong.
Avatar m tn I do know that this is a principle of breaking the cycle of addiction, regardless of the addiction. People with drug or alcohol addictions must seek association with people not involved with this addiction. People who had once been in trouble as a minor with a bad crowd, must seek new and better associations if they want to break from the trouble they had gotten into as a youth. When you are with people who might only "occasionally" make lewd or dirty sex jokes.
Avatar f tn Just say you dont want to be on these meds for the rest of your life and you want help getting off. There are many people on this site who are knowledgable about this particular drug and I am sure they will post soon. Going cold turkey off of tramadol can cause a lot of issues so pls be careful. I wish you thee best of luck. You are young still so its great you want to get this addiction off your back now!
Avatar f tn Ben said something I used2think basically people make light of it.when I1st saw posts w/people saying they take it.Lots say they were talking bottles a day.A lot said they were doing it4,5or more years&they were all young(under20).I thought they were getting drunk on it but did research I was VERY WRONG.Its so dangerous&awful4ur brain&the rest of ur body as well.Please get help.Ur far too young for this(having2deal w/a serious addiction when u should b carefree).
Avatar m tn //www.bellwood.ca/drug-addiction/ ) but I don’t know how to convince my father for the recovery program. I really wanted my old father who used to had fun with us.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone now for about 1 and a half years......for much of this time i was using drugs (Synthetic Heroin) as well.....yes i know that that isnt good...but due to various reasons it was very hard to completely quit.......(FYI I was on the pills alone for only about 7 months when I decided for financial reasons that I had to try to quit or a least cut back a lot)........ Now that two of my closest drug friends are gone.....
877402 tn?1241569071 Physical Dependence and Detox Narcotic addiction leads to real changes in the nerves of the brain. Prescription drug addiction hijacks the circuits that deal with mood and "reward" -- feeling good for helpful behaviors and bad for harmful ones. In addition, long-term prescription drug abuse affects virtually all the systems in the body. Cutting off the supply abruptly leads to opioid withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn Where can I watch programs and testimonials of real people for drug addicts and alcoholics. I found a site: http://recoverynowtv.
Avatar m tn There are so many more young people on this forum now with addiction or am I wrong? I wish I would have realized i was an addict at 20 instead of 32, it would have saved me a lot of pain and grief. I think at a young age it is even more difficult to stay clean and drugs seem like they are everywhere now and so easy to get. It's heartbreaking for anyone having to battle this, but even more seeing teenagers and college kids getting into this mess, not realizing what awaits them.
1236006 tn?1267890969 s methadone or Suboxone, people are going to abuse it. I bet the majority of people that are abusing the drug are also abusing the treatment. In other words, they have no desire to get well..but are out of dope and are sick. Sub stops the withdrawals until they can score again. As far as the cost, it's becoming cheaper since it went generic. It amazes me how people continually complain about the cost of Sub, expecting it to be a 10 buck co-pay, just because it's a prescription drug...
1238606 tn?1304201621 Thanks so much for the website. I dealt with a Lortab addiction along with what ever else I could get for over a year. I thought that I was the only one in my situation dealing with an addiction. When I say "my situation" I mean here I am a young wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I live in a good area and children are in private Christian schools. I am very involved with my church and lots of people preceive me as a person that has it all together.
199177 tn?1490498534 One very common belief is that drug abusers should be able to just stop taking drugs if they are only willing to change their behavior. What people often underestimate is the complexity of drug addiction—that it is a disease that impacts the brain and because of that, stopping drug abuse is not simply a matter of willpower.
Avatar f tn Welcome, nice to see a new person. Your post made me think a lot... Good way to put it. If all drugs had no negative side effects, we would probibly would all use liberally. Withdrawal is a part of addiction. If addiction didn't exist, I think we'd all use at our own leasure... But if you think about it, addiction maybe be this evil horrible thing, and really, it does save many of us.
Avatar f tn We see this all too often in teenagers and young adults as well as people who have previously had a bout with addiction including alcohol and drugs. Physical Dependence on the other hand is the body's reaction to the drug, the ensuing dependence and withdrawal symptoms if the drug is stopped. Physical dependence is a very real problem and many patients with legal prescriptions for real problems find themselves dependent on the drug.
6530778 tn?1456883801 Gravol, the motion sickness drug? Like any med, you just need to tell your family. The secrets perpetuate our addiction. Once u share it, u have support and can no longer hide. I don't know how to WD from this drug. I strongly urge you to speak to your Dr and come clean. You need medical advice on how to taper or WD. I wish you the very best and God Bless!
Avatar m tn Addiction is categorzied by maladaptive behavior that is typically out of character for the person, including doing things that are harmful, without any regard for the consequences, in order to get the drug. Addiction includes mental cravings for the meds, where dependency is almost always just physical in nature. It's important for you to determine which category you would fit into, if indeed this is even a concern for you.
Avatar n tn It was given out like aspirin. It is very unfortunate that it became a schedule one drug, with the drug enforcement administration tracking down phjysicians who prescribe it. Valium does degrade situational awareness as well as intellectual acuity, and may interfere with driving safety, although that is more of a problem for the first time user. I have used it (prescribed by a physician) rarely, when under extreme stress, and then only for a day or two, and never became addicted.