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Avatar n tn i live in new zealand ive got r bad addiction doing sum silly things 2 get heroin 4 ma habbit herd this is gud medication 4 me with similar effects can u help me please im not normal with out it im really sick and feel weak
2107732 tn?1335127983 I switched one addiction for another. It is NOT a safe drug. It also has a built-in anti-depressant which is a double wammy when it comes to detox. W/D symptoms are not a piece of cake. Similar to other opiate meds, but I found the insomnia and minor anxiety lasted a bit longer than with Hydrocodone. But hey, what do I know? I am an addict. You are doing your research. The ultram/tramadol group on MedHelp will really help you with stopping. Best of wishes and prayers.
523728 tn?1264621521 The American Cancer Society reports that "[t]here is no reliable scientific evidence that ****** therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States.
Avatar m tn Addiction is categorzied by maladaptive behavior that is typically out of character for the person, including doing things that are harmful, without any regard for the consequences, in order to get the drug. Addiction includes mental cravings for the meds, where dependency is almost always just physical in nature. It's important for you to determine which category you would fit into, if indeed this is even a concern for you.
Avatar n tn It was given out like aspirin. It is very unfortunate that it became a schedule one drug, with the drug enforcement administration tracking down phjysicians who prescribe it. Valium does degrade situational awareness as well as intellectual acuity, and may interfere with driving safety, although that is more of a problem for the first time user. I have used it (prescribed by a physician) rarely, when under extreme stress, and then only for a day or two, and never became addicted.
Avatar f tn There is no "guaranteed panic killer." Drugs affect different people differently, and some people just don't metabolize certain drugs well. That's why there's so many drugs in the same class out there. Nor does this drug last 8 hours -- short acting benzos might last a half hour, might last an hour, might last longer, it depends on the individual. Only klonopin is a long-lasting benzo, but that also makes it take longer to work and works best when taken regularly.
Avatar n tn My brother is Anastheatist and he has Fortwin drug addiction from last 4-5 yrs, we have tried psychologist but it was not helpfull as again he starts the same, as he is doctor and anesthetist it is difficult to kept this drug away from him, Can I know what we can do ? Please help me sir, we are very much worried about him, what is the treatment given in rehabilation centre ? Is that useful ? What are the harmfull ness of Fortwin ?
Avatar m tn //www.bellwood.ca/drug-addiction/ ) but I don’t know how to convince my father for the recovery program. I really wanted my old father who used to had fun with us.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone now for about 1 and a half years......for much of this time i was using drugs (Synthetic Heroin) as well.....yes i know that that isnt good...but due to various reasons it was very hard to completely quit.......(FYI I was on the pills alone for only about 7 months when I decided for financial reasons that I had to try to quit or a least cut back a lot)........ Now that two of my closest drug friends are gone.....
1643958 tn?1301004655 m basically asking if this is a definite drug addiction, even though she is prescribed the pills each month? And also how to get through to her that she needs help?
Avatar n tn t make me drowsy, they give me a false sense of energy, some have nausea and vomiting, possibility of addiction........constipation, blurry vision, possibility of addiction.....oh and did i mention possiblity of addiction?
19164880 tn?1473283520 I have recently finished my tapering off suboxone but have a lot of suboxone left over and am worried about possibly using some every now and then to help manage the extreme pain I experience every day which some days is debilitating. I figured if it wasn't harmful and didn't get me addicted again It'd be fine. My addiction originally was never from drug abuse but a result of pain management drugs given me by the doctor.