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Avatar f tn I have a few, and love almost all of them - except for one. It has everything to do with my addiction. I hate it. Some would say it is a good reminder to keep clean, but I have plenty of reminders and reasons - and this one is just nothing but a painful reminder. I want to have it removed, but I was wondering the best way to go about it. I know that you can have them lazered off, but I don't know what kind of scar that leaves. And would the huge scar still be as much of a reminder?
1461073 tn?1308681148 Really, on the end of things for someone that you want to confront their drug habit or alcohol addiction, you force them to hit a bottom. It is the catalyst to change. I can not see why we have a system that does not address that. I do not think our government should be part of the cycle. I'll be honest, I'd rather pay taxes to support the aftermath of making addicts hit bottom than for them to just live as they are. This is not unsympathetic to their disease.
6581887 tn?1382648661 Unfortunately, at least some narcotics, if not all (I don't know which it is), also increase the activity of the virus, so fear of reinfection is not the only reason to get clear of the drug addiction.
Avatar f tn There is a part of me that feels as though I did taint his innocence. He had never experienced divorce, cancer, health issues, or drug addiction until he met me. He was a virgin until me...There is a part of me that will alway regret being that girl who took that from him and the relationship not work out. I'm being hard on myself, but somethings I do blame myself for.
948349 tn?1294383837 It’s these thoughts of using the drug that cause people to pursue it, rather than a physical addiction as in the case of tobacco and heroin. The good news is that the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and after refraining from use, I find that my mind feels better, my heart isn’t stiff or sore, and my lungs are also feeling better.
7689249 tn?1408022198 So r u trading addiction from pills to shopping. U know it doesn't matter what addictive behavior it is. Still a basic drug. Whether legal or not to say. Just a thought!
Avatar f tn ummmmm percocet is 5mg of oxy ...... of course he does not to tell the doctor then he will cut his drug supply off..... he should not have withdrawals if he is on sub.I think you need to give him some advil .. I am not saying his ankle is not hurt but he is an addict he wants his drugs ...
Avatar f tn I dreaded telling my family my shameful secret, especially since addiction was always so taboo in my fam. I had a drunk uncle and pill popping cousin who were never around and my mom always talked about them like she was so disgusted with the way they lived. I first came clean to my husband who thought "ok, she has a problem but now she's getting clean and I love her regardless" that was wonderful until I relapsed repeatedly.
1010076 tn?1250707651 He asked me very general questions and kept looking at my tattoos. I understand that people are quick to judge, however my tattoos are done by one of the best artists in the country and are pure works of art, not trash. To shorten this story I feel like he took one look at me and decided that there was no way in hell he is going to even consider giving me a benzo. I realize that I am not a doctor, but am very educated on drugs, nutrition, and exercise.
Avatar f tn When I went in for my last test I told them I had taken it the previous day because I was worried they wouldn't refill them thinking I was abusing them since I ran out early. Needless to say my drug test came back negative. Now to my question, I am in the process of being referred to a pain management doctor. Is they going to cause them to turn me down and not see me as a patient?
Avatar m tn The first week is the hardest-physically but u need to work on the mental part of your addiction. Go to counseling, NA, and stay away from triggers like people n bad places. When I got clean I got a new number also it helps to erase drug contacts numbers, that way u areNOT tempted!!
Avatar f tn All women are encouraged at any time to place photos of tattoos (while clothed or not) in my inbox.
485077 tn?1222623740 you now the one,god put these things on earth to punish us,i acually heard a nurse say this,not to me directly but just loud enough,the worse part of all is i still dont know how i got this dam thing in the first place,no blood transfusions,no drug use,i do have tattoos but i have them 18 years and ive got tested a few times since that and all clear,do do do do the twilight zone lol
214607 tn?1287681159 I’ve probably had every part of my face pierced at one time or another (don’t have any now) and I have 6 tattoos. I’m an alcoholic and drug addict. We have the same mother, same father and grew up in the same house. Amazing. But the rest of my family – on both sides, full of addiction. Same thing as me. Booze and pills. Cousins, aunts, grandparents. My father did drugs when he was younger and had his own issue with alcohol.
2064799 tn?1373867219 They want me to take meetings which is ******** is you ask me cause i dont have a drug addiction thats why i take subutex and have been for 2 years but i guess cause it toke me so long to get a doctor and was buying subutex off the streets thats why. If anyone takes subutex or suboxone then they know how much it cost for the doctors visit which is like $150 and the script which is real high like $300 if you dont have insurance. I dont know what is gonna happen im so scared about all of this.
214607 tn?1287681159 and none have offered him pain meds. And at my own pestering, I made him fully aware of how he can be sucked into addiction. He doesn't feel as though it can happen to him he said. Anyway, he has been getting pain meds off friends. Perks and Norcos and stuff like that. Well, his idiot of a brother-in-laws girlfriend, who by the way is a recovering meth addict, offers my brother a suboxone.
163305 tn?1333672171 Former injection drug users feel haunted by their past and want to avoid this label. Active injection drug users carry the burden of having two stigmatized diseases – addiction and hepatitis C. Effects of Stigma "The potentially damaging effects of stigma are elegantly described in Stigma: Hepatitis C and Drug Abuse, by Astone-Twerell, Strauss, and Munoz-Plaza.
Avatar n tn It has an extremely short half-life in the body, meaning when you stop your daily dosing your blood levels of the drug fall off dramatically. I have had 4 seizures from abrupt Xanax discontinuence. The safest way to get off of Xanax is to have your doctor first switch you to a daily dose of a long-acting benzo such as Valium or Klonopin (Valium is longer acting and much cheaper).
Avatar n tn Cant the doctor at least try and see if indeed these patients show signs of addiction like going through the medication too fast and looking for refills when they shouldnt need them yet? Why cant a doctor give the patient the benefit of the doubt first? Oh well......advil will do me just fine. I would rather take that then be treated like some drug addict.
1310633 tn?1430227691 It implies that if you are poor it must be a result of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, etc. etc. I suggest that you research poverty and get all the information. Sorry, this is really really upsetting to me. Why not look for ways to help people exit poverty...job creation, education programs, etc. And please do not tell me that already exists...it's not nearly enough. And no, this isn't "bleeding heart liberal".
Avatar f tn when my boyfriend told me he had it, I knew he was never into IV drug use, I have known him since he was very young, early 20's, he told me he may have gotten it from snorting coke in his younger more foolish days, or possibly from vaccines in the army back in the late 70's, that one made the most sense to me. the more I learn about it and see where he is at with liver damage, I am pretty sure that the army is probably the most likely suspect.
Avatar n tn We should not argue, this is a drug addiction board. Pain or not, you are here because you are seeking help, like it or not. Why else would you do a search for drug addiction, percocets or whatever, unless we want some kind of closure about knowing we are not alone. Lets get along, we are only here for a short visit, you know? If you're in pain, talk about it. If you're an addict, talk about it. Be honest with each other. We can't be seen on here, so what does it matter?
132578 tn?1189759437 You know, many of us are of the same generation and as follows, many of you, like myself have teenage children or they will be soon. Many of us also contacted HCV through intravenous drug use when we weren't much more than teenagers ourselves. I have always had a zero tolerance drug use policy in my house not Only in practice but in the way discuss illicit drug use and the way that it destroys people's lives.
11826602 tn?1429923801 You need professional help from professional who specialize in addiction. You mentioned that in 14 days you were starting your detox if I'm understanding you correctly. Why 14 days? Why not today? Why not right now? I can guarantee you one thing and that one thing is You Will Stop. Please don't make death your reason for stopping. There is a happy wonderful life out there and it doesn't need to include drugs. I used to say I couldn't make it without drugs.
Avatar n tn How risky is it compared to injecting drug use? I have snorted ONCE using the same bill my friend had used earlier (1 hour before me). Neither of us had any nosebleedings. Neither of us have never used injecting drugs or have any other risky behaviour. Am I a possible hep c carrier now? When can I get tested? If I want PCR test how soon it will show if I got it from this one incident? Thank you so much for your help! I am worried that I have ruined my life because of this one incident....
Avatar n tn The xanax or valium will not eliminate opiate addiction or w/d's. If I had a choice, I would take the benzo addiction over the opiate addiction by far!!! Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. The benzo's are not a substitute, at all, for opiates. The addiction doctor sounds like a good idea, presuming you are ready to get rid of your habbit. I, like you, am torn and tormented day and night. Good luck and best wishes.
Avatar n tn You said 'Did you ever think that this lack of self-control might have something to do with your drug habit? ' What drug habit are you referring too! My addiction/dependence all started in a doctors office just like yours. My habit was letting surgeons cut into my body and fuse and cut away and butcher my bones and joints, so to hear you refer to my addiction caused by your type makes me think maybe the medical profession you adore so much maybe one small cause in my drug habit as you say.
199177 tn?1490502134 Then when I did take 8 a day, I would either have nightmare dreams or feel totally exhausted the next day. After much research on tolerance of this med I kept reading addiction. Well addiction can go hand in hand with building a tolerance. I found this forum. I printed out a few things and took it to my doctor. He said he was not worried about any addiciton because I did cut back to 6 a day. He wanted to give me something stronger ...Oxy. I refused because I read about that drug too.