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Avatar m tn com both into your search engine and read and find lots and lots of help and support from others in exactly your same situation. They even have some chat rooms and online meetings. They have a directory where you can punch in your info and find a meeting close to you. I bought a little meditation book published by Al-Anon called "One Day At A Time"....I have been reading it for over 30 yrs. It helps me to learn new healthy ways to live with an addict in my life.
Avatar f tn As u can see I'm new 2 posting comments on chat rooms but I've been placed on Diability recently so I feel alittle useless & quite frankly, just plain lonely.
686256 tn?1227069700 Is this a chat room for addiction? If not, does anyone know of any chat rooms where you can discuss active addiction, recovery, relapse, treatment methods, etc? I would appreciate your prompt responses very much. Thanks to all in advance!
Avatar n tn is there a chat room for opiate/tramadol addiction/dependence. Have not done chat rooms, so any help is much appreciates. Thank you!
Avatar f tn i may be nieve, no i know im nieve..also i have been looking for any live chat rooms for when im home and need to talk for na.. anyone know of any?? this forum is great and has helped me more than you can imagine.. thx. peace and strength to ya all..
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of a live chat room for people going through Detox. I saw the NA chat rooms, but I'm not quite there yet. I know it has great value, but I would like to be able to actually speak my mind on what ive been using and helpful people in that stage. Day 1 of 70mg/day of Hydrocodone withdrawal here. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm new to sobriety. I roughed out the physical withdrawal, just went cold turkey. But now my conscience has returned with a vengeance. I used to an excellent liar, thief, you name it. Now the idea of returning something to a shop fills me with dread. I both love and hate my family, because they don't understand addiction at all, so most family occassions lead to me telling them to collectively [email protected]#k off. And honestly, my addiction problems started in the family home.
Avatar n tn Thats my point and we can name a chat Nautys Addiction Connection........lol.....We need to do one.......on yahoo, msn, or whatever......
Avatar m tn My question is has anyone ever considered going to the yahoo messenger chat rooms and setting up a user room in the user created rooms just for us to chat instantaneously. I would do so, but don't want to step on toes or slow any traffic down here to this site for Medhelp. I have only 100% respect for these folks for starting and maintaining a site with this magnitude of information. The only thing I would change here is I would have joined much sooner...
Avatar f tn Just wondering if you found the chat rooms to talk about PPMS and life in general? If not, let us know and we can send you some other links.
213044 tn?1236527460 Chat rooms are often split up into catagories, or multiple rooms. I belong to Forums that have chat rooms, and chat is like the wild west. Anything goes, it's instantaneous, and trying to enforce any rules is difficult. It requires staff to be present every second or offenses are off the page in two minutes. I really like this site, and changes won't drive me away, but I think chat would be a big headache for you folks.
Avatar f tn A live community chat room (or rooms)? I notice a lot of people are online at the same time in various forums (and answering questions at the same time) and it might be nice to have a chat room for LIVE/real-time discussions. You could start off with a few generic chat rooms and see how that goes - perhaps pregnancy/maternal, mental health, general medical, social etc.
Avatar f tn And your never alone if you believe in a higher power that ones always there, also online meetings , chat rooms, outside public meetings I wish you best of luck !
Avatar n tn This isn't what I read the other day, but its close..Missy, please walk from it..It not too late..And don't beat on yourself about using it. You did the right thing by coming to the forum..Right time,,right place,,and not too late.. I have 4 teens here. Thats why I am so adimate(sp?) about pleading with you.. This and the k-2 subject have been a hot issue within this household with my children for the past week. This stuff scares the heck out of me...
3127670 tn?1342373916 That is very true. Most of the online chat rooms don't even deal with addiction They all know each other and are chatting about different things. If you want help detoxing, this is the best place that I have found. However, if you want to attend a meeting online, there are several places for that.
Avatar m tn There is a lot of online suspicion about Benedictin, but all that I could find were in chat rooms, I could find no definitive research done by a reputable medical organization or study. Andi said: "Bendectin wasn't linked as far as I know, I have been asked by every OB is my mother took DES (Diethylstilbestrol) while pregnant as that has been clearly linked to spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), ectopic pregnancy, and pre-term delivery. "http://aje.oxfordjournals.
1926656 tn?1334970201 I use my phone primarily to get on here, but does the desktop version have a live chat for each forum? And if not, why? It's not hard for a site to get chat rooms hosted and sometimes it'd just be nice to talk and joke around with people currently logged in!
308787 tn?1201681348 Hi I was just thinking how much I get out of this forum as a anxiety sufferer, but just wondered if anyone that is in charge of the anxiety forum would think it was a good idia to have a chat room so we could all have a chat on line, I dont know if this would be possible but just a thought. Janis.
356518 tn?1322263642 s come to mind for most as the members there often talk back and forth on PM and the board so they would like to have somewhere to chat with the other members as they already chat thru other means. I know alot of the members in the addiction comm talk by phone and a chat room would eliminate having to give out personal info like your phone number.
Avatar n tn I would also suggest going to www.childrenwithdiabetes.org this website has online chat rooms, for parents, teens, kids etc. I have found it very helpful threw the years and my daughter has found some e great diabetes friends this ways. There is also a link on that web site to post your5 own story and page this would be great for your friend. I would also suggest going to www.childrenwithdiabetes.org this website has online chat rooms for patrents, teens, kids, etc.