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725350 tn?1318680468 t consider it a brain disease.....i consider it to be brain damage. the brain can no longer function properly and it's because of damage that we have caused to it. i don't think of a disease as something that we cause. cancer is a disease. substance abuse leads to brain damage, in my opinion...but i think the damage that's caused makes it almost impossible to stop. i REALLY want to stop.....i really really REALLY want to stop more than anything.
10799887 tn?1417236469 Now days the DRS/Scientist consider addiction a brain disease; a condition caused by persistent changes to brain structures and function. Using drugs repeatedly over time changes brain structure and function in fundamental and long lasting ways that can persist long after the individual stops using them. After a certain amount of a drug is consumed and that amount is different for everyone, it is as if a switch in the brain is flipped from normal to addict.
472139 tn?1211332563 I often hear about addiction being a disease much like diabetes, Example i need to take my methadone just like a diabetic? But just like diabetics you can eat right exercise and become free of it...and medication, so why not addiction then?? If we do the right things cant that be the same?
Avatar f tn I read in New World & USA Today that it has been ruled that addiction is a brain disorder not just bad judgement or morals. I'm glad they are finally waking up to the seriousness of addiction. What do you say, think?
3010990 tn?1340511756 Hi, Because addiction is a disease Point Blank it's a disease. Just remember you have to do this day by day. Good luck. Sending you positive vibes.
Avatar n tn , psychotherapy) and medications work similarly in changing brain function. So addiction is a brain disease that can be treated by changing brain function, through several types of treatments. 7. Alcoholics can stop drinking simply by attending AA meetings, so they can't have a brain disease. The key word here is "simply." For most people, AA is a tough, lifelong working of the Twelve Steps.
Avatar m tn I maintain to the uninformed general public, that in fact not every person with the disease of Alcoholism, or the disease of drug addiction learns every single tool to live forever in recovery at the age of 20. There is to date no cure.
Avatar m tn I think addiction is a symptom of psychological disease.It is said addiction is a brain disease, and while that may make sense, think of this- How many people do you know that become addicts without some emotional situation being directly linked to it? I don't know any.I became an addict because I was depressed about my life.I have had a depression disorder as far back as I can remember.
424839 tn?1268186246 s ability to exert self control can become seriously impaired. Brain imaging studies from drug-addicted individuals show physical changes in areas of the brain that are critical to judgment, decisionmaking, learning and memory, and behavior control.7 Scientists believe that these changes alter the way the brain works, and may help explain the compulsive and destructive behaviors of addiction. No single factor determines whether a person will become addicted to drugs.
Avatar f tn remember who you are and dont loose sight on that. if you do then the drug is doing you rather than you doing the drug. its here on earth to enjoy not to go down. peace i know its hard starting using when i was 12 its been a roller coaster but i realize if i am gana use do it for satisfation not to hurt me or others. btw best drug to come off of other drugs and relax go to sleep is xanax. without that i couldnt handle my escapades. it is what it is...
897400 tn?1303329148 These mechanisms result from changes in nervous system receptors in response to the drug. In response to the drug, the brain creates new receptors for opiates. These receptors are "pseudo" receptors and do not work. When the opiates are out of the body, the brain has more receptors than before the use of the drug, but only the same amount of endogenus opiates ( endorphines) to fill these receptors.
Avatar f tn Coming off of the morphine will be difficult after 3 years of use. I would seek help from a doctor that specializes in drug addiction or find a pain clinic at a hospital that is experienced weaning patients off of addictive drugs. You may want to post your questions regarding opiate addiction in the MedHelp Addition-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab Community http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn there is a detox process for all drugs, even otc meds like motrin, most people are unaware of this, if a individual has the disease of addiction, any chemical they put in their body can be habit forming, i suggest that you call your local vocational rehabilitation center as soon as you can, tell them you need to set up an appointment with someone about getting into rehab while you are waiting for a bed, please google, na meeting locator, attend one meeting everyday while you wait and last but no
Avatar f tn When I finally did quit it took years, first alcohol then substituting one drug for another until I saw what this disease of addiction was doing to my family and I got serious and got some accountability. The desire is still there, I just thank God I found something that work for me. I have to make a conscious effort every day, some times a few times in the day not to use.....and some times that is hard.........after several years clean and sober.
Avatar f tn Hi well addiction is a disease and will not go away on its own...the pills are a outward sine of a inward problem this is a progressive disease that will suc k you back in even if your able to abstane for a wile N/A is a great program that will help you arrest the disease and then recovery is possible google N/a meetings in your area..... Keep posting for support.........Gnarly......................
424839 tn?1268186246 In reality, drug abuse and addiction does not discriminate, it affects men, women and children of all ages, races, cultures and socio-economic strata. Today, the majority of substance abuse professionals treat drug addiction like a disease. This change in attitude has brought hope to many addicts and their families.
401095 tn?1351391770 So, if you take a drug that changes and re-wires brain function .....how can we call it a disease. If the drug is doing this? that is my dilema. Maybe I am missing something? I guess I associate a disease as something that unwilling invades the body, not the other way around.....oiy? Nauty............
3197167 tn?1348968606 this video CONVINCED me addiction is a brain disease. I have already been doing extensive research to better understand myself , other addicts in my life and addiction in general, but this video??? It's the bomb diggity, guys! I mean it......it made me laugh, cry, understand things I have ALWAYS questioned. How do we KNOW it's a disease? Are we a dependent abuser/user or truly an addict? Why do we have cravings?
Avatar f tn He'll never be able to "cut back" on his drinking. It just doesn't work that way. Alcohol is a drug just like the others and is just as dangerous. I never liked alcohol. In fact, I've been drunk enough times to count on one hand. However, I plan to never drink again. Why? Because the brain has no way to differentiate between the chemicals that I use to alter my mood. You're discovering that addiction actually has very little to do with the substances we take.
Avatar f tn I had to UP my SUPPORT and I also stayed on here as my MH Family stayed with me all the way, holding my hand and giving me the courage not to go drink or use. This is a Brain disease and it will get you before you know it. Some start out slow and build up to a harder drug. Some on here never used recreational, but got hooked on the pain pills and started to use them for other reasons. The best thing is that HE has to want it and HE needs help. I will be praying for HIM as I will YOU too!
Avatar f tn I have read many crack and or coke addicts who talk about how even tho the mental part of that addiction is brutal they are glad it isnt a physical addiction that actually rewires the brain. One addict also brought up the fact that they are glad to know they wont have the worry that RA of opiates have about what might happen if they are ever in a position where they NEED opiates such as surgery or what-not.
Avatar m tn I did read and see a pic of a Brain that was on crank for a long ash time..The brain looked like Swiss cheese..Speaking of the Brain, this is a Brain disease, so the more you learn all you can the better you will understand..I wish you the best.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure exactly what you are asking but here goes... Its not really a question of how long it takes to get the drug completely out of your body. That's probably 2-3 days. The real question is... How long does it take for my brain to recover from the chemical changes the drug caused? We could have a discussion about neurochemistry but here's the short answer: Its based on how long and how much.