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Avatar m tn If my wife had given me free room and board, let me be as mean to her as I wanted, and there were no consequences to my drug abuse, I would be dead today. You can ask around here, I am not a bad person or of low moral character, I am an addict. When people say you are enabling your man, it means you are part of his problem. He may blame you, and he may be partially right, because he wouldn't be able to afford as many drugs or have good enough health to get as high as he does without you.
Avatar f tn I want to know how to help drug abusers through a website? for example SO has addicted morphine after asurgery and is ashamed to go to a dr what to do ?
424839 tn?1268186246 So when going up against some one with a drug habit you have to remember that it is a learned behavior to take the drug along with the intense desire to take the drug.
Avatar m tn hi.. don't worry that drug abuse treatment is very costly. many drug rehab centers are available to treat you against Drug addiction.Please have patience and try to quit it because its good for your health.
722833 tn?1230728731 A drug, is a drug, is a drug. The laws in this country speak clearly on this issue. Until that changes, the law states that maternal marijuana use is treated the same as maternal crack cocaine use. I agree that hair follicle testing should reveal more.
627818 tn?1271777026 It seems a lifetime ago that we actually went to libraries or waited for the mailman to bring magazines and letters.
Avatar f tn Poor body image, low self esteem, history of trauma or abuse, image pressure, breakup in relationships are few of the causes and risk factors of bulimia. Since one of the causative factors is poor body image you need therapy for regaining your lost confidence. I will advise you to stay away from people who always talk about diet, losing weight, weight reduction etc.Avoid reading any such magazines or literature. You need to start eating normally to break the binge-purge cycle.
Avatar f tn Although, as is typical in general, women reported higher rates of sexual abuse than men, male bipolar subjects demonstrated a significantly increased rate of sexual abuse and combined sexual and physical abuse compared with unipolar male subjects.
Avatar f tn "Somebody" decided (and reported) that this topic on a new potent narcotic drug was meant for the "social" community of substance abusers which is TOTALLY NUTS to me!! If anybody needs to know about what new narcotics are out there waiting to be abused because they have no "abuse deterrent" in them.....drug addicts...recovering or not....surely do! If you read the link given by KBusymom in the original post I referenced...