Drinking milk tea during pregnancy

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1882836 tn?1324024086 Hi Doc I would like to know the safety of drinking tea (normal, Ceylon tea) during pregnancy. I don't drink a lot (normally about 1-2 cups per day) and then tend to have herbal tea the rest of the time. ( ia hardly ever have coffee). I drink my tea with a bit of low fat milk, no sugar. Is this okay to continue with as i read that caffeine in tea is bad for the baby. How much is bad or is any bad? Do some herbal teas have caffeinne and how will I know?
8075190 tn?1401035475 Just in case you get there and change your mind though, don't drink the chai tea or the green tea one. The green tea is my favorite and I've had to stay away from it for my pregnancy.. They both somehow or another mess with the baby absorbing folic acid.
268356 tn?1236002604 We hypothesized that maternal milk restriction during pregnancy, which can reduce intakes of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin D, might represent a health risk by lowering infant birth weight." Also ... "Milk and vitamin D intakes during pregnancy are each associated with infant birth weight, independently of other risk factors," the authors write.
Avatar f tn But if u do wanna drink tea they make pregnancy tea with no caffeine and natural herbs.
Avatar f tn During my first pregnancy I would drink whole milk while breastfeeding and it made me produce milk quicker don't know if it will work for you but it couldn't hurt to try !
8748261 tn?1400677893 I put lemons and limes in my water, it taste good and its also helped soo much with my nausea. Also the water enhancers are good like mio, crystal light & disani makes some too and most are sugar free, caffinee free.
Avatar f tn Green tea is not an herbal tea. It's safe during pregnancy. There is plenty of information out there on which herbs are safe and unsafe during pregnancy.
461781 tn?1285609481 So...I have a regular cup of coffee with milk and sugar every day in the morning, its not strong coffee, just coffee. And usually at work I'll have a cup of tea, either Green tea or Decaff tea. I don't consider that a lot of caffeinne, but I don't know if that is good or bad while ttc.
Avatar f tn I drink 2 - 3 cups of traditional medicinals pregnancy tea everyday. I'm not a big hit tea person so sometimes I have a hard time getting it down.
Avatar f tn Hi...I k that too much cafeine is bad for u during pregnancy nd I ve been drinking coffee with milk sometimes even twice a day..
Avatar f tn During my 1st pregnancy, I learned that lesson the hard way. I thought I could get away with not drinking that much water and ended up fainting on my 2nd trimester. That pretty much cured my pickiness about water.
8644515 tn?1411138777 Also health/organic stores sell pregnancy tea bags so u could make hot tea peppermint tea is good too
1723277 tn?1313991377 Yes, you definitely need to give it up while trying to conceive and if you get pregnant. I didn't even have caffeine during our IVF cycle and for the first trimester of my pregnancy (at my doctor's advice). Now I will drink a coke if I have a headache (in my second trimester, and again, at my doctor's advice). But nothing stronger. Like you said, the little babe is way too important to risk anything. GOOD LUCK!
9304548 tn?1409619763 Ok this is my Third Child I am currently 28w5d and before pregnancy I would literally drink like 10 12oz cans of Mountain Dew during a 24hr period. I always cut back during pregnancy but I still Drink maybe 5-6 if not I get bad migraines which my doc said may be caffine withdrawls... I hear so many people say drinking caffine while pregnant is bad but it never had any effect on my other 2 kids.. And my doctor knows and has never said anything to me about it.
Avatar f tn I'm drinking something called Mother's Milk Tea and it has fenugreek and milk thistle. It was recommended by my lactation consultant. After drinking it for a week now, I do find that my breasts are fuller. I even tried pumping, and i can pump 2 oz much faster than before, and a lot more milk comes out. The other day I was able to pump 3 oz. So I think it's working at least for me. OH yeah, my coworker takes the fenugreek capsules and she finds its working.
Avatar f tn It makes me sick to keep chugging everything water, tea, milk, juice and so on but I am just so thirsty. I cant go 10 mins without a drink. Is this just pregnancy or something I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn There seems to be a controversy whether or not red rasberry tea is safe during the first trimester. My doctor suggest drinking up to 4 cps a day, but now I am down to 1 because of the stuff I have read. Can this tea cause miscarriage?
Avatar f tn development than a beer. I am not a.doctor... The only benefits of beer during pregnancy is to help with milk production whIle breasts feeding.
10821765 tn?1427311586 What is your expirence with taking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy? Did you find or someone you know find that it works?
Avatar n tn Hi mommies... Just wondering... Can we drink green tea during the pregnancy... How many glass per day...can we consume...
Avatar f tn I thought I was pretty clear on things until I was told today that drinking green tea during pregnancy is a bad thing because it absorbs folic acid and prevents it from getting to baby, potentially resulting in neural tube defects! I read not to drink caffeinated beverages but nothing ever mentioned green tea specifically. For the last 3 and a half weeks, I have been drinking green tea (~ 2 cups a day) and am wondering if I have done any damage?
Avatar f tn / ive been drinking rasberryleaf tea to help strengthen my uterus and help labor too.