Dreaming about pulling teeth out

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Avatar f tn t take any pain meds, and I was up for 3 days in excruciating pain. I had my wisdom teeth out years ago but the pain even while medicated was worse than the root canal. Put it off if you can... I think your dentist is crazy for saying he or she would do it. A wisdom tooth can wait! Don't put yourself through the misery!!
Avatar f tn Ok so I am 36 weeks tomorrow. I've been having this reoccurring nightmare where I lose all my teeth. Last night dreamed I was At the hair dresser and they had to give me a bag to spit all my teeth in because they just kept falling out non stop!!! It's scary!!! Any of you ladies having crazy reoccurring dreams???
Avatar n tn m on Medicad and after my baby is born I only have it for 2 months, right now they pay for my pulling and teeth. My dentist wants me to wait 8 weeks after all top are gone before fitting me for top dententures. I need my top teeth fixed while I can. Idk I'll ask my OB cause I don't want to hurt my baby or myself.
Avatar m tn I recently learned about oil pulling / mouth rinsing and have tried it with extra virgin coconut oil. After doing it ~ once or twice a day for ~5mins a time, l can confirm it does make teeth shades whiter, as if had teeth scaled and polished at dentists. However want to ask does the acid, Lauric acid, being one, actually erode the enamel, making teeth thinner? I normally do not rinse mouth with water afterwards, leaving the coconut oil remains in mouth when spit out.
Avatar m tn The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on the count of Streptococcus mutans in plaque and saliva of children, using the Dentocult SM Strip mutans test, and to compare its efficacy with that of chlorhexidine mouthwash. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty age-matched adolescent boys were selected based on information obtained through a questionnaire.
Avatar f tn i am very nervous of dentist 2 have been told i will go in hospital 2 get teeth removed how they go about this i dont know hopefully i want see it.
Avatar f tn I adopted a 6 year old female calico cat a year ago and was told she was perfectly healthy other than the fact that she had both of her eyes removed, missing most of her teeth, and missing her top and bottom lips. She is the happiest little thing I've ever seen but I am getting a bit concerned. When she falls asleep she, what seems to be running in her sleep and twitching really hard. She twitched so hard and violently one night that she flipped up into the air and off the bed.
14471876 tn?1434691155 I have done that before. I am usually dreaming that my teeth are crumbling into little pieces and I am choking on the pieces. It *****. Nothing worse than dreaming that your teeth are falling out and then spitting on yourself. I can sympathize. It is definitely linked with anxiety. I know my source of anxiety and try to keep it at bay. She should find hers. I wouldn't worry about her too bad.
Avatar f tn How likely is it that a person can get pregnant by there partner using the "pulling out" method as birth control?
Avatar n tn Sorry to trouble you again, Yesterday I went to same massage girl and I come to know that she pulled out teeth on 13th april and made stiches (i dont know why?), I got blowjob and deep french kiss from her on 16th april and yesterday I got blowjob from her too, yesterday she remove that stiches before giving me blowjob My question is is there any risk on both exposures? 1) Why she need stiches after pulling teeth? If she had any surgery in her mouth any risk?
Avatar m tn Do you grind your teeth? This has also been ruled out? Have you ever looked into what is called a hypnic headache? They only occur at night. https://americanmigrainefoundation.
Avatar f tn I wonder what it means dreaming about ex's. I have no feelings for him. He is my sons father but its weird I'm not dreaming about my boyfriend.
Avatar m tn I quite often fall into these nightmares where i am fully aware of being in my bedroom, in my bed but all of a sudden it's like a force is pulling my covers from me and pulling me from my bed and pulls me all over the walls and ceiling. I am aware that i am dreaming but i cant seem to wake myself up and sometimes if i do manage to wake, i fall straight back into the nightmare.
Avatar f tn Ive only dreamt about my baby once and he was about 1 yrs old and kind of ornary lol but my mom and sisters have all had quite a few dreams about him lol
Avatar n tn I've been pulling with canola for a couple of weeks and my teeth are definitely whiter... problem is ive been reading coconut and avocado are better, like here https://www.mapleholistics.com/blog/oil-pulling-benefits/ Thoughts?
293157 tn?1285873439 m doing some TMJ mouth excercises in case it helps or incase that is the problem. It sure is confusing. This morning with this pain I felt like pulling my own teeth out..uuugggg this pain has been happening almost everyday for 12 days now. T3s dont help the pain... only make me constipated and tired. I should have asked the Neuro for Pain meds for this... that's what I always do...leave the appt and say I should have done this or said that or asked for this...
Avatar f tn I had two dreams about a month before finding out we were having a girl. After found out pregnant, i continued to dream of a girl and one dream we had our baby girl and i saw her so clearly! Sad to say, we don't know the gender and I'm 33 weeks. We'll find out soon if these dreams come true if having a princess! :) congrats!
280369 tn?1316702041 I have posted before about Jeremiah possibly teething...I have heard that pulling on the ears could be a sign? He seems to do it a lot though...he either pulls on his ears really hard or has his hands up by his head and pulls down. Also, he pulls on both ears, but seems to pull more on the right one....that's the side his gums get inflamed on. A few days last week he had really loose/watery stools about 4 times a day. That is much better now.
Avatar n tn Yes it is an ongoing habit best to see if it can be 'nipped in the bud' its a way of soothing herself, perhaps good to introduce a teddy or a blankie she may use that to soothe .It would be better not to put her into the bed with you that is another little habit they get into , however if you don't mind her in your bed it is in my opinion okay .Above you will see the link Hair pulling and eating..Dr Kennedy has some words to say about it ..
Avatar f tn Why do I keep dreaming that I'm having a boy? I got told at my sexing scan I was having a girl?
Avatar n tn ve never heard of pulling teeth due to an absess. So maybe, just maybe, the teeth were pulled due to another or additional problem? They don't do root canals either until you've taken antibiotics (which is weird since antibiotics cannot enter the tubules). Far as swelling after extractions this varies widely with the pre-extraction condtion of the teeth. I had a week long swelling after my one and only root canal which I wish I hadn't had done.