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Avatar n tn she did not say 2 hrs before or after. i eat yogurt just before my doxycycline. now i am worried and confused. i am already done with my antibiotics for 10 days. im wondering if i got the most of the medicine since i have been taking it with yogurt.
Avatar f tn after 8 weeks i went back and asked her to change my medicine and she prescribed to doxycycline after 6 weeks my skin was nice and clear. i didn't have to refill my 3rd one cause my skin was completely healed in 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn I remember it started three nights ago after eating a Greek yogurt then laying down. And I did have trouble breathing but then it settled down. On top of which my stool has been changing from loose to hard from green to light brown ever since coming off the medicine. I'm eating a bland diet to alleviate some discomfort. But I have no fever, no blood in urine or stool, hydrating fine. If anything my appetite has increased but I'm scared to eat normal again.
15901320 tn?1443841872 I have had these bumps on my head for years and I finally asked my PCP to refer me to a Dermatologist. He took a biopsy, nothing out of the ordinary. Directions take Doxycycline 100MG 2x and when you're done with 90 pills take Minocycline 1x every 12 hours. Great the puss filled bumps went away. I did this for 3 month then I thought this is nuts to take Antibiotics in such quantities and stopped... anyone care guess what happened next...
610456 tn?1221707348 150 mg 3 times daily doxycycline........twice a day clindamyacin.....two pills twice a day Nystatin creme......once a day........ Terazol 7 day cream Clindese cream I don't know what else to do.........been on everything. I even put Genetian Violet down there too. i have used yogurt as a ****** also.
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried this or know if this would help me? Is it bad if I have one thing of the yogurt while on the doxycycline hydate medication? My doctor said I could stop taking it after a week if i didn't feel better at all (which I might do).
Avatar m tn she did not say 2 hrs before or after. i eat yogurt just before my doxycycline. now i am worried and confused. i am already done with my antibiotics for 10 days. im wondering if i got the most of the medicine since i have been taking it with yogurt.
Avatar m tn but as I said, leave about 3 hours before or after you took Doxycycline and continue with probiotics after you finished with Doxycycline. Make sure to avoid lying down for 30 mins after taking Doxycycline as that could irritate the stomach if I'm not mistaken. Although, sitting down is fine.
Avatar f tn Hi, My dog just got done taking a 30 day course of doxycycline. The day after stopping the pills she developed loose stools (know sounds gross but looks like light tan, soft ice cream). She has no other outward signs of sickness (ie not going any more than ususal, eating fine, exercise normal and no more water consumption than usual). This has been going on for little over a week now.
Avatar n tn doxycycline monohydrate. i am 75, this was given for a dog bite, due to being allergic to penicllin, sulfa and keflex. it was prescribed on 8/16/16 at twice daily. this is now 8/21/16. i don't drink a lot of milk but have eaten a small amount of cheese and milk/cream in coffee. so far med seems to be working on the problem. would it be best to avoid milk products for the rest of the time prescribed? or if milk was used longer than 2 hours from the medicine is it okay then?
Avatar f tn Hi, My dog just got done taking a 30 day course of doxycycline. The day after her last dosage I noticed she developed a loose stool (know it sounds gross but it is light tan in color and the texture of soft ice cream). She has recently been tested for worms (within the past month) and everything came back negative. I tried giving her rice one day and her morning bowel movement looked a little firmer but then at night it was back to the soft ice cream.
Avatar m tn I then went to the ER after a week and they gave me a riaxon injection and a z pak, and then a prescription for doxycycline. I was on doxy for two weeks, which reduced the pain and swelling in the lymph nodes, but did not eradicate it. I then noticed a white coating on my tongue. I got tested for hiv at 4 weeks and it was negative. I took 7 days of diflucan with the last 7 days of my doxy, and then stopped everything for the past week.
Avatar n tn second, I eat a lot of milk and yogurt on a daily basis and certainly did when I was taking Doxycycline, but lately I read in one source that Doxycycline should never be taken with milk ( milk makes Doxycycline ineffective), while another source I found says you can't take milk with tetracyclines except Doxycycline and some other antibiotic of the same group. I don't know which source to believe. So my consumption of milk and yogurt may or may not be the reason why doxy didn't help at all.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Doxycycline for Lime Disease. I've been on it one week (2 weeks to go). I now have vaginal discharge and itching. I know this is typical. As I'm about to go travelling for vacation, I'd like to know any natural remedies, rather than adding another drug, to counteract the effect of the antibiotic. I am also taking Celebrex and Amitrytiline. Thank you.
Avatar m tn hi since may of this year, i have been on the following, keflex twice(70 pills total), cipro twice (40 pills total), azthromycin twice (8 pills total), doxycycline (40 pills total), bactrim(30 pills) and 3 rocephin shots). would that be why for the past few months i have had yeast/fungal issues, they come and go in my groin and under stomach and arm area, and little yeast bumps on body?
Avatar n tn Because of this i've taken a lot of antibiotics and have been on tetracycline for my acne as well-which is a cause of Candida. And now I was just perscribed Doxycycline for my face but I'm scared to take it because what if I do have Candida? All of this just adds to the stress of my already stressful life. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn I (37 year old woman) was experiencing mild itching before having relations with my partner. Now he is experiencing itching also, along with abnormal penile discharge that looks like yogurt, which then gets caught in the foreskin, dries, and makes him itchy and uncomfortable. He is not experiencing any other symptoms, such as joint pain, blistering, or pain during urination. My first guess was that I had a yeast infection which was passed on to him during sex.
Avatar n tn When you take this medication make sure that you follow the directions as you should not be taking antacids or drinking milk, yogurt and taking vitamins for a few hours before and after taking the drug. There should be an instructions leaflet that came with your medicine, but if not, then contact and speak with the pharmacist. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug and the 800 dose is quite strong. This drug can upset the stomach and should be taken with or after food.
Avatar f tn Tuesday I went back to the dr and he examined me again and said there was no sign of bv or yeast but that I did still have bacteria and so he prescribed doxycycline hyclate and flagyl. I am on day 5 and there is still no improvement of symptoms. When examined he stated both times he did not see any problems on my skin. He did tell me to take probiotics so I've been eating yougurt for a few days. Any idea what this could be or what I should do?
Avatar n tn I was given a prescription for Doxycycline 100 mg tabs just after I had been bit by a tick and before being tested. I was told to either take the antibiotic or to come back in a month for a test. Foolishly I did neither. For the past two months I have had moderate joint discomfort and lately I've been getting a stiff neck and headaches. My question is: Can I take Doxycycline 100 mg tabs to effectively treat my possible Stage 2 Lyme Disease?
Avatar f tn Doxycycline nearly always causes nausea in dogs, and often vomiting. However, it is a very effective antibiotic. Has he finished the antibiotic course already? If so, then it would be a good idea if you can feed him some natural "Live" yogurt (unflavoured) daily for a few days until you see any improvement, as this will act as a pro-biotic, replacing natural gut bacteria which will have been wiped out by the long antibiotic course. This will help his digestive balance.
Avatar n tn The tests for Chlamydia came back negative, but doctors thought it's good idea to take Doxycycline, as I also had UTI symptoms. Nothing changed, went to urologist who prescribed Ciprinol, no change. Then the culture test showed E.Coli at cervix, which was treated with Unasyn twice before resolving. My vulva is itchy as if shaved and hair growing back, though I haven't shaved (labia also looked bumpy and red). I was told to use clotrimazole cream and Advantan cream for dermatitis.
Avatar m tn Since the Diagnosis I took, at first, 5 days of Azithromycin, which didn't do the trick. After the 5th day I started 10 days of Doxycycline and most sysptoms went away after the 10th day with the exception of slight burning on the tip of the penis after ejaculating. Most times there is no burning while peeing and only very slightly burn other times, like 2 out of a 10 scale. There is no more discharge.
Avatar n tn 6 months ago I had a tetanus shot and I developed a bad infection that left half my arm paralyzed. The doctor prescribed me doxycycline for 10 days. My arm healed but by day 10 I could not keep food down. Ever since then I can go 20 days without a bowel movement. Prior to this I had a bowel movement 3 times per day. I am an avid runner and only consume organic unprocessed foods. Fiber, exercise and water are not the issue.
Avatar f tn I just finished another round of doxycycline have been taking rephresh probiotics drinking kefir and inserting plain dannon yogurt. I still have fishy smelling discharge and burning. I'm supposed to spend a weekend with a guy I've been wanting to be intimate with for a while now and I can't tell him bc we aren't in a relationship where I feel comfortable exposing that much. He said he loves giving oral and now I'm even more scared that this isn't going to go away in time. I have a week.
Avatar n tn I Could not tell my wife and avoided sex for four days after seeng my GP. My GP gave me Doxycycline (5days) and the same for my wife (I had to deceive her to take the medication). A week later he gave me Zithomax (4 tablet at once) after a urine test. My wife never complained of any symptom, but an unusual discharge (this was when we were on treatment). My symptoms have subsided, but I still feel some sensation (20% compared to before 1st treatment). I now experience : 1.
Avatar f tn My acne has started flaring up again and i'm considering restarting the doxycycline... is this something i could do short term or should/could i consider going back on long term? any reservations about taking doxycycline long term for a second round, or in general? here's everything i'm using for reference (i don't know if this is relevant or important, but maybe something here is...? or maybe there's something that making me break out again?) Cleanser....................Dr.
Avatar n tn They gave me a shot to treat the gonorrhea (I'm sorry, I don't know what the shot was) and they gave me a week's supply of doxycycline (2 a day for seven days) as a preemptive measure while we waited for the tests to come back. I did not have any more discharge after the doctor's visit and the shot. The burning persisted for a day and has now gone away EXCEPT for the mornings, when it still stings substantially when I take my morning pee.
Avatar n tn Please add ½ clove or fresh garlic per 10 pounds. You may also add ¼ of plain yogurt per 10 pounds after cooking. Store in individual containers in the freezer and take out as needed.
Avatar f tn I had a bad yeast infection that I got treated for about a month and a half ago- my first ever, and the redness has been there ever since. The yeast infection was a result, i think, of taking antibiotics (doxycycline) for acne. I have been off of them for about a month now. I have no more discharge from the yeast. I did have some dry discharge, but the gyno said that it was just a dry discharge, and it was probably my body trying to get back to normal.