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Avatar m tn I'm a pretty happy person so can't be anxiety unless medicine side effects but I had some tingling prior. I feel like something is eating at my muscles and joints. Other than the common STD's have you ever seen this? My doc has done all types of random blood work testing (lyme, B12, etc) but all negative. This is why I come back to STD's since this exposure started everything and there are like 20 or so STD's.
Avatar f tn --------------------------------------------------------------------- Doxycycline may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: diarrhea itching of the rectum or vagina sore mouth Some side effects can be serious.
480448 tn?1426952138 ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
Avatar n tn 2 weeks after the round of zithromax I took 4 days of doxycline. I had to stop because the side effects were just too harsh. Now one week after the Doxycycline, I feel like I have a bladder infection or something. My lower abdomin is very sensitive, when pressed, I feel discomfort in my bladder, and I pressure in my prostate. No real burning or tingling during urination. I will get tested for Chlamydia next week. So what is your assesment of this? Does it sound like I contracted an STD.
Avatar m tn At this point I am freaking out because I am waking up with a burning tingling sensation in my upper body and hands but I am not sure if it's the side effects of the doxycycline. Since then I was switched to Lovoflaxin and stopped taking the doxycycline, again I am not sure if that makes a difference. I didn't know about PEP otherwise I would have requested some from the urgent care doctor. I've been reading up on this online and am getting very worried this is HIV.
Avatar n tn Abdominal pain and very soft stool. Mild tingling and clenching in my hands and feet. Could this all be related to the Chlamydia? I was on levothyroxine for a while before I knew I had chlamydia and it actually made all of these symptoms much worse, and my endo told me that was unusual and not related to the Hashimoto's What could it be?
Avatar f tn Well the rash is getting much better (not really a rash but about 7 bumps that itched and swoll up the center scabs) but itches a little still. But yesterday out of no where my hands started tingling and its seems to be up my arms a little today. They get much worse when I wash my hands and then it gets better but now its all the time I can feel it but it gets worse with hand washing. I've been getting a little dizzy and lightheaded also.
717272 tn?1277594380 Searched the threads and could not find the posts about tingling hands or feet. Has anyone else developed neuropathy (nerve damage to hands & feet)? Does it go away or are you stuck with permanant nerve damage? Any positive experiences out there?
Avatar m tn No symptoms present before onset (or at least no awareness of symptoms). Symptoms -Double Vision -Tingling in hands, feet, and thighs -deep pain that feels pseudo flu-like without the accompanying fever/congestion; essentially weakness “deep in the bones.” (particularly rib cage and back). Fatigue/weakness. -Feels as if my body is pulsating/knocking, with particular emphasis on my spine (middle of back).
Avatar n tn I took the doxycycline...the pains started to subside but was experiencing serious side effects (twitching, night sweats), but then I had sex with my gf and it came back. I then took levaquin, which makes me feel better, but still have pains. Had sex again, came back. Then I took zithromax (1g dose, then 500mg next day.) I took those on Sunday then Monday.
Avatar n tn Includs migratory pain in arms and hands below elbow, legs and feet below knee.ER Dr quessed Lyme , started 10day treatment Doxycycline 200mg 1 time daily.After 5days treatment inproved for about 2 days then pain came back.ER refered me to another Dr that prescribed Amoxicillian 300mg 3 times daily(befor bloodwork) and did blood work for Lyme and RMSF.Both test negative.After about 5 days of Amoxcillian symptoms once again inproved for about 2 days and then came back.
Avatar n tn You should also follow up with a dermatologist to try to figure out what is going on. The symptoms on your hands and feet aren't likely to be related to what is going on in your genital area but it's best to get a professional evaluation and find out. Don't hesitate to go off base to see a decent dermatologist if you aren' t happy with what the military doc's tell you.
Avatar n tn You can start supplements containing vitamin B-complex, C, and some micronutrients, including iron. The tingling feeling in hands and feet could also be part of the vitamin deficiency. The vaginal cyst you have described is most likely an inclusion cyst and need not be related to any of your symptoms. If the cyst is not causing any symptoms it does not need any intervention. HIV infection has a window period between 3-6 months.
Avatar m tn My migraine medication causes tingling feet and hands. Rash on scalp/forehead could be a fungus or any number of things. Hard to say. Do you mean the dots or bumps on forehead have fluid in them? I wonder if it is a staph infection? Or maybe just a blister like rash. Maybe the spots on chest are prickly heat from the sweating? If you have molluscum it is contagious (usually from skin to skin contact such as sexually acquired but not always) and will take time to go away.
Avatar f tn Day9-10 like5-8 Day 11 sore lymph notes , sore throat, itching burning vaginal area adding paper cut like park on the side of the lip also tingling in the lips. Lower back pain( hiv back negative.
Avatar f tn As far as dealing with the pain - ususally doctors try a muscle relaxant first (either SOMA or flexeril) and if you aren't sleeping they want to put you on amitriptyline, but doxepin may be better and have fewer side effects. Lyrica is usually reserved if these other treatments don't help.
Avatar n tn When I got the MRI back, I was headed out of town and didn't get a chance to have it read. My pinkies are extremely painful and my hands are numb and tingling. I have constant hand and pinkie pain that cost me my legal secretarial career. Thanks! Any advice from anyone would be most appreciated.
Avatar f tn In terms of medical treatment for MS seems that what is available could cause so many severe side effects that I don't know what would be worse to have or not the injections. It is a very difficult situation.
Avatar m tn Ciprofloxacin 500mg x 2 for 14 days, x 1 for 7 days Seemed to help but I had side effects after 1 week and some symptoms still persisted, such as tingling sensation upon urination. Flagyl 2g x 1 Seemed to help but one time dose - effects short lived and also was taken during Cipro regimen so not sure how effective it was. Doxycycline 100mg x 2 for 7 days Seems to help, almost halfway through currently, but not sure if it is due to the anti inflammatory effects of the abx.
428506 tn?1296560999 I've had several neuro-like symptoms that began about a year ago including tingling and burning in the face, hands, feet. My brain MRI showed some lesions, but they are non-specific and they did not change between Feb and July '08. Lyme was listed as a possible etiology. I've had two rounds of blood tests for Lyme in Jan and July, both negative. I had a lumbar puncture in July that was negative for everything.
Avatar n tn Since you seem to be knowledgeable on this subject, I thought I would ask you if any of the following symptoms seems like they can be caused by Lyme disease: One episode of electric shock like feeling in head and face w/ simultaneous buzzing in ears- felt almost like a lightening bolt had hit me Several stroke-like episodes w/ temporary paralysis (lasting only seconds)in face.-usually affects entire face. Sometimes seems related to vibrations or low resonating sounds...
147426 tn?1317269232 I'm new to this community. However I can tell you that is absolutely possible to have Multiple Sclerosis and not have positive MRI's. I suffer from Uthoff's Phenomenom (heat intolerance), severe bladder problem (retention-so I had to learn how to self-catheter 5x a day), fatigue, neurological pains-burning, stabbing, reflexes are hyper-reflexive on left side, muscle spasms in back. legs, & arms, tingling sensations,blurry vision and that wonderful neurological fatigue.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing happening small creases covering the palmns of my hands and occasional numbness and tingling, It has been driving me crazy!! I was wondering since most of the women on here have had babies recently, have you all been using hand sanitizer constantly like me? I was thinking that might be it! Has for the Q I have had a Csection but it was 17 mnths ago!! Someone please help, Im worried this is weird....
Avatar m tn I have no joint pain, I just have tingling and weird nerve sensations on one side of my face, hands, feet, and arms sometimes, along with having trouble concentrating and short term memory deficits... Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn He has neuropathy in his hands and feet. His face is numb around his lower jaws. He has numbness in other parts of his body as well. He is not diabetic . He had a treadmill test they had to shut it off before the time was up because his heart rate was dropping. (He almost collapsed from weakness when it was turned off) He has suffered memory loss and is unable to concentrate. He likes to read but rarely remembers what he has read for very long.
Avatar n tn I took it for 6 days before the side effects became unbearable. after this i developed blurry vision that seemed to wax and wane. my infection didn't quit clear up. so i went back to the doctor and was prescribed cipro. i took cipro for 3 days and got joint pains in calves, knees and knuckle. doc said stop immediately and see if infection was cleared. 2 days later i started having more blurry vision and would wake up in the middle of the night shaking uncontrollably and sweating.
Avatar f tn This last bout for 8 months. I have the same burning tingling feeling on the left side of my tongue and throat more being in the back corner of tongue. When I swallow feels like something is sticking in that area. I have ear pain, jaw pain, temple pain, and a swollen lymph node in neck. I have noticed a small hard knot in front of my ear right in the TMJ joint. I have seen 2 gp, 4 ent, 2 oral surgeons, 1 neurologist, and a regular surgeon.
Avatar f tn The pain has decreased but is still there slightly and numbness has started in hands, face, and legs. This has been mild tingling and numbness...I just keep taking the doxy and thankful the pain is not as bad. Three and a half months I went without knowing I was infected....Am I going to beat this? I am praying that I will. How much longer on antibiotics do you think I will need to be? It has only been a few months for me.
1132574 tn?1271676066 Hi Kara- No- only 2 neurologists and that's bad enough LOL, and no one can agree on what's going on with me. One neuro and my posiatrist said I could have lupus, see a rheumie. All my other docs disagree but I finally just said- I want a referal, I'm going. I used psoriatic arthritis as an excuse. So to date it has been 2 neuros, 2 internal meds, LLMD, podiatrist, dentist & soon an eye doc, rhuemie, and oral surgeon. This started Oct.
Avatar f tn tingling/numbess in hands and feet (sometimes lips and face) burning and cold sensations throughout my muscles my body shakes/tremors weakness and some pain, more weakness in arms and legs - the weakness is better but in the arm that I use (my right arm it is more persistent and intense) upset stomach stiff fingers that don't seem to work like they used to sleeplessness muscle twitches muscle soreness I have been to my doctor so many times and she kept telling me that I was just recovering from