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Avatar m tn Hi guys, I am 95% sure I have penis thrush (I have been taking doxycycline for Malaria and took the incorrect, double, dose for the first week). I had red areas on my glands and under my fore skin and white peeling skin. I have been using an antiseptic cream as I cannot get to a pharmacy or the doctors. It has cleared up the peeling skin and red blotches but still there is intermittent itching and some occasional red bumps.
Avatar m tn I'm a pretty happy person so can't be anxiety unless medicine side effects but I had some tingling prior. I feel like something is eating at my muscles and joints. Other than the common STD's have you ever seen this? My doc has done all types of random blood work testing (lyme, B12, etc) but all negative. This is why I come back to STD's since this exposure started everything and there are like 20 or so STD's.
Avatar m tn 2 Great that you say no harm to me or partner if I have NSU long term but does this extend to no harm to a baby if I were to get partner pregnant (I am hoping to have kids in a year or so)? 3 I have read Moxifloxacin side effects are v strong. Which course if any out of Doxy, Erythromycin, further Ofloxacin, Fluconazole or Azithro/Metronidizole sound worth trying? With any of these, does drinking alcohol make them less effective or only make the side effects worse?
Avatar n tn Hi, The common side effects of Doxycycline include diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, inflammation of the tongue, loss of appetite, nausea, purple patches under the skin, sensitivity to sunlight, skin inflammation in the anal and genital areas and/or vomiting. Occasionally this antibiotic may upset the natural balance of micro-organisms in the body, allowing those that are not susceptible to doxycycline to overgrow and cause infection.
Avatar n tn but I am very scared of what side effects I could catch from this one... 3.What side effects does Azitrox have? Does it affect the liver? Does it give tachycardia? Or Colitis of the bowel? What should I do ? 4. What is the dosage of Doxycycline and Azitrox in reactive arthritis caused by chlamydia? Is it the same with the dosage in uncomplicated Chlamydia infection ? Sorry for my bad english..Greetings and waiting for your reply ...
Avatar n tn On the other hand, the medications he provided have side effects and you have described many of them. Both doxycycline and azithromycin are associated with the sorts of GI side effects you describe. Further, taking powerful antibiotics of this sort typically increase the risk for getting fungal infections such as thrush. The rashes you describe on your penis and foreskin could also very well be fungal infections as well and are VERY unlikely to be related to HIV.
Avatar m tn Also ibwas off the meds for about a week...
Avatar f tn To be honest I dont want to take the cipro again, because it seemed to offer me no relief the first time, not to mention I suffered from such heavy side effects. Although all my previous urine tests were clean, I have yet to have a culture taken from my prostate or seminal fluid. My doctor says he can put me on a list for a biopsy, but it will take weeks (i dont have insurance and Im seeing him at a volunteer clinic).
Avatar n tn That this occurred is between you and your doctor but when this happens it sometimes leads to other problems like drug side effects for instance. That said, you did receive broad spectrum antibiotics which would have been predicted to cure virtually all bacterial STDs so, even if it were possible to get STDs through kissing (I repeat, it is not), they would have been cured by the medication you took. With that as background, let's address your questions: 2..
568812 tn?1379169394 If you are allergic to sulfa then you'll take doxycycline 100 mg bid, tapering down as above. Levaquin or Avelox are expensive quinolone drugs with dangerous side effects in some people. They are taken once a day. I usually take them for 7-10 days. They can be very effective where nothing else has worked. Avelox is not typically used for these types of infections and you may not be able to obtain it from your doctor due to prescribing restrictions.
Avatar m tn You need to understand that for persons with no evidence of disease, one eventual consequence of continuing to take the same, unsupported complaints to doctor after doctor is that it makes it far more likely that you will ultimately find someone who gives you a medication which causes harmful side effects or does a procedure which can cause damaging side effects.
Avatar f tn was before I got treated with 'doxycycline' [antibiotic] - I now take 'acidophilus' daily - regardless of any meds. [good bacteria] - I just take one high strength tablet. The bloody stools could be from the 'constipation' which goes with IBS. - you should always get 'bloody stools' checked - it is often from heamorroids [can't spell that!!] - I have found that the 'suppositries for heamorroids' are good - ie; stopped me from getting them - hey I know this is an embarrassing prob.
Avatar m tn Look it up and always check out any supplement prior to taking as they have side effects as well and interact with what you are already taking. I have had so much success with both of these. I also get B12 shots monthly, for energy and to help combat the fatigue. I also added Iodine supplements several months ago. I cannot say enough about B12 and iodine supplements. And of course Vitamin D. You might have your MD or ND check your B12 and Vitamin D levels.
Avatar m tn Anyway, I'm finishing up a 7 day course of minocycline, which isn't giving me as many terrible side effects, but I don't think this medicine is effectively clearing up my infection. I am getting a little worried to be honest...
Avatar m tn yes i have a spot i can touch in my throat that feels like it is connected to my ear when i touch it it stops the popping in my ear.coordination is the problem.taking nexium pepcid ac plus temazepan.
Avatar f tn To be honest I dont want to take the cipro again, because it seemed to offer me no relief the first time, not to mention I suffered from such heavy side effects. Although all my previous urine tests were clean, I have yet to have a culture taken from my prostate or seminal fluid. My doctor says he can put me on a list for a biopsy, but it will take weeks (i dont have insurance and Im seeing him at a volunteer clinic).
Avatar f tn I agree that Vancomycin is an option instead of the metronidazole. Although Vancomycin also has it side effects. It is the next drug in line if you want to continue the drug route. It won't cause peripheral neuropathy. It is something to discuss. Yes a "friendly" yeast is a good addition to the probiotics. Since you are being treated right now with Nystatin. It may kill of the yeast for now but after the Nystatin is finished it will be a good addition. Some things to think about.
Avatar m tn Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline would clear out most bacteria from an infected throat. Ask your doctor to look and consider herpes simplex or aphthous ulcers.
Avatar f tn The doctor looked at my throat and said that the tonsil seems OK. Because the antibiotic caused side effects, it was stopped. My left pinna is sometimes very sore. The neck muscles and the muscles around the ear are sore. The neck is sometimes so weak that it is shuddering. Now my elbows hurt, and the right knee is sore. Last night my leg muscles cramped very hard. The cramp did not stop until I took a warm shower. Now I am having tinnitus.
Avatar m tn It will feel very cold. There are no side effects using yogurt and you can use it as long as you need to. Eating yogurt will also help you from the inside. It may be worth your partner getting checked out for any fungal or bacterial infections to make sure that you are not being reinfected. You do not say what type of test results you are waiting for.
Avatar n tn It is a sleep aid medicine that has had some users complaining of this side effect. Go to and read some of the posted comments. I too am suffering with this annoying condition. I scrape, brush and gargle with Biotene. This regimen helps for about 3 to 4 hours but it always returns. I took Lunesta for a couple of times but not 2 nights in a row. Thats the only common thread I can see. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn SO if you are using it and it is helping just beware that when the dermatologist prescribed it to my daughter to use on her eczema (this is when I learned the side effects) he explained to use it for two weeks and then stop for two weeks to avoid the bruising and thinning skin. I am in the middle of allergy testing, actually have a second panel tomorrow, to find out what is causing my severe allergies.
Avatar n tn penicillin, diflucan,amoxicillan, erythromicin etc But certain types have certain side effects. The drugs weaken the tissue and cause the skin to rip and tear easily. For women, commonly around the vagina (labia majora). So, what to do??? and why don't the doctors know about it??? You have to keep the area dry, so it can heal, but sometimes bepanthen or paw paw ointment is good, so you can at least urinate without the sting.
Avatar f tn For me it was white thrush on tongue, pruritus, pain in back of knee when I stopped Tx, continued Lyme symptoms which were unique to me. It was so long ago, I do not remember the specifics. I do not recommend doing my fasting, probiotic method very long if you are in ill health. It should be done with a Lyme doctor involved. Lyme doctors are open minded, and understand the effects of antibiotics. Other doctors are influenced by the anti lyme propaganda.
Avatar m tn And what sort of a time scale am I looking st for a full recovery ? Or am I stuck with these side effects. All good , honest advice appreciated. Anyone given steroid creams for something similar I suggest you do not use. All in all I guess I used this cream for 5 days, then had a few days break. Then used them again for 7 days. Then a break for a couple or few weeks. I'd used it liberally for those 12 days. Didn't realise what I was doing.
Avatar n tn It is now well recognised that low doses of oestrogen therapy, delivered locally in the vagina, can be effective (see box below) These treatments are effective and acceptable and unlike the conventional form of HRT, the effects are local therefore the risk of systemic side effects are reduced. Local oestrogen therapy Vaginal dryness, soreness, burning, vulval irritation and chafing can all respond well to local oestrogen treatments.
Avatar f tn in fact, it made it worse. I despise all this medication because of all the long term side effects and build up in the body. It was discovered in 2003 that my daughter had low pneumoccal and strep antibodies although she's never had either. She gets bouts of sinusitis a couple of times a year. The immunologist ordered a protocol of 2 flu shots and a pneumonia shot per year to boost the antibodies. The first year, it worked well and she didn't get sick ; however, the antibodies didn't rise.