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Cat Will Doxycycline Hyclate help my sore throat? My doctor prescribed it for me for a sinus infection, and I mentioned to her that my throat also hurt. But after researching this medication, it specifies upper respiratory infections, but doesn't just say sore throat.
Avatar f tn I went to the emergency room, when they found the bronchitis after a chest x-ray, and prescribed Prednizone for the inflammation and Doxycycline Halcate for the infection. I couldn't finish the antibiotic, due to even worse of an upset stomach reaction, but continued on the prednizone, though I was starting to have neurological symptoms on that, albeit mildly (anxiety, paranoia, shaking, hallucinations, irritability).
458072 tn?1291418786 I assume you actually do have a bacterial and not a viral infection. I'm no doc, but it's odd for a bacterial infection to move from sinus to ear to the lung -- more common for viruses to move around like that. But what do I know. Generally, sinus and ear infections will clear by themselves if left alone, and can be treated with natural antibiotics or just good old salt water, but sometimes an infection is just too strong and that's what antibiotics are for.
779797 tn?1263621835 I was given this antibiotic cuz i had broncitis and sinus infection. It was 100 mg, 2 times a day for 10 days. Yesterday was my last day. This morning I woke up to intense vertigo, the room was spinning. I would get real tired and dizzy an hour or so after taking the med each time, but nothing like this, I almost fell over a few times. Has anyone felt any side effects after finishing a regimen of this? Do I have to wait for it to get out of my system?
Avatar n tn After sinus surgery I developed a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection that seems to have colonized in my sinus'. I have a great number of environmental allergies and have learned that I am allergic to Keflex and sulfa drugs/antibiotics. It has gotten to the point that I can only take a Zpack, amoxicallan or doxycycline with the doxycicline as the last resort drug when the other 2 have failed (I typically have to take 2 or 3 courses to "cure" an infection.
Avatar f tn I took Doxycycline for 10 days to treat a sinus infection. A week after finishing the Doxy I developed a sore throat and sore tongue. I'm assuming it is a reaction to the drug. How long will this stay in my system and is there anything I can take to alleviate the reaction?
Avatar m tn I think the same thing happened to me. I took doxycycline for a week for a sinus infection. Noticed my arms began to feel dry and itchy. Then plenty of little red bumps broke out on my arms. My arms itched like mad. Tried OTC Cortisone10, but it did not help. Finally I went to HMO clinic. Doctor prescribed a very mild lotion to be applied every 12 hours. Two days later I still had no relief, the rash had spread all over body. It had been awakening me at night.
Avatar n tn It is working very well, I am clear for 90% of the time. However, I currently have a sinus infection and my family doctor has given me a course of Clarithromycin. I forgot to tell her that I am taking Bymycin for my acne. I really do not want to stop taking the Bymycin (doxy) because it will risk a breakout of acne. Can I take both antibiotics at the same time or is it dangerous? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Is it ok doxycycline for sinus infection if I take toprol for high blood pressure
2121656 tn?1395678349 I've taken Bactrim for yrs. for sinus infections, being that I'm allergic to many other antibiotics. However, I've never take Doxycycline. So, could it of been the Doxycycline or Bactrim that raised my level's? and if so, why did the ALT elevated on 7/11 and 7/19 bloodtest results? Thank you for your assistance!
Avatar n tn Hello, I was interested in the discussion about benign intracranial hypertension and doxycycline. I was put on doxy 2 years ago for my skin. I'm a distance runner and also an asthmatic and have a very high pain threshold and discomfort tolerance, but over time I noticed I was struggling more and more with various things - going up hill was a struggle and began to give me that same sensation you can get when flying.
Avatar f tn I am prescribed xanax for anxiety (recently for anxiety and panic attacks) and I got doxycycline hyclate for a sinus infection yesterday from a small clinic. I completely forgot to ask if there was an interaction between these two drugs. I may not even have to take the xanax, only if I have a panic attack will I. Does anyone know if there is an interaction between these two?
Avatar f tn This is an antibiotic for a sinus infection. There isn't anything on the directions. Please advise.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from chronic (and at times acute) sinus infections for over 15 years. I have had pseudomonas, MRSA, and enterobacter, as well as strep and other staph and even penicillium fungi. All were cultured from my sinuses. I've had 2 surgeries, and voila, the infections return. My entire body has now been affected (and I am unable to work). I have had 7 central IV lines for IV antibiotics, and am on antibiotics nearly every day.
Avatar f tn treated with doxycycline by end of june for 1 wk. started on avelox end of july for 1 wk. then given levaquin for a wk. by last wk doc said she didn't think was infection cause levaquin shoudl have killed anything, even though I was still having gobs of green phlegm coming down the back of my throat and out of my lungs. she sent me to the asthma and allergy clinic where i was tested for 27 diff allergies all negative for. my nose was bleeding and i had a fever, 2 days after finishing levaquin.
Avatar m tn Recent antibiotic use Oct 2011 - Z pak 3/22/2012 Starting SULFAMETHOXAZOLE-TMP D 800 - 160 TABS 4/10/2012 Started using #50 C-MUPIROCIN 5GM IN SAL NASAL spray twice daily 5/18/2012 Started 9 day course of DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE - infection acting up 6/15/2012 infection acting up again - wouldn't wash away and MUPIROCIN not stopping it 6/18/2012 SULFAMETHOXAZOLE-TMP D 800-160 Currently using BETADINE in pulse irrigation solution twice daily and MUPIROCIN twice daily.
Avatar m tn In the summer this year the doctor prescribed me with 10 days of amoxicillin as well as a avamys nasal spray this got rid of my infection for around 4 months until I went and had the influenza vaccine in September then it all went wrong I caught the flu and I am back at stage 1 I have had this infection now for nearly 4 months I have been on doxycycline which in my opinion were useless and a waste of money I have been on amoxicillin which help for a week as well as coamoxiclav as by this tim
Avatar n tn At the beginning of this year/end of last year, however, I ended up with pneumonia/atelactasis, after starting to be treated with ceftin for a sinus infection. The hospital ended up putting me on Augmentin, but after a week that was making no progress (sorry, I don't recall the mg for the z-pac, ceftin, or augmentin). My primary doctor put me on Levofloxacin 500mg once a day for 10 days.
Avatar m tn Medications Fortunately, when I had encounter I was on azithromycin for my sinus problem since last 5-6 days (1gm a day). I don’t know whether it protected me form transmitting any disease from that girl or not. Below prescriptions I followed from doctor, as meatus not turning pink and pain, irritation still exists, sometimes itching in anus too. Dec’2013.: from 31st Dec- to Jan 6th – majorly on Augmentin (2g per day) Jan 7th : had single dose – azithromycin + IV Ceftriaxone.
Avatar f tn , this is the first time I can't get rid of a sinus infection. Been getting them for past 13 years. Crohn's disease, diagnosed 1994. Been on every traditional medication and NG tube feelings.
Avatar n tn I haven't had a reaction to medicine for clearing up a sinus infection, but I definitely have had anxiety while having a sinus infection. I believe it s due to some of the symptoms with difficulty breathing, etc. Some of the symptoms mimic anxiety so your brain can get tricked then you over analyze your symptoms and it brings out some anxiety. The steroids could definitely be causing some extra anxiety as well.
299940 tn?1192322967 I wasted 5 years of sinus infection treatments prescribed by a primary care physician, when I should have seen an ENT even to diagnose me with a sinus infection. I would rather for my ENT to tell me that I have a sinus infection, than my primary care physician. The sinus problems we are experiencing is CRITICAL to our overall health. DO NOT ignore the signs. See a specialist immediately, so you can be on your road to recovery.
Avatar n tn Hi.  I definitely have allergies (cats/ragweed) and asthma.  Two years ago in August, I was sick, vomiting I was so ill.  Twice, two weeks apart.  From that point on fatigue never left me.  Several months later, in February, I came down with a horrible upper respiratory infection at the same time I was exposed to a huge dose of animal protein and a very unsanitary condition filled with unimaginable filth.  I've never lost my voice before, but this time, I could hardly squeak out a word.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctors because I have had really bad throbbing pains in my face ears and above my eyes,he said I had sinus infection and gave me doxycycline tablets to take over seven days,are these safe to take,as I hates taking tablets and the leaflet states that they are for stds and malaria,I suffer with anxiety and this is causing me to panic more
Avatar m tn Get a urine examination as well as urine culture test done to rule out any UTI or urethritis. Also get repeat tests done to check for any persistent Chlamydia infection or for recurrent Chlmydia infection as it may be presenting silently without any symptoms. Lastly get your vitamin D levels, a complete hemogram and your thyroid profile test done for dizziness and mental tiredness and fatigue. E.
Avatar f tn The usual abx prescriptions for sinus infections, won't cure Lyme. Unless you had high dose Doxycycline, Amoxicillin, or other Lyme killing drug for several weeks early in the disease, then you still have it. It is rare for a person's immune system to clear the bacteria by itself. As you've had otherwise unexplained symptoms over the years, it does sound like you've got a robust immune system that has held the Lyme to a mild case all these years.
Avatar f tn I was otherwise a healthy person of 44 years until this summer, sure enough I was positive! I went on Doxycycline immediately for one month, and am still on ceftin for almost another month. I am vitrually headache free. I have had fatigue though while on antibiotics that was not present before and mild numbness of extremities. I dont know if that is medicine or lyme but I have religiously taken my medicine and have made a lot of progress.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been dealing with a sinus infection and post nasel for about 2 1/2 weeks. And my doctor has put me on 2 different antibiotics first it was Doxycycline with Mucenex and it didnt do anything for me so I went to back to the dr for a 2nd time and he told me to do steam showers and Sudafed which Im still doing, all along Ive had this lump feeling in my throat and "tingling" ( like rice krispies) in the back of my throat at first it was with any movement of my head or walking.