Doxycycline for hordeolum

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Avatar f tn The pressure in my eyes was higher than normal from taking the Tobradex, so I've been told not to take it anymore and to not take the Lotemax. The internal hordeolum has not gone down, but hasn't gotten worse. My eye infection is gone, but now I've been given a script for Bepreve and was told to talk to an allergist. I know that the Bepreve will not work because it doesn't have a steroid in it. The other allergy drops I've tried (and spent hundreds of dollars on!
Avatar f tn Blepharitis, viral conjunctivitis, stye, hordeolum and other eye conditions may have to be considered here. As for rosacea, the presentation usually involves a rash which affects the cheeks. Severe forms usually affect the eyes and cause a sensation of eye dryness. It may also involve the nose. A complete ophthalmologic examination will help ascertain if eye involvement is present. I understand the discomfort that this condition brings.