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Avatar f tn thank you very much for your detailed response.
Avatar n tn To add to unluckiestsoul, the CDC recommends both azythromycin and doxycycline for the treatment of NGU, which includes Chlamydia and other bacterial that cause urethritis. The advantage of zithromax is that you only take 1000mg one time, as opposed to doxycycline, which you take 2x a day for 7 days. NEvertheless, you should not engage in sexual activity for at least 7 days starting from the day you take the medication.
Avatar n tn From what ive read i heard that Doxycycline is the best drug to take. I have 5 days worth of doxycycline left over from a ear inffection thats still good. If i take this, would that be enough to get rid of any problem i could have. I know i read that it takes 7 days of doxy, but i only have 5 days, 100mg twice a day. Im hoping that since ive already taken a week of cipro that if i take 5 days of doxy it will be enough to get rid of the problem if it is chlamydia.
Avatar n tn Sorry Jack I misread what you wrote. As AJ said the dosage will cure chlamydia. But with oral sex chlymida is not a concern, gonorrhea could be but it is a small risk. At this point I might not even start the medication and wait for the tests.
Avatar m tn i was about to be cured from Gonorrhea but i skip some dosage of cephalexin, my problem now is i need to switch to CIPROFLOXACIN but i found out that it wasn't working for me some how im one of those patient's who were resistant to it according to the UPDATES on GONORRHEA RESISTANCE... should i go back to cephalexin? my dosage before was 500mg 3x a day... This discussion is related to <a href=''>Keflex</a>.
Avatar m tn but as I said, leave about 3 hours before or after you took Doxycycline and continue with probiotics after you finished with Doxycycline. Make sure to avoid lying down for 30 mins after taking Doxycycline as that could irritate the stomach if I'm not mistaken. Although, sitting down is fine.
Avatar m tn My symptoms got a little better and came back a few days later, so I went back to the doctor. He ordered a shot of Rocephin IM (to treat for gonorrhea) and ordered a test for chlamydia. Again, my symptoms improved noticeably and then came back, this time accompanied by an itchy anus and when I'd wipe WITHOUT defecating, I noticed some pale yellowy-brown smears on the toilet paper. Once I defecated, wiped, and noticed some blood on the tissue.
Avatar m tn Yes, all of those meds would more than have cured chlamydia. If you have symptoms again, you should get tested and not self treat, since it appears it wouldn't be chlamydia.
Avatar m tn Is that the right stuff to use and can you tell me the dosage please, or let me know the right antibiotic to buy.. Please help..
Avatar n tn 1. Is my infection with chlamydia going to be treated with this dosage of Azithromycin?Is this gonna be effective? 2.How did I contract the chlamydia if I had only protected with condom sex?Can Chlamydia transmit through kissing or cunnilingus? 3.What are the chances for me to develop pseudomembranous colitis after 1 gram of Azitro?Are they high?What should I do to prevent that? 4.What are my chances to develop tachycardia or other arythmias and does Azithromycin prolong the QT interval?
Avatar f tn Follow up with your Dr, some strains are difficult to fully treat so this might require a combination of antibiotis for a long time.
Avatar n tn So recurrent urethritis is nearly never due to gonorrhea or chlamydia, unless the patient was reinfected. Mycoplasma are harder to eradicate for a few reasons. Many strains are resistant to antibiotics, especially tetracycline resistance. This means doxycycline, a commonly prescribed drug, will often fail in treatment. Resistance rates of 50% have been reported for ureaplasma and doxycycline. M hominis is resistant to erythromycin, azithromycin, and clarithromycin.
Avatar n tn 3 days might be short for the flagyl to work, I'd give it more like a week to see if it was effective. If your Chlamydia infection is still persisting, an excellent choice here would be Clarithromycin (Biaxin is the brand name). It has higher activity than Azithromycin, and you could take up to 1g per day for 14 days as a dosage. This is quite a high dose, but in your case it might be just what you need to clear your infection.
Avatar m tn If your urethral discomfort continues, the recommended approach would be 1) to determine whether actual urethritis can be documented (abnormal discharge, increased white blood cells in the urethra) and, if documented, to treat with doxycycline plus metronidazole (Flagyl is the most common trade name). In any case, don't worry about long-term or serious health effects. None are known from persistent or recurrent non-chlamydial urethritis. It is an issue of comfort only.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the infection of the genital tract is difficult to treat. You need to be managed by some other class of antibiotics like Augmentin and other new generation cephhalosporins like Ceftriaxone (Rocephin). Certainly the infection can be cured completely.
Avatar n tn gave me 10 day 2 dosage of doxycycline just in case. Swab test for chlamydia was positive and I finished remainder of antiobiotics. Since then I have still felt a mild discomfort (especially after prolonged sitting). I went back in Mid Oct to get HIV test & swab test again. Negative result for chlamydia,HIV, and the dr. even examined my clear fluid under microscope for trich. Dr. gave me 1 dosage of antiobiotic (methadizole however you spell it) just in case for trich infection.
Avatar m tn And if you get one after you take the meds then you can't rely on your Chlamydia results as Doxy is used to treat that as well. One more thing this is not the doctors forum if you wish to post there their link is below http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Can cystisis occur due to any STD ? How long it takes to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea with antibiotics.
Avatar n tn How long it takes to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea with antibiotics.
Avatar n tn But now because I got chlamydia I am worried I also got HIV. Everyone tells me not to worry and than chlamydia and urethritis are common. Just a bit of help would be appreciated as I am totally confused about the whole thing. I started to think I had every STD because I got chlamydia. But then again I dont even know if it was chlamydia!
Avatar n tn Two weeks of doxycycline is required to treat established syphilis, but 1 week is effective against incubating syphilis.
Avatar n tn The urologist prescribed Minomycin 100mg twice daily for 13 days and the ob-gyn stated that this dosage would treat the chlamydia. 7 days into treatment, the lower abdominal and back pain is still severe. My primary concern is for pelvic inflammatory disease. As I had no bleeding or fever, the 3rd ob-gyn ruled this out, but I'm still worried. Questions: 1. Is the dosage of Minomycin sufficient to treat chlamydia? And if so, shouldn't this pain be easing by now?
Avatar m tn I just met him two days back and he said that if i have continued pain after i run out of doxycycline, he asked me to talk to primary care physician and see if he is able to diagnose it. Urologist told me that prolonged consumption of antibiotics can be harmful so he said he is not going to prescribe anymore. he said i dont need an ultrasound again because it isnt going to change. So i am just going to meet the primary care physician and see if something useful comes out of that appointment.
Avatar n tn Azithromycin covers mycloplasma. Sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure out what is the cause and treat it properly. I'm sure it's very frustrating but it's best to start out with the more standard, shorter course doses and then if symptoms return, then go for the longer course of treatment. most folks benefit from the shorter course.
Avatar n tn I have read on the internet, that she should be treated as well. We do have vaginal sex with condoms, but I read that it is better to treat the partner too, just to cover all possibilities. Do you agree? Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn Hook yesterday in which he stated immediate self medication could prevent cure or mask infection. How would it mask it but not treat it? Not taking correct dosage? Just want to be sure this possibility doesn't apply to my situation.
Avatar n tn Most NGU patients' female sex partners have nothing abnormal on examination or testing. The standard approach is to treat NGU with doxycycline or azithromycin, and if that doesn't work (about 20% of cases), to try the other drug. So your sequence of events -- persistence after doxy and cure after azithromycin -- is very common. The opposite might occur in some patients, i.e. persistence with azithro then cure with doxy.
Avatar n tn We both recieved the Rocephin shot for gonorrhea and I was given a 1gram dosage of Zithromax for a possible clamydia infection while he has to take 100mg Doxycycline 2x a day for a week. We recieved this treatment on Wed oct 5th and we had unprotected oral sex on Sunday Oct 9th...without ejaculation and then we later began intercourse without a condom for a couple of minutes and he pulled out and ejacuated. Then, we had sex with a condom afterward.
Avatar m tn January 19th I went to the doctor and they gave me more dosage of Doxy as well as told me to start Sitz Baths January 20th I went to get tested for HIV which is now 50 days after exposure. The results came back negative. My questions are: with herpes being negative 46 days after my exposure should i still be worried about having it? Same question about HIV? Were these or any other STD the reason behind me getting Prostatits ? What do you think caused the prostatitis?