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Avatar n tn Urologist put me on 10 days of Doxycycline. I took the complete dosage and the day after my last dose, when I masturbated, my semen was thick, and yellow. Almost like mucus. Is this a normal side effect of the medication ? She put me on it due to urethritis and what she felt was prostatitis... It just seemed strange the thickness and color but I know medications can do things like that. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hello, Difficulty urinating in males can be due to urinary retention which can be due to enlarged prostate due to benign prostatic hypertrophy (often called BPH) or infection of the prostate( prostatitis), any blockage in the flow of urine like any scar tissue, injury (as in a car wreck or bad fall), blood clots, infection, tumors in the pelvic region, and stones, infection or due to disruption of the delicate and complex system of nerves that connects the urinary tract with the brain and the ne
Avatar m tn After describing to her my symptoms, she felt that I may have prostatitis. I was given doxycycline for the prostate infection. Previous to going to see the doctor, I had received unprotected sex from a professional in Europe. Now, almost a year after all of this has happened, I am starting to feel discomfort in my urethra once again. (As a side note, I DO sit a lot with my job.) Although I know that this is just probably a case of a re-occurence of my prostatitis, I do have a question.
Avatar m tn The problem I have is that I panicked and took 1-100mg doxycycline 24 hours before the test. I made a blunder and self medicated and may have skewed the test. If I did give her Gonorrhea, I am worried sick that now we are trading it back. If I do begin to have symptoms how long after the last dose of Doxycycline can I expect that? Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
Avatar m tn A few days later I noticed nothing was improving so I went back and got prescribed Cefixime and doxycycline 100mg for 7 days in hopes of improvement as it worked for me the last time in hopes that the testicles/possible Epididymitis would improve. On the second last day of doxycycline this time around I felt sharp spermadic cord pulses with testicle movement which subsided the last day of antibiotics and once the antibiotics were finished.
Avatar m tn Definitely see a urologist. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate. Difficult to treat, and it takes time to go away. You should have a PSA test done (a simple blood test) to see if your PSA is elevated. If it is, that's one of the signs of prostatitis. Can you have sex. All you want. Ejaculating is helpful as it relieves congestion. I' have flare ups every 5 years or so. My second kid was conceived during one of my flare ups.
Avatar m tn I still have prostatitis and have been all antiboitics and some twice, I'm on Doxycycline now...
Avatar f tn There are a number of bacteria becoming resistent to doxycycline including causes of prostatitis and an increasing number of strains of gonorrhea. Chlamydia remains sensitive to doxycycline. You may need retesting and a change in antibiotics. You should inform your Doctor who prescribed the doxycycline. Take care.
Avatar m tn Eventually the testicle pain got sharper and more intense (date= middle of May 2016) as the weeks went on so I went to emergency where they did ultrasounds and STD testing again and all results came back normal. I was fed up and in intense pain, so I went back to my doctors and insisted that I had Epididymitis as I had almost every single symptom of it.
Avatar m tn Eventually the testicle pain got sharper and more intense (date= middle of May 2016) as the weeks went on so I went to emergency where they did ultrasounds and STD testing again and all results came back normal. I was fed up and in intense pain, so I went back to my doctors and insisted that I had Epididymitis as I had almost every single symptom of it.
Avatar m tn In persons who have had prostatitis, distinguishing the difference between a recently acquired STD and a recurrence of prostatitis can be quite challenging and typically required urine testing for white blood cells and bacteria (including the bacteria which cause STDs) and carefully physical examination including a rectal exam to evaluate the prostate. While I will comment on your specific questions, my advice is to discuss these symptoms with your urologist: 1.
Avatar n tn Hi Antibiotic therapy is given for acute/chronic bacterial Prostatitis, but it is also used in non bacterial Prostatitis. Which type of Prostatitis do you have? The duration of antibiotic therapy depends upon the type of prostatitis; for acute it may be for few weeks, chronic is for 6-12 weeks. You can discuss with your doctor about other antibiotics such as doxycycline, sulfa drugs or ofloxacin.
Avatar n tn I'm a 54 year old male and have had similar experience with both doxycycline and cipro. The first time I had a prostititis attack cipro didn't work and doxycycline helped me after 2 full weeks. 18 months later I'm having another bout, this time its the other way around - Doxycycline didn't help and cipro seems to be working after 2 weeks. Are you taking Flomax too? My prostititis problems seemed to start when I went on Flomax.
Avatar m tn Went to clinic and doctor tested for Chlamydia, Gonnorea and found -ve. Was on Cipro and Doxycycline for about 10 days. He mentioned it was inflammed prostrate The issues disappeared by 10 days. No issues in terms of urination etc and no burning sensation. Took a 4-5 day break due to travel and soon the urination issue reappeared (frequent urination and burning sensation at the tip of penis). Had to continue Doxy for about 2 more weeks and Cipro for 5 days.
Avatar m tn I was taking doxycycline for 28 days 100 mg 2 times a day FYI.
Avatar m tn I recieved oral sex 8 weeks ago and I had the flu and then really sharp penis pain. My penis went numb and was in pain, then the doctor prescribed me DOXYCYCLINE, and the pain was better. I have been tested for stds and they all came back negative. but I still have some penis pain though, I got off of the med a couple of days ago. What could this be any clues.
Avatar m tn im jus looking for ideas cause i hurt all over elbows, knees, neck just hurts please shed some light on what can be wrong and what other steps i can take the chlamydia test in april is cause my girl friend said she had some pains while peeing and all then couple weeks after her mentioning she had that is when my pains started experiencing back pains and and painful urination also back pains i was given doxycycline and flagyl which seemed to have cleared it up its around the same time in apri
Avatar n tn Will mycoplasma and Ureaplasma show up in the vaginal culture and STD testing that were done? Would the doxycycline and Cipro my husband took treat/cure Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Gardnerella? If a couple like us came to your office for treatment are there any other tests you would do? Thank you for your expert opinion.
Avatar m tn I have also been experiencing testicular pain and after the visit with the Urologist I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I am 26 years old and am becoming stressed over this issue. The bump on the meatus is irritated and hurts whenever it rubs against any clothes. I have been on doxycycline, rocephin, asithromiasin and am now currently taking cipro. The urologist gave me some cream (lotrisone) for the bump and i have been using it for a week now with no signs of relief.
Avatar m tn m unsure of a connection between trich and prostatitis (or any STDs for that matter) - however, I do know that chronic prostatitis can have a variety of causes, many non-bacterial. I would seeing your doctor again regarding your chronic burning/pain and get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with your treatment.
Avatar m tn He felt we were drawing at straws but prescibed a 7day treatment of doxycycline. I am 3 days in and starting to feel SOME relief but not 100%. I've been going round and round with this for 10 months now; is this typical of strep prostatitis? Do you think the uroxatral and advodart are an over kill? The ultrasound of my prostate looked back to somewhat normal other than some calium deposits, which he said were a result of prostatitis.
Avatar m tn isn't doxycycline a better drug for prostatitis and UTIs? I've tried cipro for 3 days then 7 days but it didn't cure the shooting pain and discomfort in my pelvis.