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Avatar n tn Anyone know if an HCV+ person may have serious liver problems if they take Doxycycline antibiotic prescribed by a doctor? (Sorry, but I dont always just blindly trust what doctors have to say) On a very positive note : I did the treatment in 2002, I was (yes, WAS) Type 2B, am still HCV- after 2 years. Completely virus free, back to normal health.
997730 tn?1254281976 But what you are experiencing doesn't sound normal to me either - call the doc and explain, perhaps you have an allergy to the Doxycycline or something. And not everything is related to livers and hep...we all just seem to forget it cause we are so liver phobic! I hope you feel better - please call them right now.
233616 tn?1312790796 In immunocompromised persons, particularly those with chronic liver disease, V. vulnificus can infect the bloodstream, causing a severe and life-threatening illness characterized by fever and chills, decreased blood pressure (septic shock), and blistering skin lesions. V. vulnificus bloodstream infections are fatal about 50% of the time. V. vulnificus can cause an infection of the skin when open wounds are exposed to warm seawater; these infections may lead to skin breakdown and ulceration.
Avatar n tn Have you had your liver checked out? I'd have some bloodwork done and check for Hepatitis C. Alot of your symptoms are also Hep C related. I know most people who get it have a past/current drug history but not ALL people get it that way, there are other modes of transmission. Please, be tested to rule it out, it is a simple blood test. It can be a very sneaky and difficult thing to diagnose because many people have no symptoms at all or smptoms like yours that are hard to pin down.
Avatar m tn It is always advisable that patients should inform their doctor about any prior liver or kidney disease whenever doxycycline is prescribes to them. The other common side effects include an upset stomach, skin reaction to sunlight, or unexplained rash and sometimes serious ones like watery diarrhea or fever. In such situations, one should stop taking the antibiotic and notify your healthcare provider immediately. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Hi, am in same boat as you, if you look down the board some you will see where I posted about transplant with Hep C, went to see transplant team yesterday where problem was I had never had PCR or genotype done so now I have to wait two more wks to see what I am, I have totally normal liver function, no elevated ezymes, and no cirrios, just slight inflammation said liver looks real good from biopsy, not on dialysis, was 2 mths 2 yrs ago which was mistake, I was dehydrated.
Avatar f tn This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again. I just need to know if lymes disease can cause all of these symptoms, and constantly, 24/7 I have these symptoms. like I said, I was diagnosed with anxiety but I do not believe that anxiety can cause all of the agony. I was tested for lymes disease twice, and both came up negative.
Avatar f tn Actually kamo never said she had a biopsy before so I'm curious as to how the dr knows she's a grade/stage 1. Sono's and MRI's don't show the grades/stages of liver problems, do they? It sounds like it's the dr that doesn't want to do it. Weird.
Avatar m tn After receiving a bleak outlook for my dog and a recommendation that he be placed on steroids, I did some research on the internet and found an ebook written by Cyndi Smasal entitled Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog. Rather than go the steroid route, I followed Cyndi's plan and, after just a few months, my dog's levels were back to normal. I highly recommend Cyndi's ebook.
Avatar f tn Have heart disease and peridontal disease, and this has (or WAS) a concern to the docs. Labs since Jan 2004 have all been normal. I have been wanting a biopsy for a few good months now, but - one is not being recommended, and ... I guess that is OK. I may have to accept that. I just don't know yet. Anyhow...
Avatar m tn I was treated with various antibiotic, including cipro, z pack, and eventully doxycycline a couple of weeks later. After I began taking doxy, the swelling in the lymph nodes began to go down a little, but it did not go down by much. The pain and swelling was primarily in the left armpit, elbow and behind the left leg where it bends. I have since had these swollen lymph nodes for 5 months.
Avatar f tn ) this has happened before to be but seems to be a little more then usual or making because I am noticing it more. I am also on Doxycycline for Lymes Disease which they/I believe I have. And have been on this for a little over 3 weeks...I have also had abnormal stools soft/then hard and had bleeding twice in the rectal area one right after another about 3 days ago...a few days after this stringy discharge occured. My rectum seems to be aggrivated too because I believe Ive been wiping hard also..
Avatar f tn I had a 5mm hypodensity on my liver, and I have sigmoid diverticulitis, and lymph nodes that weren't big enough to be considered lymphadenopathy, but were more numerous than normally seen on the back of the abdominal wall. One of my herx symptoms is my liver is sore all the time, so I would say I have liver involvement, which is almost as common as the lungs. That's what I like about the MP, I don't have to chase my tail around in a circle anymore.
Avatar m tn - However, my experience and research have led me to believe that the UK is not up to speed on Lyme disease and its treatment. - In particular, my trusted nutritionist attended the 2012 International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) conference in Austria and told me that doctors present there, who came from all over the world, said that UK testing for Lyme disease is very inaccurate, meaning lots of false negative test results are possible.
Avatar f tn it says you should talk to your doctor if you have liver disease ...before taking this drug. Many drug warnings say this. Sad thing is many people don't know they have Hepatitis C. I think we should just test everyone and get it over with. At least then you would know what you shouldn't be taking. I took lots of amoxicillin before I knew I had Hepatitis C. I'm still here and my liver is too.
Avatar n tn I was treated twice with Doxycycline (2 mos.) for the Lymes but the treatment did not work and the doctors suspected that I may not have Lupus but had Lymes the entire time. In July 2009, a year later, I was tested and the IGM Lymes test was again positive. The neurologist confirmed I have Lymes Disease but told me that it should have showed up on the IGG test and not the IGM test because of the length of time I have had Lymes. Now I have numerous questions. 1.
Avatar m tn That seems to be the most common reference I've seen to the use of the acronym ACA. And-----IMPORTANT----- have you been treated or are you currently being treated for Lyme disease? From what I've read it IS possible to stop the progression. Long term doxycycline or penicillin is said to be the med of choice for ACA. That may stop the progression of it and perhaps reverse it a bit. Have you seen a dermatologist for this? Some derms.
428506 tn?1296560999 My take was that he was used to working on a hospital floor, and that seeing a patient in the office for lyme disease was boring. He had a book, looked up lyme disease and ir said treat with 2 weeks doxycycline. He refused to discuss the Igenex results with me. My situation was a little different than yours; I didn't have any joint pain. So, my only advice is be leery.
Avatar f tn I was scared for everything so I told the Dr to see if I had other swollen glands she had said no, a few days later I went back and she took a blood test, she had called me and told me I was positive for Lymes disease (my abdominal, wholeeeee area hurts/bothers me, I have heard Lyme likes cartalige and all but im scared I could have gotten Hep C now. (when she tested my blood she had said eveything else was normal, including liver. but that was through a blood test.
Avatar n tn For those of you that are interested there are multiple studies - mainly in the US - using tetracyclines for the control and or removal of calcification in many areas of the body including the heart, arteries, liver (from cirrohsous - spelling!!) and kidneys as well as osteoarthritis. There is one cardiologist who has been using it with his inoperable patients and had positive success - in not all but some of his patients.
Avatar m tn Early symptoms of liver damage include yellowed eyes and skin (jaundice), fatigue, and dark urine. If you decide to take kava, despite warnings to the contrary, be sure to get frequent liver function tests." I hope there are safe ways to take it (modified?) and that's what you take.
Avatar f tn Well they set him up with a appt to see the doc, doc comes in and says Virus still not going away, to which i respond....its not a virus!! Its lyme disease and i promptly show my sons back to doc, trip to the lab ....where they draw labs, they draw enough tubes to do the ELISA and the western blot test!! Both come back Positive!! Doc puts my son on a antibiotic for 5 days!! All it did was put the lyme into silent mode!!
Avatar f tn Then a neurologist also did a lymes test on me and it came up negative too. I was on doxycycline for another condition and read on the internet that doxycycline also cures lymes disease so I thought "Great I'm killing two birds with one stone" but it had no effect what so ever on how I felt. But both Lymes test, with my GP and with the neurologists came up negative. I am currently in Hampton Roads Va, and I cannot find an LLMD. I just do not know what to do. It is ruining my life.
Avatar f tn ANA indicates some autoimmune disease. Your total T3 and total T4 are both very close to the tops of their ranges. However, your FREE T4 is right smack dab in the middle of the range...right where it should be. Frees are much more important than totals. You said you're waiting for the results of FT3, correct? Iodine is not used to treat Graves'. You're probably thinking of RAI (radioactive iodine), but it's the radiation that is treating the Graves' disease.
Avatar n tn Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine), quinacrine, chloroquine, and primaquin, mefloquine (Lariam), doxycycline (available generically), and the combination of Plaquenil, atovaquone and proguanil?? This is what happens to my child, it is always seasonal; his CRP hates the heat, hot weather, & sun, it responses to Minocycline during the hot summer and sweat, but then transmutes as the weather changes and comes back worst and spreads quickly.
Avatar f tn scapularis (the tick that carries the Lyme disease B. burgdorferi spirochete). [**And what happens to all the people that the tick fell off of before the doc arrived?**] (2) "Doxycycline treatment can be started within 72 hours of the tick bite. [** CAN be started? Not "should be started" --? So ... what are they waiting for??**] (3) "There is proof that at least 20% of ticks in that geographic area are infected with B. burgdorferi.
Avatar f tn This is commonly seen in people taking too much alcohol. Cushing’s disease and disorders of adrenal gland, tumors of the ovaries and adrenals, insulin resistance and obesity are the other factors. Take care!
1181178 tn?1320787061 He performed a Nutrition Response Test and found that I have borrelia burgdorferi infection(lyme disease) and Ehrlichia co-infection. It also said that the part of my body that needs to heal first are my adrenal glands and kidneys then liver. So he came up with this list of "supplements" that my body was needing. I don't know if i want to go through with buying all these supplements without knowing more. Has anyone had any luck or even tried something similar?
Avatar m tn Its quite possible that its some other disease, or a band closely related to some other disease. Please help and share your experiences.
Avatar n tn Mother- SLE and RA, OA; Father- RA, OA; Sister- SLE with kidney involvement; Maternal Grandmother- Fibromyalgia; Maternal Grandfather- SLE, Beta Thalessemia intermediate; Maternal Aunt- Beta Thalessemia Intermediate (along with her son and 2 grand daughters); Fraternal Grandfather- Ankylosing Spondylitis.