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Avatar n tn We don't just feel our lungs in the front, there is also a back side to your lungs and when sick with pneumonia its not at all unusual to have back pain. It letting you know its there. Pain is a symptom, without it we would never know we were sick. Are you still taking anti-biotics for it? It's so important that you follow up on this because for alot of people it can take more than one round of anti-biotics.
Avatar n tn I will assume that you do have double pneumonia and not another cause of back pain, such as clot(s) to your lungs. In either case, you might have pleuritic pain (pleurisy); that is originating in the membranes that enclose the lungs and chest wall. These membranes have pain fibers and these fibers are stimulated by inflammation/infection on the surface of the adjacent lung. It is a nuisance but not an ominous symptom.
884528 tn?1240762205 Breathlessness, dizziness, night sweats, the need for high concentration oxygen and a productive cough with blood in the mucus are all consistent with the diagnosis of infectious pneumonia. But, this is also consistent with his having had blood clots to his lungs, especially if infected clots. Having an enlarged heart with a rate of 175 beats per minute is also of much concern and heart failure may also be contributing to his lung congestion.
Avatar m tn I have been to different doctors trying get help with my breathing problem My wife got sick 4 months ago with what she thought was pneumonia lots of coughing they finally gave her a zpac and she is fine. I got this cough and shortness of breath I went to the doctor with her and he told me that i have pneumonia and should be home in bed. He ordered X-rays and it showed my lower lung area clouded he said that he was worried about fibrous of the lungs.
459853 tn?1283144114 I still have the unproductive cough, the stuffy nose, no fever, extreme fatigue, pain in right ribs, and rattle in lungs. i have had Pneumonia twice before, both times starting out as Bronchitis. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Avatar n tn I had double pneumonia in Feb. and was in the hospital for 6 days. I was sent home with oxygen and have a nurse who comes in once a week to check me. Last time I seen my Dr., two weeks ago, my poly ox or what ever it is called, the thing they put on your finger, measured 97. But the Dr. checked my heart beat and it was rapid. Previously she said I may be able to go off of oxygen the end of April. Now I am concerned the rapid heartbeat will keep me on oxygen.
Avatar n tn For the last year and a half I've had pneumonia four times, the last two were double pneumonia. I had a CT scan done in October and they found vague cloudy patches on both of my lungs (scary). My pulmonologist doesn't think it's cancer, though they can't rule it our yet. I took Zithromax for three weeks in November when I had the double pneumonia, and the pre-existing cough went away, 100%.
Avatar f tn The next day after admission an infectious disease research specialist told her within my earshot that she had suspected MRSA (culture not thru yet) ad would she sign up for double blind study for an alternative to vancomycin.blah,.blah.blah. I confronted him about isolating her and he said we aren't sure..but we will. Have followed up since leaving hosp (without CHF) and we both still think they are not telling her because they know I am trying to help her not be frightened since I left.
Avatar n tn For the last year and a half I've had pneumonia four times, the last two were double pneumonia. I had a CT scan done in October and they found vague cloudy patches on both of my lungs (scary). My pulmonologist doesn't think it's cancer, though they can't rule it our yet. I took Zithromax for three weeks in November when I had the double pneumonia, and the pre-existing cough went away, 100%.
Avatar n tn The follow-up chest x-ray that you had done is helpful to show that the pneumonia has completely gone away, but it will not show inflammation that is still in your lungs. This is most likely the cause of your lingering symptoms. It is difficult to tell you exactly when you will return to full strength. Generally it will take you at least as long as the pneumonia has caused you to be less active.
Avatar m tn My friend's son was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with RSV, double pneumonia, and staph in the lungs. He has been in ICU for about a week and I'm wondering how long he could possibly stay in the hospital.
Avatar n tn CT scan revealed a “nodule” in her lungs. The report says “right hilar soft tissue mass with perilesional nodules and patchy consolidations with ipsilateral minimal pleural effusion”. Her biopsy did not find any malignant cells. The pleural fluid analysis showed Lymphocytes = 95%. TB test came back negative. Her symptoms are getting worse every day (especially after the biopsy/pleural aspirations, her body is aching a lot). Could anybody please comment on her symptoms?
Avatar m tn I was in the hospital for double pneumonia in both lungs and severe sepsis. I was sent to the ICU for almost 7 days with a breathing tube. It has been over a month since I've been out of the hospital as well. I was in the hospital for two weeks. They also found out that I had a heart condition in which I had a birth. I'm also still dealing with shortness of breath sometimes and get tired very easy.
Avatar m tn Hidden Danger #2 – Dangerous Link between Hyoid Bone Degeneration and Pneumonia Aging is a major factor in contributing double chin due to the weakening muscles and skin, thereby making the hyoid bone more apparent. Look at the photo below. Double chin among the elderly due to weak muscles Weak muscles can indeed lower the position of the hyoid bone making it look like a double chin. This is very different from double chin caused by obesity.
Avatar f tn I have pneumonia and I had double pneumonia a year ago. The doctor said I have abnormal spots on my lungs that are irregular shaped. He said it could be cancer, histoplasmosis or a couple of other things. He sent me to a cancer doctor and they are going to do a biopsy. I live in Columbus, Indiana and my neighborhood was near some of the flooded areas although, my house didn't flood. I don't do gardening or anything in the dirt either.
Avatar f tn Everyday (or every chance I remember) I will BREATHE VERY DEEPLY to fill my lungs as full as I can... then hold my nose and PUSH my lungs to expand them. I will then stand and lean and stretch to the left and then to the right. This STRETCHES my lungs and expands them. I think it helps to stretch out the lining of the lungs. That is the only thing that has helped me. And it works really well. You can't do this exercise while you're having a cramp...
Avatar n tn I am 37, have never had any pulmonary problems before, however, walked into the er, had cat scan, diagnosis at that point was double pnomonia, i was put on normal meds but illness detiorated and did not respond. Cat Scan and X rays were full blown pnomonia type symptoms, however,pulmonologist seem to have thougth i was exposed to something causing some type of a reaction within the lungs.
Avatar f tn Quite a shock - never smoked - allergy prone but few colds - ended up in hospital with double pneumonia and because I did not lay down due to problem with breathing ended up with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs.
Avatar n tn They also confirmed an ear infection. We had them double check her lungs. Fine they said. Today we are walking into a building she is jumping over cracks in the cement, and in about 200 feet from my car to the door she was gasping for breath and coughing so hard she vomited. Took her on the spot to her doctor, lungs sound bad. Chest xray confirmed pneumonia again. I am starting to wonder here if this is not something else. I know it happens.
Avatar f tn My husband developed double pneumonia last year 9/2009 after getting h1n1 flu. He was a 2 pk a day smoker for 10 yrs. Since his illness he has had wheezing and shortness of breath everyday, he has to use the nebulizer and inhaler everyday at least 5-8 times a day. Could this be something else?
Avatar n tn My daddy has double pneumonia. They say that his lungs has Staff in them. They are wanting to paralyze him.... they say that is the last resort. What does that mean?
Avatar f tn I'm having a lot of chest pain when breathing. Is this still brohncitis? The doctor said my lungs were clear, but I'm not so sure. I can feel myself breathing in and out mucous.
Avatar n tn I had a severe case of Double Pneumonia and MRSA in my lungs about 4 to 5 years ago. I know that I have scar question is: each time you get a respiratory infection or Pneumonia...will you tend to get new scat itssue?
Avatar n tn 8 fever - - in hospital with double pneumonia - and I believe with my restricted breathing laying back, sat up most of the time- and ended up with clots in lungs - I was lucky I was never a smoker - anyway - was in hospital and home for two and a half months - SO PLEASE get lungs checked out at Doctors - doesn't have to be a specialist - I work in a area where it is not the best climate controlled which I find cold really bothers me -
Avatar n tn I also have COPD, with asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, HBP and sometimes depression. I just got out of the hospital in January after having double pneumonia...stayed 10 days. No one seems to understand what I'm trying to describe and that it is mostly all over the trunk and neck of my body. Can you help me?
1232362 tn?1333139006 I have asthma, was diaged w/pneumonia & double ear inf 10 days ago. Not resp. to Avalox & prednisone which I'm finishing. Have been to ER and was found dehydrated, ret'd to dr for 3rd time in the 10 days-white count still up, dehydrated again, still getting low grade fevers. Sch appt w/pulmonologist Mon. I've never been to one (even though I've had asthma almost 20 yrs)-what to expect?
Avatar f tn Hi, My husband has been admitted to hospital with Pneumonia. The chest x-rays have also shown that his heart is double the size it should be & the doctors told me that the pneumonia could have caused it, but the pneumonia is getting better & they are sending him for a Myocardial Perfusion Scan tomorrow & an Echocardiogram on Monday.....Im worried that there might be more to it than they are telling me. They also suspect he may have sleep apnoea.