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Avatar m tn What is the best treatment for gonorrhea? Does cipro work? if so what dosage and for how long.
Avatar n tn can i take cipro for gonorrhea.give the appropriate dosage for no of days.
Avatar m tn would I need to take another 1g of azithromycin + cipro 500 mg single dose, or just cipro. I have not had sex since taking original dosage of azithromycin. I know I should go see a doctor. I already know that. I'm choosing not too.
Avatar n tn As a result, I went to a pharmacy and got a 10-pack of 500mg Cipro and a 3 pack of 500mg Zipro. I took 1000mg of Cipro and 1000mg of Zipro yesterday and another 500mg of each today. Have a I taken enough of these drugs to kill both bacterial infections, and if so, how long should it take to clear up an infection if I do indeed have one?
Avatar m tn Cephalexin is no longer on the list of recommended treatments for gonorrhea. Cipro isn't either. You should talk to your doc about getting one of the treatments listed here -
Avatar m tn either you have cipro-resistant gonorrhea (cipro should never be used against gonorrhea, it is highly unreliable); or some sort of non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU). You need to return again to your doctor. Or see an STD specialist, if your doctor isn't one. This will be sorted out eventually, but you're going to need additional testing and probably different antibiotics. Please return with a follow-up ocmment about how it all turns out.
Avatar n tn Anyway, he prescribed me 7 days of doxycycline (can't recall the dosage, but twice per day) and also 7 days of cipro (500 mg, twice per day). My symptoms are so mild that unless i really look i can't detect the perfectly clear discharge and i see nothing in the morning when i wake up (mostly the afternoon) Pain during urination, i.e. that stinging or strong burning is still not there either. I've read of chronic NGU requiring months of treatment and i'm a bit on edge about it.
Avatar m tn The problem with levaquin is that it is also a fluoroquinone (same type of antibiotic as cipro), so that gonorrhea strains resistant to cipro may also have increased resistance to levaquin. Azithromycin is a macrolide, a different type of antibiotic, and so does not suffer this problem.
Avatar m tn no swelling or pain in the testes, no redness of the tip of the penis, etc. During the course of the 7-day period I was waiting for the urologist appointment, the itching/burning progressed slightly up the urethra towards the middle of the penis. The surgeon-urologist (this was in Europe) just visually inspected my penis, performed a quick ultrasound scan of my lower abdomen and diagnosed me with Trichomonas Vaginalis. He also mentioned that my prostate was enlarged.
Avatar f tn Even prompt improvement following ceftriaxone is more likely a coincidence than it is evidence of gonorrhea. (I'm rather amazed a doctor would have treated you for ocular gonorrhea in this circumstance, without testing for it. This sounds like a rather fishy story, I have to say.) Further, in the event I'm wrong and you had gonorrhea, there is no realistic chance of autoinoculation to your eye while in the shower (and in the presence of soap and water).
Avatar m tn It seemed to match symptoms of Gonorrhea. I had been with a girl about a week prior, we never actually had sex (just fooling around naked) but she performed oral sex. I have already taken two rounds of cipro and now the stinging when I urinate is gone however the discharge is still happening. I've seen a doctor but he hasn't determined anything and wants me to come back in 2 weeks for a urine test. He gave me vitamin E tablets.
Avatar f tn I went to get checked and the doctor prescribed 1g of azithromycin. That dosage should be enough for chlamydia, but after research, it seems like i might have gonorrhea since it was only oral. Chlamydia seems rare to be transmitted through oral. I also saw on this site that another user was prescribed cipro 500mg and 1g azithromycin. Dr. Hhhhhh said that should be sufficient. I had extra cipro I my house, so i took 500mg along with the azithromycin.
Avatar n tn 6 days later drips gone burning persisted and I had a frequency to urine. I then took cipro for 10 days 500 mg, but the UTI moved to my prostate with red blood cells in my urine and symptoms of pain when defacating and cottage cheese like sperm. . I then took leviquin 750 mg for 7 days and it cleared the uti/prostatis. From all the antibiotics I got balantis from yeast. Just now getting over that.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago it started to burn whenever I urinated. I went in to the Student Health Center on campus, and they ran tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and the doctor gave me antibiotics for each as a "just in case." I know one was cipro, and i forget what the other was. In any case, when I got the results back about a week ago, it turns out i was negative for both. The doctor then had a "urinalysis" done, and it came back without any real flags.
Avatar n tn Anyone ever get tested positive for chlamydia, take doxycycline for 7 days, and then a 1gm dose of zithromax go back for testing and still turn out positive for chlamydia or any other std?
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Avatar m tn Am from Africa I have pus coming out of my penis and burning sensation and I was given cipro and doxycap I took it for 2weeks now but I had sex with ma partner at d middle of the dosage now I have finished taking the medicine still got pus coming out of my penis what should I do ...should I go and buy same medicine and continue taking it?
Avatar m tn Swab test taken and given a single dose (1 tablet) of antibiotic (I think Cipro). This was about 4 days after encounter. Symptoms disappeared almost immediately. Results of the swab test would eventually come back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea). Day 8: New symptoms. Very warm sensation in testicles. Frequent urination. Went back to doctor... sent to another doctor (urologist). Day 9: New doctor put me on longer dose of Cipro (10 days, 250mg 2x/day).
Avatar n tn I took the weeks worth of cipro incase it was gonno and im taking 5 days worth of doxy the recommeded dosage for chlamydia incase it is, but i dont think its ethier, i just think its prostatis. but with the dosage i took above and im taking if i had ethier it should be well enough to knock out both if i did have ethier or.
Avatar n tn He prescribed 500mg, twice daily for 28 days of Cipro. 1) Is it common to have gonorrhea or chlamydia with burning urination but no discharge? 2) Is a urinalysis useful in determining if I have gonorrhea or chlamydia? 3) I know most oral encounters don't cause transmission...does the nature of the encounter above (alternating between two men), significantly change potential for transmission? 4) How effective is Cipro, at the dosage above, against gonorrhea, chlamydia, and NGU?
Avatar n tn I am going to use oral antibiotics to get rid of it (much longer story on why, but I have to try this approach first). I have Zithromax, Cipro, and Cefixime in 500mg pills. Questions: 1-Of the three listed above, is there one that would be more likely to simulate an IV treatment OR is there another antibiotic that would work better?
Avatar n tn It seems as if he is treating you for gonorrhea (rocephin), chlamydia (azithromycin) and a urinary tract infection (cipro). You might want to eat when you take the cipro and azithromycin.
Avatar n tn It is unlikely any STD is the cause of the spot on your tonsil, but because of the slim chance of gonorrhea and borderline treatment, you could be tested for it. To be maximally safe, also have an HIV test in a few weeks -- but don't lose a lot of sleep about it in the meantime; almost certainly it will be negative.
Avatar n tn There are fewer data on which to estimate the risk of other STDs, but the risk is always pretty low for any particular exposure. Most likely there is some risk for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, etc, but the rates are highly variable from one country to another, and within various countries. The odds for these STDs probably are higher than for HIV, but still are strongly in your favor, probably under 1% chance of infection maybe under 1 in 10,000.
Avatar m tn Just for your information, there are increasing numbers of gonorrhea strains resistent to cipro. And Azithromycin is more effective for treating Chlamydia. You need testing and treatment with the best antibiotic. I think you are having treatment failure with cipro. Please discuss this again with your doctor.
Avatar n tn If doxy is not working for you, they need to stop increasing the dosage, and start a new treatment regimen. Did you test for gonorrhea and chlamydia?
Avatar n tn If, even though you were condom protected, you wish to be tested for genital exposures as well, tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia and nongonococcal urethritis are appropriate. Your blood can be tested for syphilis and HIV. The tests on your throat and genital specimens will be valid for both exposures you describe. The blood tests only for the one about 3.5 weeks ago. the probability that any of these tests will be positive is miniscule. 3. Some are, some are not.
Avatar m tn He seemed to not make a huge deal about it and prescribed me a two-a-day regimen of Cipro for 10 days that I started on Tuesday. Immediately after taking the pill I felt much better and had no real problems on Tuesday night. Wednesday I felt better until I masturbated and started reading about STD symptoms and I felt worse. I get a tingling pain, but I really don't think I have more-than frequent urination and I have had no discharge. I have several questions: 1.
Avatar m tn Men are not usually tested for trich because most of the time, they don't have symptoms for it and don't know they have it until their female partner tells them they were positive for it.
Avatar n tn The cipro was intended to cover gonorrhea, often done routinely at the start of treatment for NGU. It is true that your initial antibiotic therapy could have made test results for gonorrhea and chlamydia falsely negative. However, if you had either of them, the combination of cipro and doxy would have cured you. In other words, the persistence or reappearance of discharge after treatment is proof against both chlamydia and gonorrhea as the original infection.