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Avatar f tn This morning she started vomiting white foam and drooling a lot. She has probably vomited now about 5 times and is acting sleepy. We did take her outside and she did play for a bit. I'm not sure if this is a vet thing or if I should watch her for a while first?
Avatar f tn My dog just finished 9 days taking clavamox and is now vomiting up grass and white foam and yellow bile. Is this a normal reaction to meds?
Avatar f tn My dog just finished 9 days of taking clave od and has been vomiting first white foam and grass and one yellow bile what can I do to help her
Avatar n tn That icky white foam is bile. It usually is excreted before a fur ball comes out or before they can get the fur ball into the digestive system. And can be spontaneous without wrenching.
Avatar m tn Vomit is partially digested food with white foam. I feed him Iams lamb for sensitive stomaches. I tried withholding food for approxiately 10 hours and feeding him brown rice but within several hours of eating he vomits. Seems to have good energy and not in any pain. I read an article about trying clear liquids but I'm not sure what liquids to give him and how often and how much. Any suggestions?
1086217 tn?1256699689 When we got a new vet, she immediately treated his ears, and no more vomiting. It can also happen if your dog has bad allergies, from all that mucus draining into the stomach. You might want to check your dog's ears for a lot of wax or redness, and watch for a lot of scratching or biting to indicate allergies.
Avatar f tn I have made him a mixture of ground beef and rice, but he still wont eat. He is drinking alot and peeing alot as a result.He is also vomiting white stuff ??
1391531 tn?1289167743 This was posted in the in Gi form,no one there could help, posted it here so FREESHHERBS could get help for their question this is a better forum for this question.This is the full post and all the info they gave.
Avatar m tn My dog has been vomiting clear fluid/white foam, labored breathing and salivating. What can cause this? He has done this before and has gotten better the next day. We have also took him to a Vet once for it spent $900 and they said they do not know what was wrong with him. I can't afford that again at this time.
Avatar m tn I wonder if it could be that the cough suppressant has side effects and that might have caused his vomiting? Did you mean that the vomiting started after he was taking the cough suppressant? Is the cough suppressant called "Temaril-P" ? If so, it can cause stomach upset. The way around this is to make sure it is always given with food. Has he had heart checks? You said his X rays and blood work are good. Did the vet check for everything? Including renal function?
Avatar m tn Hello I am sorry to hear about your dog. In my experience, having a crying giant breed dog who is also a senior and ages more quickly than smaller breeds is reason enough to visit your veterinarian. This will help you to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.
1448838 tn?1284738852 Sometimes your dog may not eat enough one night and the next morning it will throw up yellow or white foam. Then they will also puke if they eat too much, it is a delicate balance. Allergies can also be the cause. Allergies are another thing that they are sensitive towards, when my allergies act up, I take a Claritin before bed, and the dog gets half a Benadryl tablet (about 10mg). One last thing, Shih Tzu are, again, sensitive dogs. This time I am talking of their feelings.
Avatar n tn My daughter is two years old and this past Sunday she woke up vomiting. At the time we thought that most likely she had gotten into some bad food because her Father had picked her up a chicken tenders kids meal late that night when the place was about to close. Well she fell back to sleep that morning and when she woke back up she was fine. She was playing and running and laughing all day. She even rode a carousel! Well that night (Sunday)while she was sleeping she threw up again.
Avatar f tn By the 3rd time of him throwing up is was a red liquid with white foam. After this he started pooping on the floor, I then let him outside where he continues to poop and now it is straight diarrhea. I have him in my bathroom now, I have tried to get him to drink some water and he wont. My question is what is causing this, and What can I do to make him better?
Avatar f tn She throws up until she staggers and falls-I am continuously trying to hydrate her and giving her baby food-At times, she is able to keep it down, other times the vomiting is horrible. She continues to try for us, and we are fighting so hard for her-LIke others, I tuck her in at night (she sleeps on the loveseat with her "bankie" covering her). I am sleeping in the den with her so I can give her support throughout the night. Neither of us are getting much sleep.
Avatar m tn Since your vet did a very thorough workup, my guess is this is a frustrated dog dreaming out loud. I had a dog very like yours who started howling in her sleep around the same age. Very scary stuff there! As it turned out, she needed proper exercise outside her own territory. Once I started a daily walking program, she calmed right down and we all slept in silence again. If you already walk your dog daily, you may need to add an extra one. Can't hurt - might help!
Avatar m tn If I try to feed him anything else he begin to gag and throws it up, along with lots of white foam. However, if I feed him the blended oatmeal he is fine. No throwing up or any discomfort. I want to get him back on regular dog food. Can you help me please?
6822049 tn?1385117481 Antifreeze or rat poison? If he ingested a poison, there likely will be vomiting and/or diarrhea....White foam coming from mouth? Flea/tick product reactions can cause this..Even some flea shampoos..... Yes, it very much could be disk/disc disease.....I have a dog that one night went out to potty and was fine...Came in (Only out a few minutes) and was paralyzed from a ruptured disc.....There was no trauma or accident....Just happened! Unfortunately, it was on a Christmas Eve which sucked!
Avatar f tn My family and I just lost our dog out of the blue around 6pm on August 22nd. He was 8 years of age, approximately 80lbs, and showed no signs of being sick before he passed. The night before he played like he always had and ate his dog food as usual. On the morning of his passing he was with me in my room most of the morning. He slept most of the time (which was normal for him) and I gave him crust from a sandwich I was eating.
Avatar f tn My dogs have been poisoned twice (2 different dogs in 5 years). Both of the dogs vomited white foam. We ran them to the vet. Both times we thought we saved the dog. Each dog died very young of lymphoma. My vet said it is unheard of to have one healthy dog die before the age of 3 from lymphoma, now we have had 2 die young. She is convinced it was what they were poisoned with.
Avatar m tn I have a 7 week old Pit bull puppy that threw up white foam this morning and has been sleeping most of the day. He only gets up to drink some water and pee. His stool is loose and a bit on the yellow side. He has no appitite or energy. This came on suddenly as about 5am this mornign he was in my bed playing with me and he got down went to get some water and stared to spit up some foam. Please Help!!~!
Avatar n tn My dog has been vomiting white foam, sometimes food after just eating, and recently his pink tongue turned light purple. He has been vomiting and coughing for almost three weeks now. The Vet checked him and found nothing wrong but put him on Kennel Cough medicine which he just completed. He is now losing weight with all the same symptoms except the purple tongue is new. Today is almost back to normal but we kept him in the garage last night which may have been the difference.
1242748 tn?1268372719 Then it went to clear fluid with some white foam and she is now vomiting the clear foam every hour. I was had you suppose to allow the stomach to rest and not offer food or water, until the dog hasn't thrown up for at least 3 to 4 hours, but I am very concerned about dehydration. I gave her a few teaspoons of water and she JUST NOW while I type, threw up more clear doubt the water she had a bit ago.
172023 tn?1334675884 Large amounts of food in the stomach before going to bed is another thing that will trigger reflux and thus can cause the vomiting at night when the dog is lying down and still making it harder to digest food. Try these things and see how they work for your dog.
Avatar m tn A few weeks ago he suddenly stopped eating and became very quiet and started sleeping a lot. He then started vomiting a lot of white foam. I took him into the vet and they gave him something for the stomach thinking that's all that was needed.
Avatar f tn now 3 months later the itchy feet/licking, dry coat and morning white foam, gagging...but why 3 months later we don't know...Vet is calling back tomorrow...she did say I could go back to a one protein novelty meat...something different, just very gradual...your Ideas are wonderful...the dollop of canned wd just to maintain better stool...I will get back...just wanted to give you a heads up and a big thank you...I know what you mean I am going to have to figure this out...
Avatar n tn My dog had what looked like a yellow jelly like poop and was throwing up white foam stuff, and she died tonight. What was the cause? She hasnt had any of her shots yet(including deworming shot). Shes maybe 8 weeks.
9702001 tn?1405379554 We give her dog biscuits and those white bones to chew on every now and then. Regarding Mecopar, this is the right name in Romania, but I don't know the equivalent in English. I translated the composition (maybe it won't be 100% accurate, but you'll be able to make an idea): A capsule contains: Essential amino acids: dl-methionine 9.2 mg, 9.
1664033 tn?1302962850 Dear All, Type of Animal: Dog Female (Golden Lebrador) Age of Animal: 4 years City: Chandigarh Country: India Disease: Chronic Kidney Failure This is my first post and I am not sure if I am posting in the right section of this wonderful forum. I am a owner for 4 year lovely Golden Lebrador and her name is 'Amber'. The bad new is she has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney failure by my Vet Trust me we all broke down into tears when we heard this news.
1832268 tn?1326819610 maalox, ranitidine plus rubenal plus some antibiotic (?? I wondered if it was okay in kidney failure?) this June she only had two good weeks but the rest she was in a really bad state. that was the first time when I realized that it was over. But I didn't give up. I still tried to find remedies, I even went to a homeopath for animals, I read, actually re-read everything about kidney failure.