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284208 tn?1292859119 My mom's old dog, Casey, is suddenly demonstrating no appetite.This is a dog who never misses a meal. She has been throwing up foam, at times it appears to have some pink in it. She is not pooping as much as usual, and the one time she did, there seemed to be a lot of yellow grass like hay in her feces. The vomit also has some of the hay like grass in it. She is 15, does not see well. She is overweight, but much less that she was when she and my Mom came to live with us....
1604773 tn?1297812445 I would say keep an eye on him. If he shows any more signs of loss of appetite or vomiting, or lethargy, etc, then take him to be checked out.
Avatar n tn My dog has little to no appetite and has been vomiting yellow bile. Should I wait it out or have him seen?
Avatar m tn Signs of this are - -undigested food being thrown up more than an hour after eating -lack of appetite (if the stomach is slow in emptying then your pup is always full) -weight loss -constipation My best advice would be to feed smaller meals more often through the day and cut back on fats (fat is harder to digest) and feed a food that is higher in protein and lower in fats.
Avatar f tn Also, one of your foods is full of an artificial sweetner! This makes no sense except to get the dog addicted to the sugar & it's hard to give up.....Also, leads to Diabetes.... So, bottom line, you CAN turn this around......If you want me to help you select a brand of food and cookie/bisquit, let me know....You will not find any of these at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store.... My other concern is her temp. of over 103......
Avatar n tn Ask your vet for a novel protein diet such as IVD Duck and Potato, or Fish and Potato (as long as your dog has never had duck or fish before), or other protein ingredient that your dog has not had before. There can be no cheating while on this diet for at least 12 weeks, than other foods can be slowly introduced. Be patient, it may take 8 or more weeks before you see an improvement with the vomiting.
Avatar n tn I dont think it made anything any better. A friend recently said her dog did the same thing if she missed dinnertime by as little as 30 minutes. PROBIOTICs is what helped her dog. I gave him his first pill last night and after 3 solid days of atleast one episode he is resting comfortably and has NOT vomitted. Looking for some validation on probiotics. Im praying for him to be more comfortable, cant stand the wretching. Thanks for any help or advice!
Avatar f tn I have a female dog named Cocoa. A week ago she started vomiting 2 to 4 times a day. We took her to the vet. She had blood work, urinalysis, exrays, barium exrays. They found nothing. The last 4 days her appetite has gone down to nothing. She weighed 10.4 lbs a week and a half ago, now 8 pounds. She stopped vomitting yesterday. That was a breakthrough. How do we get her to eat? The next step is an endoscopy. We are very worried. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
Avatar n tn My dog was vomiting about 1 month ago and lethargic. I took him to the emergency vet clinic and they did an Xray, which was inconclusive. They sent me to a specialist center to have an ultrasound done. The specialist looked at him and felt that the Xray was inconclusive due to bad technique and recommended leaving him overnight for observation. He didn't vomit, they put him on some bland food and he seemed to improve over the next week or so. Then, he began urinating in the house.
148987 tn?1287809526 It is unusual that you didn't get sick from your first shot. I got sicker than a dog my first shot. Vomiting, the whole 9 yards. Haven't vomited from another shot since. (21/48) Take it as it comes and share your experiences with others.
Avatar n tn every 3-4 days the first thing in the am he vomits this yellowish / green substance.. no solid food in it looks like bile.. then he is fine . has no loss of appetite and is very active. i have been told he is probably getting into something outside. i take him out on a leash and i do not see him getting into anything..
Avatar m tn I slowly began introducing her dog food back into her diet until that was all she was eating. She began vomiting again within a few minutes of eating. I guess what I'm asking is I'm thinking about switching to home-made food for her but I want to make sure she is getting the nutrition she needs without a bunch of calories. Good idea or not? I respect her vet for the most part but he doesn't seem to believe that we're not over-feeding her or giving her scraps from the table.
Avatar n tn Hey Everyone thank you for your concern about my dog and I have t tell you that I did have to take my dog to the emergency vet since either he vomited or pooped blood!
Avatar n tn he has also been vomiting more n more each day but with no food or water hes vomiting yellow stuff along with some white stuff. today i noticed he also has diarrhea. everyone keeps saying its worms, could it b?
Avatar f tn my 9 month,for the last 2 weeks,started vomiting at bedtime she has the same schedule,after she wakes from her last nap around 7pm,drinks a bottle of formula,then have a little meal,arround 9:30 bath time, play for half and hour then, bedtime drinks like 5 oz of formula,and fall sleep ,but around 30 minutes later she starts crying and then vomit,after clean the crib, and bath her again,drinks her bottle and fall sleep,all night.
Avatar n tn -) Next, keep an eye on your dog for any symptoms of nausea like loss of appetite or vomiting. If your dog begins to bloat, he's in big trouble. That means the tampon has become stuck somewhere in the intestines, and that's a medical emergency requiring surgery. You may get lucky and your dog will simply pass it out in a day or two with no trouble whatsoever. In the meantime, get prepared and start looking around for emergency vet clinics near you just in case you need to get moving fast.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a 7 week old female Rottweiler. My mom tells me she's been vomiting. I have no idea how often though, but the vomit is clear mucus. I've observed that she plays and eats a lil bit less, like the other day, while 3 of the other pups where in the garden playing, she's laying around in the kitchen and wouldn't come when I called her. She's also been chewing on leaves, grass, twigs which might have something to do with the vomiting.
Avatar m tn If it's wretching/coughing it may be the throat, lungs or esophagus. A major concern with loss of appetite and vomiting would be bloat or obstruction. Obstruction can happen even with food, if she has a history of digestive problems. You didn't mention if she's having normal bowel movements.
1045304 tn?1253385519 My dog Parker starting vomiting last weekend. He had no appetite for food or water for over 24hrs. Brought him to the local vet hospital, we are in Montreal, Canada. The xrays showed dilated intestines so they suspected he had swallowed a foreign object. He was already starting to show signs of dehydration. Parker has never been prone to swallowing things, but the vet suggested surgery to ensure nothing was blocked. It was done under emergency and nothing was found.
Avatar f tn won't even eat chicken,which she loves.all she wants to do is sleep.No fever.No appetite at all.been almost four days this is going on.She has had all her shots & is on heartworm medication.Please help me.
172023 tn?1334675884 You know our long history with Jake the Vomiting Doberman. There is no known cause for this, after an exhaustive, year long work up. Cerenia works well for him--one half tab gives him 2 full days without vomiting. But it is prohibitively expensive. Is there a chinese herb you would recommend?
Avatar f tn PG) is voluntarily expanding its recall to include veterinary and some specialized dry pet food as a precautionary measure because it has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. No salmonella-related illnesses have been reported.
1745866 tn?1312116083 She was just at the vet for her check up and everything came back good. No heartworm, no lime disease, heart was good. She drinks a lot of water and stoped eating. she lost 7 lbs from last year at the vet. They said to bring her back in a week if she does not eat so they can weigh her. She is 63 lbs now. I got her at the Humane Society 2 years ago she was ony 47 lbs. I got her up to 74 now she wont eat anything except a few Wagon Train chicken strips 100% natural just a few a day.
Avatar f tn Doxycycline can stay in the system for months after stopping the medication. Vomiting can be a common side effect, but not vomiting blood generally. Plus, your dog probably has had Doxy before as this is the "go to" drug to treat Lymes disease, so an allergy is unlikely. Drug interaction is unlikely as these two medications can be given together if necessary given there is no liver problems (counterindicated for Rimadyl) or kidney problems (counterindicated for Doxy).
Avatar n tn My dog just started crying for no reason and he will not let anyone touch him. I gave him a bath and looked everywhere and him limbs seem fine. He screams out when I touch his belly at all. Now is he hiding under the bed. What could be wrong? No diarrhea or vomiting or anything like that and he has had his usual appetite.
Avatar n tn You will absolutely know if your dog is not feeling well. Watch for lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting...he will not feel well if anything is stuck in his intestines. The way you feel when you've eaten something bad is pretty much how your dog will feel also, and it will be very evident. My dog passed a 14 in scarf (intact!) once, but had to have surgery for dental floss. Go figure. Our trash cans are now inside our cabinets!!