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Avatar n tn If the pet has fleas, flea poo is also very allergy causing! obviously you come into contact with these proteins when you stroke the pet but also the become airborne and cause all the symptoms you describe. There is a product I heard of that you can comb through your pets fur that I presume changes or coats the proteins in some way? Can't remember what its called though sorry! Shampooing dogs once a week may help you a little but dog might end up with a skin complaint!
Avatar m tn What would you do if you find that your dog is having a stroke? While it is important that you get your dog treated, it is equally important to be aware of what all can be done to treat (him or her) and what is the average recovery period. Canine Stroke Aftercare Canine strokes are extremely rare. There are two types of strokes which affect dogs, first is Ischemic stroke wherein blood does not reach the brain.
Avatar n tn for appointment times because that is physican related. Your symptoms might be from your stroke, and certainly the symptoms point in that direction. As far as resolution of the symptoms, that depends on the extent of the stroke and rehab.
555095 tn?1215837771 Welcome to the dog forum... You really need to get your pet into a vet for examination, better to be safe than sorry, and better to catch whatever the issue is than wait until worsen, for it will get more expensive financially... Could have been heat stroke, symptoms of Cushings, etc???? Until your vet visit, start giving Rice water and alternate w/mild flavor gatorade (no red), if pet will not drink this on his own, syringe...
Avatar f tn Should I be concerned about the breathing or can this be normal with allergies or in an older dog? Can this possibly be caused by her thyroid levels being too high since she lost weight?
Avatar n tn im not sure if there is anything that can be done for my dog who is 15 and i think she has had a blood clot go into her lungs .
Avatar n tn Thank you for your comments. Actually, no, I'm not doing very well with this to be honest. Lucy was long ago by a trainer determined to be a "prodigy dog", meaning, one that leans certain things almost instantly by observation. The slang many use would be a "Lassie dog" type of dog.
Avatar f tn ^| 2 days ago, Emma, my 8 yr old German Shepherd, woke me to let me know she had the itchies again - she's shedding and it's a normal ritual by now. When the pet store opened, we jumped in the car and headed down to pick up some oatmeal shampoo which relieves that problem for her. At that time, she was active and doing her thing - bolting from window to window in the car, barking at dogs on the sidewalk, energetic as usual. Everything was just the way it always is.
Avatar n tn Hug your children, your spouses, your significant others. Pet your dog or your cat. Have a good cry. It will release endorphines that will make you feel a tiny bit better, even if it's only for a few moments. Remember that you are not alone.
Avatar n tn These episodes have gotten much less frequent but they still occur when she is startled. She will let us pet or stroke her for a very short while then will begin growling. She must be sedated for grooming at the vet's because she goes into a frenzy and will growl and bite anyone who touches her. We have begun using a nylon mask over her face and eyes to bathe her at home. She will growl but at least remains still and does not try to bite so the mask works pretty well.
Avatar n tn Turns out he had prostate cancer that eventually moved into his lungs. Don't want to scare you, but the symptoms sound so familiar to me. The dog needs to see his doctor.
Avatar n tn The only information I was able to find on the internet, was something about a dozen dogs in a study that had a blood clot in the intestines, one died and the rest had to be put down. It is very distressing when you see your dog recuperating after surgery, getting to the put of walking around and eating, only to die of a blood clot.
1405176 tn?1281137777 no loss of appetite, no vomiting, nothing. She collapsed and died while walking back into the house from her morning potty break. It was truly that sudden. My husband tried to clear her airway and do chest compressions, but she was already gone. We will never know exactly what happened to her. We decided not to do an autopsy because we didn't feel that it would give us any additional answers, we already had the answers that we really needed - that she went quickly and she didn't suffer.
Avatar f tn Your story breaks my heart as I lost my 14-year-old dog, Chica, to this exact disease on January 4. The vomiting is so awful to watch in the end as it just goes on and on and on... There are many anti emetic meds to try. Has your vet not prescribed anything? Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood.
Avatar f tn Could the jump off the bed made her IVDD worse and threw her into terrible pain since no pain meds were administered? Could the symptoms described be from her IVDD and possible disc damage? Also could the stroke have been a spinal stroke or from high blood pressure from intense pain? I hope you can help because I know her kidney values were high but I also know dehydration and medications can elevate kidney values. I am struggling with putting her down.
Avatar n tn Visual and auditory hallucinations were quite exceptional and debilitating. Skin was on fire and all the rest. Symptoms lasted for three to four weeks. Even had to learn how to walk again. My choice the last time was to get someone to sign me into the psych ward at the hospital. I got help and support and am doing well.
1466631 tn?1286343624 My grandma's dog had the symptoms for about a year before they got worse (constant wheezing fits and coughing), after she was prescribed her medication she only lasted a month, maybe 2, but she also had 2 seizure episodes that likely worsened her condition. But my grandma took her to the vet way later than she should have and it was to late to do anything for it. I hope this helps a little, it's sad that it happens. And I know I miss her, she was the same age as me, so we were close.
Avatar f tn The same description you gave of how your dog laid and the symptoms that you described were present with our dog also. It's almost as if I have written the post myself. I can completely understand what you went through and I thank you for posting this online... I also wonder what may have happened to our dog... We didn't opt for an autopsy because we didn't want him to be cut up and the vet said that someone recently got an autopsy of their cat with no results.
Avatar n tn My dog Molson suddenly died 2 days ago, she was a very healthy active dog with no prior symptoms of illness, she was running by the truck like she always does not too close and my mom who was driving at approximatley 10km/hr heard a yelp and looked in the back of the truck and the other dogs where fine so she stopped and Molson was lying on the grass a few feet away on her side mom looked at her and said her face and eyes looked funny and she bit her hand but not like a bit more like a reach out
Avatar f tn it sounds like she may have eaten something poison!!!! my dog ate a penny when she wass just a pup and she had all the symptoms you described! she actually died and my bo did mouth to mouth and he saved her life, we had to literally give her water from our mouth! the vet said we actually saved her life because we loved her so much and gave her the care she needed. the penny she ate contained zinc, it was pennies made in a certain year range that had the zinc in them.
Avatar f tn Merle was a seemingly healthy pup. Just earlier that day he was running and playing in the yard with my other dog Milo. He had been eating, drinking, and going potty normal. My house is pet proof: the cleaning supplies are locked under the kitchen sink, batteries are put up, plus I was home the entire weekend. My other dog Milo is completely fine, he's lying next to me as I type this so it couldn't have been anything in the yard.
1442192 tn?1310205016 At first I thought she had a stroke because of the way she acted. Her symptoms seemed to be that of a stroke. I did Google her symptoms and found a website that said flea collars can cause a reaction like she had. The brand I bought is well known (according to the site) for causing damage and even death to pets. I did as they instructed which was to take the collar off and bathe her. She is quiet at the moment, but still doesn't seem to be with it.
Avatar m tn Actually, I had a little terrier mix that died very unexpectedly and showed about the same symptoms your little dog was showing. Nothing could have been done. Be thankful you had that time with your little dog to walk the path together for a while on this earth. How lucky she was to be in a loving home compared to many animals that never have that special home or that love.
Avatar m tn Sorry I can't be of direct help, but it sounds like you are taking steps to extend the life (and quality of life) of your dog. How do you know you dog has a bad heart valve? which one(s)? Is this just a call form the "ear".. vet listened with a stereoscope? In humans it take an echo cardiogram to identify valve problems. There are other methods, but the echo is none invasive and often used, and has been used in my case several times.
641243 tn?1235755684 It is only diagnosed by ruling out any other viruses or diseases, so if your dog has any other symptoms than the seizures, let your vet know immediately. If you believe your dog is having seizures because of a food allergy, also referenced in your thread above, talk to your vet about other diet options. Certain breeds are prone to epilepsy, but they are usually not fatal and can be treated with medicine. Hope this helps.
599170 tn?1300977493 I think it is getting worse too nowadays, as most people, especially with families, are having to come up with more and more ideas to make extra money, and that means they are out of the house. If they have a dog, the dog has to stay in, very often alone, waiting for them to come back. Is there a trusted friend or family member, who for either a small payment, or for the sheer fun of it(!) or for some exchange, or treat (like a box of chocolates...?
Avatar m tn I'm sure your vet could give you more info, but I just wanted to let you know that the teeth could very well have been the cause of death. Also, the dog could have had aspiration from the dog treat if he/she didn't have teeth to chew it, but with the bleeding gums more than likely it caused extensive problems to the dog's heart with the breathing problems (sounds like heart failure).
Avatar f tn In my experience they care more about finding ways to overcharge and mislead than actually helping find a practical, and inexpensive solution for loving pet owners. When he had his stroke I was made to spend thousands on unnessary testing for problems that had no relation to his symptoms and now am very jaded, especially because I have had many similar experiences with vets and find them no more reliable than used car salesman.
Avatar n tn Praying for your pet to have a full recovey.By the way the vet said the cat just needs to rest and stay in a area to himself till he heals and also the steroid pills for 10 days.