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Avatar m tn What would you do if you find that your dog is having a stroke? While it is important that you get your dog treated, it is equally important to be aware of what all can be done to treat (him or her) and what is the average recovery period. Canine Stroke Aftercare Canine strokes are extremely rare. There are two types of strokes which affect dogs, first is Ischemic stroke wherein blood does not reach the brain.
Avatar n tn If the pet has fleas, flea poo is also very allergy causing! obviously you come into contact with these proteins when you stroke the pet but also the become airborne and cause all the symptoms you describe. There is a product I heard of that you can comb through your pets fur that I presume changes or coats the proteins in some way? Can't remember what its called though sorry! Shampooing dogs once a week may help you a little but dog might end up with a skin complaint!
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Avatar f tn I would say he needs to go to a veterinarian. It sounds like he has heat stroke and that can be remedied with access to water and keeping him inside but at this point he may have developed some kidney damage, maybe a urinary tract infection. Learn from this. Never leave a pet outside without access to shade and water.
Avatar n tn Is this possible that her symptoms did not show up while she was in the house that has a dog? This dog is a spaniel. She has been around a beagle and not affected at all.
Avatar n tn im not sure if there is anything that can be done for my dog who is 15 and i think she has had a blood clot go into her lungs .
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Avatar f tn My canine was the only pet I have that died in a very shocking incident. My other pet, 2 hamsters died on a natural death-oldness.
Avatar m tn My condolences, no matter what "answers" you get you have still lost a loved pet, a hard fact of life for pet owners. I don't have the numbers but I think it possible the dogs biological clock just ran out.. what is the life expectancy for the Labrador? I'll guess 9 to 12 years, making 9 early but not "unusual". It could have been a stroke or heart attack if it happened suddenly. I really don't know and all any of us could offer is a guess.
Avatar m tn I guess right now my biggest concern is identifying any latent symptoms/effects of a potential heat stroke 3 days ago. Her behaviour was normal for the 1st 24 hours or so after the i imagined nothing happened from the heat. Can someone help me? Is there anything visual or behaviour that can point to or rule out heat stroke damage?
Avatar f tn My problem has developed over the past few weeks. It can happen when I am home or when I am out in public, but I am suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of wet dog. I don't own a dog, and there are never dogs present when it happens. I try sniffing myself to see if I'm the problem and it never is. It's never after I have pet dogs. It seemingly comes out of nowhere. I am worried this is an issue similar to smelling burnt toast? Has anyone experienced this too?
390312 tn?1205948249 One can be allergic to the dog dander, dog saliva, or both. Urine is less of a problem since dogs usually potty outside. Pet hair itself is not an allergen, but it can collect dander, dust, and pollen. To test the effect of household pets on your quality of life, remove them from your home for at least two months and clean thoroughly every week. After two months, if you still want pets, bring the pet into the house.
Avatar f tn When you bring the baby home then leave them in the car seat for a few minutes or come in the house holding the baby. Have you and DH/DB sit with the dog and pet them telling them to sit and stay or easy....they catch on quick and seem to be calm. My dogs are hyper all the time so we tell them easy a lot and they calm just give the dog as much love and affection while you are holding the baby and loving the baby and they should adapt well.
Avatar n tn It has been several weeks since the nightmarish day of my life, but yet, I still have tears in my house thinking of her. Tasha was a healthy, naughty, amazingly affectionate dog. She was the only puppy for her mom, and was such a darling. All of us at home doted over her, and she was so used to the affection and doting she knew exactly when you cooed to her, the names you use to call her affectionately. She was absolutely healthy, no problem, and suddenly, one morning, my dad found her dead.
Avatar f tn i had to put my 14 year old dog down back in august due to a massiv stroke she had. the only thing that made me feel okay was knowing she didnt suffer anymore and she had an amazing life. time will heal his wounds.
Avatar n tn First, let me say that I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet, and when it is sudden and unexpected, it is even more difficult because we have had no time to prepare for it. I did not vote in the poll, because in my opinion, there is no black or white in a case like this. Had there been a third choice that said "it depends", then I would have checked that one off.
462827 tn?1333168952 If you’ve fed your dog either chicken jerky treats or sweet potato treats made in China and your pet has fallen ill, I recommend you contact your veterinarian – especially if the symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or are severe. Pet Treats to Steer Clear Of The brands currently implicated in the sweet potato treat problem are: Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs (16 varieties of yam-related treats) Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good Dog Treats (Nestlé Purina) Drs.
Avatar n tn My dog Molson suddenly died 2 days ago, she was a very healthy active dog with no prior symptoms of illness, she was running by the truck like she always does not too close and my mom who was driving at approximatley 10km/hr heard a yelp and looked in the back of the truck and the other dogs where fine so she stopped and Molson was lying on the grass a few feet away on her side mom looked at her and said her face and eyes looked funny and she bit her hand but not like a bit more like a reach out
Avatar n tn I read that pet allergies are caused by the proteins in saliva, dander, and urine of pets. I have had a dog for 7 years and didn't experience any noticeable symptoms. The dog used to even sleep in the same bed as me. Now, I am starting to get a stuffy nose, fatigue, red eyes (not itchy), and concentration problems. I noticed my symptoms get worse when I go to a room where the dog has urinated in. I tried cleaning the urine out of the carpet with vinegar, but it didn't do anything.
Avatar m tn My dog died last Saturday. She was a Golden Retriever and was 13 years old. She wasn't always the healthiest dog due to Bladder issues, severe allergies, severe earaches and arthritis. She was on Rimadyl 75 mg twice a day (She weighs 77 pds) and 2.5 mg of predisone daily for severe itching which would lead to bleeding if she didn't take the pred. One day she was fine and the next day she was almost comatose with a fever of 105.
Avatar n tn 30 in the morning she was perfectly fine the night before and played with the other dogs and us and during the night I heard her making noises & thought she was having a bad dream & when I checked on her she wasn't moving. It seemed she died from a heart attack or Stroke but it just doesn't make sense and now our family and the other dogs are missing her.