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Avatar f tn I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I know they may try to give me an x-ray. I'm 16 weeks now and this is my first pregnancy. I went to the dentist earlier this year and they didn't want to do an x-ray because I was in my 1st trimester. Is it really safe to have one done now?
Avatar m tn Hi, I really need help!! My dog has a bloated stomach, and has been on 1st an antibiotic , then now, a stronger antibiotic plus a low dose steroid. The vet did an X-ray and tried to drain fluid out of the abdomen. There wasn't any fluid to get out(which was good he said) and the X-ray just showed enlarged organs, nothing else. They did a CBC and everything was normal. He (the dog) acts mostly normal, plays, runs, walks ... does both #1 and #2.
Avatar n tn t find anything in the x-ray and they said the dog threw up while getting x-rayed. They suggested surgery for $2000 + hospital fees even thou there was nothing on the x-ray? It sounds weird at the moment because they don't know what's wrong with him yet they want him to go through surgery. Is that out of the ordinary?
Avatar f tn my 8 week old shi zhi that i only had for 2 weeks had dirreah and was vomiting so i took him to the vet they took an x-ray and told me look like he swallowed something they didn't know what but they said they needed to do surgery and fast so they told me the price i couldn't afford it but they said he had to get it to remove what they so called seen in his stomach so they did the surgery but didn't find anything at all in his stomach so now i have a bill and he was cut without a sec
Avatar n tn I have a 11 week old golden retriever. She woke up yesterday, first vomiting her breakfast until all that was gone and then spit/slavia...she wouldn't stop and was gaging more and more. I was worried and took her to the closest vet in town. The Dr. took x-rays and told me that there was obstruction in her stomach and that he could keep taking more x-rays throughout the day to see if it will pass. So I agree and paid him $658.
Avatar m tn My daughters white bull terrier has a very extended stomach, been to vet, had x ray cannot find anything. Blood test shows low white blood cells, protein in water. On anti biotics and today had a b2 injection, this is supposed to give him an appetite, was told possible bile infection, goes back to vet on Tuesday. His appetite has not been good as he usually will eat anything, loves his food.
Avatar f tn t passed in 72 hours, and you have gone through any stool to check, I suggest you go to the Vet and get an x-ray done before there might be major problems.
Avatar n tn I have a daughter who doesn't live with me and she has lice will it show up in an x-ray
424839 tn?1268186246 my latest back x ray for some reason the dr's still want me taqking the pain killers saying that I must still be in alot of pain
Avatar n tn Were the X-Rays read by a radiologist? Reading an X-Ray is very subjective, and X-Rays usually don't show lesions in the trachea, so maybe endoscopy is indicated. Have abdominal X-Rays been performed? If there is a mass in the abdomen that is large enough to push against diaphragm it could cause a breathing obstruction. A large amount of abdominal fat could also do this and even has a medical name called: Pickwickian Syndrome.
Avatar n tn Both of the above listed disease are medical emergencies, can be easily diagnosed by abdominal X-Ray and usually have good outcomes if treated surgically in time.
Avatar m tn Went to vet had blood work and x-rays. Blood work normal no issues with heart or lungs. X-ray showed a white shadow around the stomach but they cannot determine what it is. she gave us two pills one to coat stomach one anti nausea. she would no longer eat chick/rice so tried ground turkey, salmon, egg all of which she ate once but not twice (no vomiting, one very small BM) tried all natural canned food same thing ate it once not twice. Vet is now suggesting ultra sound.
Avatar m tn my dog died rather suddenly after eating an ham bone he there up the next morning and was sick so we took him to the vet. the vet checked his stomach, his stools, his temp., and did an X-ray he decide he was dehydrated and gave him fluids under the skin then gave him an antibiotic by iv.
Avatar f tn s, and now and abdominal x-ray shows her stomach full of poop. Her doctor only sent to her a laxative not even a name or brand and he told me to gave it to her for 4 to six months. It is possible how dangerous is for my poor daugther that poop in her stomach, she has bowel movements every day latlely painful for her. Any advice please??????
Avatar m tn t see blood, I think it irritated him, they gave him an x-ray and medication for his gastritus. Big relief for me... If it happend again, i'd still give him an x-ray. Never know what could be in there.
Avatar f tn Some antibiotics upset the stomach and major digestive tract, hence eating with food helps alleviate such problems (strangely, other antibiotics have to be taken on an empty stomach). As your dog could already have an upset stomach it isn't worth further exaccerbating the problem with antibiotics by mouth.
Avatar n tn I am wondering what to do next, what problems could be associated with these symptoms? Would an x-ray help, and they mentioned something about an auto-immune disease, is that something a dog can overcome? I don't want him to suffer and I really dont want him euthanized.
Avatar f tn but it is possible he had some internal damage as a result of blockage. Was an x-ray done? That might not have shown up certain things, but other items would have shown on an x-ray. Yes of course I suppose it is possible that a medicine given to 'dissolve a possible blockage' could have been very irritating....I don't know and can't really comment as I've never heard of that. I am very sorry for your loss indeed.
Avatar n tn There is often a bit of discharge just prior to giving birth. Ideally, it would be best to have your dog evaluated by a vet, and have an X-Ray or ultrasound performed. The X-Ray would show if the fetus's have calcified and how many there are. The ultrasound can check for position of fetus's, heart beats and size, and location,(i.e.: in the birth canal), Therefore, it is best to have your dog evaluated by a vet for any pregnancy concerns.
1331422 tn?1326566597 They took an X-ray of her lungs when she started having trouble breathing. The X-ray was very cloudy. It was suggested I euthanize her before she suffocates to death. I did. The radiologist read the X-ray the next day and diagnosed lung cancer. A huge primary tumor and smaller tumors. My question is did the anesthetic set this off to growing more and rapidly? My little girl was only 8 years old. Was it there before the surgery?
Avatar m tn Margot49 x 2 here. I too am surprised that an x-ray wasn't recommended. My experience is that an x-ray and blood work (although not cheap) are usually the most economical first steps. With mine, soft scrambled eggs were the last resort food wise. I would then use some milk and water (if they would drink) just to get some type of protein in them. Another option is watery oatmeal with a little milk. But I would only allow just a little bit in case there is some blockage.
382218 tn?1341181487 We did not waste time, and rushed him to the vet on call. As my husband suspected, our boy had torsion of the stomach, confirmed by x-ray. Sadly, we lost him; as I understand it, he died after anesthesia was given, in preparation for surgery. The total time from when he showed signs of illness, to his death, was less than 3 hours. We are heartbroken and are trying to understand what we could have done to prevent this, as we also have a 45 lb, 8 year old female standard (half-sibling).
Avatar m tn If you do, get all the records from your Vet to take with you including all blood test results and x-Ray films. Those are your records. What food are you feeding and how often? You might try getting some Pro Plan food for sensitive stomachs. Transition over a few days mixed with what you feed now. Try feeding 3-4 smaller meals a day and one later in the evening. Call your Vet and ask if you can try the Pepcid and the appropriate dose.