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689528 tn?1364135841 One of my female pointer dogs racked up numerous vet bills where they did skin scrapings, I tried benadryl, vet put her on repeated courses of antibiotics and prednisone and none of these resolved her ongoing skin issues. So I began trying different more expensive dog foods that were limited ingredient diets. When I tried her on California Naturals Lamb and Rice; it finally put a stop to her skin issues. It turned out that she was sensitive to any dog food that contained chicken.
Avatar f tn Hi, sounds like it could be a staph pyoderma infection of the skin. you can google this and also look at the site "" it will show a photo of it. Or just google "photo's of canine staph or skin infections on belly area". I had to take one of my boys to a doggie dermatologist, he has severe allergies and also had some yeast and staph infections on his skin, especially belly/underarm/thigh areas.
Avatar n tn imy dog has a black stomhace ,why is it this i have took her to the vet. the vet said she was the healthies dog he has seen in while,but she didnt have the black tummy.
2129986 tn?1335518060 My dog has a small lesion on his skin on his belly, near where a nipple could be. Brown discharge with no odor, and similar to dirt, comes out when the area is messed with. Could this be an inverted nipple or a botfly larvae?
Avatar m tn I expect that atropine was in fact used and this is either a lesion due to an infection that occurred under the skin from the injection, or knowing how atropine works it is an unusual reaction. On top of drying the mouth, atropine also strengthens the heart, which is the main reason it is used during anesthetics.
Avatar n tn A skin biopsy may be necessary if the diagnosis appears to be elusive however, a baseline culture exam is essential to guide treatment. This may be associated with your dog. You may try staying away from your dog for a week or two just to assess if the flares may be triggered by your dog. If you have some friends who can take your dog in for a few weeks then this may help you determine if your dog may be contributory to this.
463595 tn?1333997222 ( i was in and out of hospital till I end up there withb skin and blood infection caused by bacteria simillar to herpies also what might be imported iss that the spots i touch are geting white when pushed in. if you look at nmy profile there is coup,e more pictures.
Avatar m tn First, your dog looks malnourished.....You need to get him on a high quality dog food! Again, do not buy one from a discount center or grocery store...They are not good enough...Your dog needs proper nutrition to fight off any disease.....Rice & Meat is NOT good enough as it is not a balanced diet and he is lacking in an assortment of vitamins & minerals found in packaged foods..... Next, I see lesions on his back, head, elbows & feet......Has your Vet done a skin scraping?
1450842 tn?1287452262 Hi my dog has ear problem she is on otmax i think it is for fungel infection, not sure. i was wondering if i can catch fungus on my skin from my dog?
Avatar n tn Jaybay is spot on. If they are annoying the dog, they should be removed to prevent infection. Also, if your dog is predisposed to picking at these, you will need to get the fancy "collar" (lampshade) to keep your dog from picking at the spots after they are removed.
Avatar n tn Four days ago we gave our dog a bath with human shampoo. The day after we noticed he had a big fluffy ball of hair under his neck so we cut some of his hair around his neck off with some scissors and though nothing of it. Today, four days later since his bath we noticed a small dime sized red rash around his neck, about half and inch or less in size.
Avatar n tn an urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, or an infection of the skin of the perivulvar area. The infection could be bacterial, yeast, or a combination. Usually urinary tract infections are accompanied by the symptoms of increased frequency of urination, and/or drinking, dribbling, or inappropriate urination. However, occasionally the only symptom is licking the vulvar area.
Avatar n tn My Black Labrador has had some skin problems and hair loss lately. I'll start with a little back story of how this started over the summer. I have two dogs, a black lab and a terrier. They both had a nasty flea problem over the summer that didn't seem to go away, well finally in the fall after flea baths and Front Line, the fleas are gone. The terrier had some raw patches, which cleared up after the fleas were gone and she looks healthy and great. My labrador is still having trouble.
Avatar n tn Mathis, red spots and scabs in dogs are usually due to a bacterial skin infection (less commonly skin mites, fungal infection or autoimmune disease), and oral antibiotics for 3-4 weeks are likely needed. Your veterinarian can do skin scrapings to evaluate for the presence of infection, +/- skin cultures or biopsies if bacteria are not seen, or if the infection does not respond to appropriate antibiotics.
Avatar n tn my dog has been itching a lot for about the last 2 to 3 weeks. her skin is red/rashy looking in some spots but not all over. She does not have fleas. Around her eyes are starting to look like all skin instead of fur there. She has some raw spots on her where she has been scratching. I took her out to the woods and to the park just shortly before she began the itching. She rolled in some poo and I gave her a bath then. I have been soaking her down with baking soda the last 3 days.
290018 tn?1240365868 He is itching all over but the past day now we have discovered patches of thin white or clear and bown sheets of what I am guessing is skin coming off. I am going to add a photo in my pictures of the skin flakes I combed off for yall to look at. He does not have any fleas so I know that isn't the issue. He has made himself bleed in some spots from all the scratching.
Avatar n tn I am now somehow worried that I may have a latent staph infection or something that occurs, or have a skin cancer. Any help?
Avatar m tn I feed him Iams dry dog food. He has metal bowls, he has used the same kind since he was a pup. And we do not treat the lawn at all either.
Avatar n tn Perhaps the diagnosis of an ear infection is more complicated when treating a dog? Do you beleive the gram stain was imperative in treating an ear infection? She also recommended the aspiration of a lump I had noticed. My other dog, a 12 year old German Shepard, recently had surgery for mammary cancer by a different vet who believed that an aspiration biopsy was not accurate in this case.
Avatar f tn t have acid in it if your skin is irritated with the change in weather and having the heat on. Watch the area for skin changes that might suggest basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell. You can google pictures. A scar might be slightly more prone to skin cancers from what my podiatrist told me about protecting my surgical scar from the sun. He said scar tissue was baby skin and needed more protection for a while.
Avatar f tn t share towels but we did sleep in the same bed. She wore long clothes to cover her bumps. No skin to skin contact. Still worried though. There are 4 pin dot sized bumps my right arm. I scratched yesterday and they appeared. They don't itch and are flesh colored. I have pictures. Will have to post when I get home. The bumps are almost in a square, around the same area.
1450842 tn?1287452262 Hi i have a question about my dog, she has infection in her ear, they gave her otmax for her ears and i was wondering if she has fungel. can i get it on my skin?
Avatar m tn My dog seems to be recently to itch alot. I have checked his skin and in some places it seems to be flaky and dry. I heard that it would be good to use "skin so soft" in the bath water or to just spray it on the dog. Is this a good spray to use? Or does anyone know of something else that works really well?
Avatar m tn Hi I have a a 13 year old golden retriever. He has developed this black ring around his eye that is infected. We took him to the vet and they gave us drops and oral anitbiotic and it doesn't seem to be helping. Could this be demodectic mange mites? Or is it just an infection. There also seems to be a small growth in the area. I attached a picture.
Avatar n tn My dog recently developed a skin discoloration- well, more of a fur discoloration. The underskin hasn't seemed to have changed. I have tried cleaning it off with peroxide and nothing seems to change it. His attitude hasn't changed and it doesn't seem to hurt him when I touch or press on it. It was not there one day and then the next it just showed up. I had him at the dog park for a few hours and he was laying in the dirt there- so maybe its just an allergy?
1352892 tn?1338217905 Patchy areas of hairloss and pustules indicate a skin infection. The infection can be due to bacteria, demodex (Mange), or ringworm (fungal skin infection). Pit bulls are prone to allergies to grass, pollen, and even foods, and they commonly develop bacterial skin infections secondary to the underlying allergy.