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Avatar m tn I would call your vet back in the morning and let them know that even though he is eating and drinking he is still very lethargic and not showing any interest in anything. He may want to switch the medication or add something to it, although for him to be on antibiotics and a steroid for only 1.5 days and for him to not show a tremendous improvement is not surprising, since it could take a couple more days for the medicines to make a difference.
808425 tn?1371095928 Hi, my parents own an adult mixed breed dog who at the time is rather lethargic, not eating, but still drinking water. Not sure if anyone has any ideas, but throwing this out for a little help.
Avatar f tn For about a week and a half she was not eating her food and was really lethargic. Last Tuesday I switched her food and started feeding her wet food and chicken. She ate all the wet food and chicken and seemed to enjoy her new food. She also seemed to be back to normal. Unfortunately, she seems to have regressed.
Avatar n tn I have a 13 year old Siberian husky. he was acting very lethargic, panting, not eating. I took him to the vet, and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. was on ivs for three days. his white blood cell count was very high, so he was put on an antibiotic. has been home for 3 days now, still no better, will not eat. will, however, drink plenty of water. no vomiting involved. is this normal? any ideas? I am takinf him back to the vet today, anything I should ask??
Avatar f tn I have a 7 yr old Min Pin who is not eating. Last Wed-Friday he was eating next to nothing, had a fever and was lethargic. He went to the vet Sat and his white blood cell count was almost non-existant. he was put on antibiotics. he was no better so I had him admitted for hospitalization on Mon morning. He was pumped with fluids and antibiotics for two days. Achest x-ray showed a shadow on his bronchial tube that the doctor said might be pneumonia.
Avatar n tn I've been making him chicken boiled and can get him to eat that but he's not too excited about it. I'm sure he's not eating enough to sustain himself and I'm at a total loss. I'm afraid he'll quit eating the chicken too. The vets I have taken him to seem to have no further options for me. Does anyone out there have any ideas, suggestions. . . .anything. He's a black lab. He's gone from about 92 lbs. to 78 lbs in the last month.
Avatar f tn Our dog, Nayana, is a 9 y/o Siberian Husky who is very lethargic, has stopped eating and has lost quite a bit of weight...close to 30 lbs since she was last a the vet this Summer. She has very loose, close to water, stool and is now vomiting. We've taken her to the vet and received no diagnosis. Blood work shows low protein, normal platelet count and high WBC count.
1456473 tn?1365831055 At only seven weeks old, your dog might not live long enough till you can afford a vet, she sounds very sick. Take her now.
Avatar m tn Reglan, Promethazine, Dramamine and many more. If your dog feels nauseous after eating a certain food she will associate that meal with feeling nauseous and will never eat that food again. She could be placed on an appetite stimulant and anti-nausea medication simultaneously. If all else fails a consultation with a holistic veterinarian who is familiar with acupuncture and Chinese and Western herbal medicine may help.
1475974 tn?1306884921 I have a 7 year old Affenpinscher, over the past year have spent over $10,000 trying to find out whats wrong w/her. Lethargic, not eating (except when on Prednisone ? sp) have had every test done all negative, xrays, thyroid, surgical lymph nodes in neck - removed n tested, she's just sickly. She was fine up till last August(09) and she got into some very old fish bait and was very ill--she was treated by VET for that...its seems to be down hill from there.
Avatar n tn This started before we got the puppy as well, we thought perhaps it was lack of exercise so we try and go out every 4 hours if not 2. We've been going to the dog park at least twice a week and also going for a mile walk normally once a day which she will go on but she's dragging behind a little around the end, normally she's leading and excited about walking or jogging.
507241 tn?1225495385 Refused food today and I am very concerned I have read many topics on this but I don't see anything about the dog being so lethargic and not eating. She also refuses to let me open her mouth to give her the pill.
Avatar n tn First of all if you changed his food that could be why the stool and not eating, huskies especial Siberian have sensitive stomach and alot of them are allergies to soy, if you changed his food to quick especial in huskies it can cause pancreatitis this can cause him to growl he could be in pain cause him to be lethargic not want to eat he needs a vet right away it sounds like pancreatitis huskies are pron to that so take him to vet.
555095 tn?1215837771 When a dog stops eating and pooping and becomes lethargic, that means bad news. There is no telling what is going on without a vet exam. If money is an issue, you can always ask your vet about payment plans or if they offer financing like Care Credit. The one thing you cannot do is try to diagnose and treat this problem yourself, or worse, do nothing.
Avatar m tn Well we took my dog to get a check up last Monday which is around the time she stopped eating her dry dog food but was pretty much eating everything else we gave her. As the days went on she ate less and less and would seem very lethargic in the morning and would perk up in the afternoon. Well when we took her to get her check up, her liver numbers were high which didn't seem to concern the doctor since they have been for the past two years and they haven' really gotten any higher.
Avatar m tn My dog is not eating since yesterday ,he is however drinking a lot of water.He is a 3 years old german shepard with megaesophagus since his birth.He is not lethargic but yesterdyhe vomited twice.What can i do?
Avatar n tn And a friend just told me her dog came home lethargic and not eating or drinking after a weekend visit with us (this was several months ago). She didn't connect it with the visit to us aside from thinking maybe my active girl had just been a little much for hers. I've already scoured my yard but will be doing it again today. I've looked at toxic plant lists but Lucy just does not tend to chew on plants, just grass. Still, if anybody has any ideas, I am wide open.
Avatar m tn He is a pretty nervous dog and has a reputation for not eating properly when he is not at his home. However, this usually does not last longer than 3 days. Moreover, he has stayed with me before and ate consistently after 3 days. He has never been very food motivated, although this behaviour is still unusual. He seems to be a little lethargic, although he spares no energy running around when he`s nervous. He does not have difficulty moving, but lies around and sleeps quite frequently.
Avatar n tn They released him for the weekend and gave us prilosec and sucralfate. He has not improved any and continues to vomit and won't eat. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The vet says it is a mystery and we may never find out what is causing it. The different foods we have tried to get him to eat this weekend are Cottage Cheese, Plain Yogurt, Boiled Beef and rice (even tried adding in some tuna), all attempts have failed.