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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with sleep apnea when I was 14. I always thought being dog tired even with using my cpap machine every night was normal. Now I have a two year old and I need to figure this out. I can sleep 12 hours and still feel like I have no energy, everything feels like it's in slow motion for the first four hours IM awake, if someone tries to wake me up I either won't hear them or I hear them but cannot force myself to wake up.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with a form of dysautonomia since 2006, it has now turned into pots. I'm scheduled for a pacemaker right before Thanksgiving. I wear the stockings, eat salt and massive water. I have extreme fatigue regardless of what I anemia...take b12, vit d is ok..but the past 6-8 months I've experienced extreme sleepiness almost to the narcolepsy life which was already fractured due to the other horrible symptoms has pretty much come to a stand still...
Avatar f tn Hello. My 11 year old son was diagnosed at 8 with TS. A couple of months ago, he started to collapse. There would be nothing that would trigger or warn of this collapse. You would just turn around and he would be on the ground. He would often be out for 1 to 4 minutes. When he came to, he would yawn, stretch and immediately go back to whatever he was doing. He is now experiencing 10 to 20 of these episodes a day.
2018891 tn?1329003897 Hi everyone I was diagnosed in 2010 with Narcolepsy & Cataplexy. One thing that I've been wondering, does anyone here get a severe headache after a cataplexic episode/sleep attack? I was in the hospital for a week in october because I kept "passing out" although that's not what I called it. I would feel strange, fall over, and be completely limp for 30ish seconds. Then I would get up and sometimes have trouble walking and a few hours later I would get a MASSIVE headache.
612876 tn?1355514495 a black lab service dog and a papillon/jack russel mix. I have had dysautonomia and have been fully disabled (on SSDI) since Aug 2006. Prior to that, I had a career doing 1 on 1 instruction with children with autism.
1868280 tn?1320165473 Watch this video from CNN...great Christmas present for the grandkids!!
Avatar m tn aaNow to get the dog to go for the cash register...
572651 tn?1530999357 That video was so funny. I came home yesterday from shopping and saw my neighbors dog running around rolling in the snow. I told my neighbor about the video you uploaded on FB and told him he had to go check it out. I doubt I'll forget this one any time soon. Thanks for sharing it.
Avatar f tn If you are comfortable using your computer and the net I can upload this video and you can download it. The video is made for us pet lovers who have just lost a pet or will soon.
Avatar n tn our 11 yr old dog has head seizures (short duration) during certain noises, usually metal sounds. Is this atypical?
Avatar f tn I am diagnosis with narcolepsy and have had symptoms for 5 years now. I have been taking 500 mg. of nuvigil for over 2 years. Plus, 60 mg of adderall a day. My symptoms have slowed down a little, but I have to take 2 naps a day and not drive anywhere. I have sleep studies twice a year and it seems to get worse each time. Its very aggravating to me! It seems like something would help. I see a team of specialists at Vanderbilt, but I need something else, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
Avatar f tn I have Narcolepsy- My vitamin B 12 level is 235- should it be higher for my condition?
Avatar f tn Although the pt has RLS and PLMS, the arousal associated with these do not likely explain EDS- given a short overall sleep and REM latency, consider narcolepsy clinically. I had 156 arousals, 110 spontaneous, the rest due to limb movement. I also spent most of my sleep time in sleep stages 1 and 2, whith REM episodes scattered randomly. I had no time in stage 3, and when I had REM sleep it was from wake to REM with no progression through the other cycles.
Avatar n tn The combination of this study and my first MSLT nap study produced a perfect pattern for diagnosis of Narcolepsy. Has there ever been a study to look at the coorelation between the 2 diseases. Would many CFS sufferers be classified narcoleptic if they took the appropriate test? Narcolepsy leads back to hippothalmus and lack of production of hypocretin/orexin(?). Seems like all things lead to hippothalmus. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I just got back from my Neurologists office and it looks like I have Narcolepsy. I have a host of symptoms that I listed in this thread. I didn't realize at the time but he apparently checked my blood for a Narcolepsy gene in which the result says of the 6 possible genes I am positive for 4 of them?????
Avatar n tn Since childhood I have many symptoms of Narcolepsy and other sleep Disorders. My AVNRT (130 and 180 heart rate, two Re-Entrants) was ablated in 2000. November 9, 2008 my high heart rate of 130 returned at night. The search my cardio had was the Why, and stumbled onto sleep issues and found pulse Oximetry test positive for hypoxia and sleep apnea. As we go down this tributary, I am told they give you a CPAP and do not worry why. Let's see in three months.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if i should be tested for narcolepsy, or if diagnosed with narcolepsy would they prescribe me to something similar to adderrall? if this were the case, being tested would not matter much if they would give me the same medications anyways. I just dont want to be misdiagnosed and on the wrong medication for the rest of my life.
Avatar f tn Surgery is the only way to go. But you shouldn't be afraid of having cataract surgery. It was a totally painless outpatient procedure for me, and my results with aspheric monofocal lenses exceeded my expectations. There's an excellent patient education video at www tecnisiol com. Although the video promotes Tecnis IOLs, you can get the same excellent results with other brands of aspheric monofocal lenses.
Avatar f tn I have an almost 4 year old jack russel schnauzer. She is the center of our world so we are worried about the baby taking that from her. We make sure to have lots of kids and babies around and she suprised us. She loves kids. If you know anyone with small kids or babies try having them over and see how your dog responds. I wouldn't suggest sending your dog away when baby comes home. It will be way to big of a change and it is bound to act out.
535822 tn?1443976780 A new review published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE confirms that Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine produced by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age. Based on their findings, a cohort of scientists has determined that narcolepsy rates increased significantly following mass vaccination campaigns with Pandemrix.
Avatar m tn Yes, narcolepsy can result in disturbed nighttime sleep. Narcolepsy can only be diagnosed with a multiple sleep latency test during the day (usually preceded by an all night sleep study). Dr.