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Avatar n tn my dog has an small abscess on the back of her neck that broke I cleaned it with warm water and peroxide what else can I do to help heal this wound?
Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on the side of her neck...not in the middle--more under her cheek. she is a boston terrier and is overweight and has a couple of soft fatty tumors on her body but this lump on her neck is new. I just noticed it today and its abt the size of a golfball, soft and she doesn't cry when i squeeze it gently. what could this be? It doesn't seem to have a head like an abscess would.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old black lab has a lump on the back of his neck where he received an inoculation as a puppy. The lump developed within days and has never caused any problems. Well.... a few days ago I noticed it appeared to have bled. I thought I'd caught it with his Furminator so cleaned it up and it was 'fine'. Tonight I noticed his hair in that area looked clumped together and I can see where blood has come thru the hair follicle openings. I'm very concerned!
Avatar n tn My 13 y.o doberman, has a growing lump on his neck, his liver enzymes were elevated. Could this be a lipomsw, or lymphoma?
Avatar n tn The vet may just drain it, and apply antiseptic, and probably give you some to keep bathing it with (it will be important to keep the wound open until it is fully drained) Or, like Misfits4Me said, a course of oral antibiotic may be necessary. My dog had an abscess on her back a while ago, and the vet drained it and washed it out with antiseptic, which I then had to do 3 times a day and allow the wound full drainage to stop it filling up again.
1078123 tn?1255914486 I can’t figure this out, is this pinched nerve or spinal abscess cause by bacteria and compresses the nerve? And, if my dog was on antibiotic for 10 days, why didn’t help him? Why his med-back is still swollen? What should I do? I can’t afford $2500 for MR test and etc. Is it a good idea to keep him on steroids the whole time? Please help! I don’t know what to do anymore.
Avatar m tn My dog is a 9 year old half Lab and Half Golden. Three (3) days ago he went from a active never been sick animal to an extremely ill dog. He is running a fever of 40.6 C is very lethargic. Seems to be trembling and will not even look at me when I walk in. A massive cyst has developed on his neck. It is draining but the color is brown and stinks link excrement. Took him to the vet yesterday, they gave him a shot and antibiotic pills but this seems to be getting worse not better.
Avatar f tn Dear Dr. Marie, five days ago, my sweet dog (Maltese - 2,8 years) started to feel sick, he had fever and he was trembling and he refused to eat. We took him to the vet and as we were waiting, we noticed a hard swelling in the left side of the neck (~3,5 cm in diameter), that for sure wasn't there the day before. The vet confirmed that he had fever (39,7C). The vet suspected that it was a trauma and it developed an abscess. They gave him three shots (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory).
Avatar f tn First my dog had some hair loss on her chest and today I notice a cyst on her neck. What could cause this and what should I do?
Avatar n tn We have same problem with our dog. Swollen glad on one side, both lymph nodes on neck swollen, increased thirst, urination, generally less energy. CPC came back normal, teeth are fine, blood work came back fine as well. Vet really doesn't see anything abnormal, but my dog is not himself! The only thing is that they want to test now is his urine that I need to catch him in the morning.
Avatar f tn I have a 3-4 week old puppy that has swelling on her neck and left side of jaw it is hard around the swelling area.she is breathing ok,nursing well and she cries when i touch it...i wanted to know if any one has any ideas to help the swelling go down.if you May know what this could be pls be free to comment...i do not have enough money for the vet right now but im working on it .....i am hoping it's just an ant bite or something but I'm wondering why is it so big..the skin is tight....
Avatar f tn My dog got bit by a pitbull on the neck and i believe it has gotten infected and his throat got really swollen its the size of a baseball i want to get him help but my family does not agree and how much am i looking at paying for him to get help?
459853 tn?1283144114 It is also possible it could be an abscess caused perhaps by some cut or puncture wound. Can you see anything on her skin under the fur? If she is fighting something like that she will not feel 100% My feeling is that you should take her for the vet to look at her, to be on the safe side. Especially as it does seem to be affecting her breathing.
Avatar f tn A few months ago, we found a small, hard lump on the dog's left side of his neck, he was about 9 months old at the time. It didn't seem to bother him and there was no change in his behavior or eating habits. His favorite activity is going to the dog park, where he is the youngest and most active, he loves playing with the other dogs but they all get rather rambunctious playing and "mouthing each other in their play".
480448 tn?1426952138 I know what you mean about the weekends, my girls always need attention on a Saturday or Sunday...I am reading this post at 11 am on Sunday and for my own Peace of Mind, would get my baby in today especially in the case of a severe reaction or abscess...
Avatar m tn My dog had sudden swelling of his neck and lower jaw. He is scratching a lot so we gave him a Benadryl inside a treat. This hasn't helped much, if any and the swelling is not getting better. I don't think he's eaten much and only drank a small amount. We are calling the vet at 7 in the morning when the vet opens and am hoping to get in right away. Does anyone know why this could have happened? We do live out in the country and perhaps it's a bite...
Avatar f tn My 13 year.old beagle was attacked by a dog on the beach while we were out of the country last June 2012. Long story short, the wound (on her neck) wasn't.properly cleaned and being that we were in a third world country, vets weren't incredibly helpful. An abscess formed about a week after,was drained by the vet only to reform a couple weeks later. This continued periodically, the abscess moving around her neck and showing up in different places, at one point on the complete opposite side.
Avatar m tn I am also thinking (after researching a little) that this is either a swollen salivary gland or a lymph node issue (as well as maybe a tooth abscess.) Any ideas or thoughts? Will this go away on its own? I've been giving him antibiotics (had some left over from my other dog just a year ago & they are weight appropriate) & also doing warm compresses. Thanks so much! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1086890'>Swollen Lymph Node in Neck</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi jamesparkercherrie, I think you definitely need to take your little dog to the vet. It may be he has a tooth abscess. Of course, I cannot diagnose him on the internet! Nor can anyone else here. He needs to go to the vet.
Avatar n tn My dog has what seems to be an abscess on his neck. It's underneath on the side. I only noticed when petting him. It doesn't seem to hurt him, he still has his appetite, and is as playful as ever. Do you think this is something I can treat by cleaning with a warm compress and peroxide?
Avatar n tn She had an abscess which needed to be removed on her neck...I researched this and found they are prone to dermoid sinus. Our vet removed the abscess on her neck and said in fact it had been an accumulation of hair/dirt. After surgery she had drains tubes for one day and he removed them. Her neck drained but then started swelling...we drained the fluid with a needled (per vets instructions) and it seemd to heal. Now there is a small mass still there and slight drainage...
Avatar n tn My dog has a bussy sore on the back of his neck which is not getting any better, is there anything I can do? I think this was from a insect bite? was first noticed a week ago as a small lump, it has now spread down the back of his neck.
Avatar f tn Until you get him neutered maybe you can get him used to a harness. You can not use a regular dog leash on a cat, LOL! They will or you will strangle them. The harness distributes the restraint around the entire cat body, no just the neck.....and Yea, good luck with him liking it. First just leave the lease where he can smell it and his scent will be on it. Then put just the harness over hid head and try to fasten it very loose.
Avatar n tn There were thousands of those little water blister type itchy suckers. Literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand. going to make appointment tomorrow and once I find out some information, I'll post what doc says. All I can say is DO NOT SCRATCH ANY ITCH. Try the Bactine and let me know. Good luck all and I'll get back to you soon.
Avatar n tn is your dog current on vaccines? Is the dog that bit your dog current on its vaccines? Many of the viruses these vaccines cover are transmitted by body fluids, which includes saliva. Given your dog has puncture marks, saliva was definately transferred from the other dog to yours.
Avatar m tn He had a surgery to clean the puncture wounds and place a drain for fliuds. the attacked area was th e neck and ear on the right side. The cut made for the procedure is very long, from ear to below his jaw. Upon followup exams he has developed hard skin to the touch and the vet says he may require yet another surgery to remove possibly dead tissue. Is this normal or the result of an inexperienced vet?
1541943 tn?1293125317 An tick borne infection may not show up in the blood for 3 weeks or so, therefore, although you just found a tick on your dog it may not be possible to diagnose a tick borne disease yet. If your dog is improving on the cephalexin than it might be best to keep her on it. Once she has finished with the cephalexin she can be placed on doxycycline. Being on two antibiotics simultaneously may cause gastrointestinal symptoms and may not be recommended.
Avatar f tn And doing that can make the inflammation worse. I have removed my own bee stings, on myself, but wouldn't like to try removing one from a dog, as it can mean a certain amount of 'digging around' which hurts, and has to be done very carefully! I'd let the vet do it. If she has shown no worse reaction, she'll most likely be OK, and won't have an allergy to the sting, but it is possible infection or an abscess could develop, so it would be best to take her to the vet and get her properly checked.
Avatar f tn I just carry on removing them when I see them on her, simply because I am so wary about chemicals on my dog. And I do believe it's possible for the ticks to become resistant to the products.