Does vicodin have morphine in it

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Avatar m tn Even when I shattered my leg skiing and I was in the hospital on a MorphinePatient button drip, it did nothing. Does anyone have this problem of Morphine drugs not having ANY affect on pain for them? I don't even feel the side affects and I am still going through the DT's from the Methadone. At least the Methadone kept my pain at bay so I could function.
Avatar n tn I read alot about Hydrocodone on this message board but not much about morphine. Does anyone know about the addictive nature of MS Contin? I had a lumbar laminectomy (L1-L2) in April of 99. Approximately 3 weeks following the operation I suffered from severe back spasms. I immediately called my neurosurgeon and he told me there was nothing to worry about and that it was just some post operative condition. He did not want to examine me and just perscribed me flexaril and vicodin.
Avatar f tn He is now taking 60 morphine(30mg pills) and 90 vicodin(500mg pills) on a monthly basis. Sometimes he runs out and can't even make it 30 days. His doctor (VA clinic) continues to prescribe both along with sleeping pills and anti-depressants. If you ask me - it's overkill for sure! He is angry all the time and has frequent outbursts of physical anger. He is absolutely miserable to be around.
Avatar n tn However, first I guess I would ask if there is anything that can be done medically, surgically for your pain and is it lifelong? While 10 Vicodin a day does not (on the surface) seem to be an overwhelming amount; I've been on much much more over the years. Two issues I would want to look into if I were you is the first mentioned above by Jaybay - all the tylenol you are putting in your body and of course, the fact that it no longer is working for you.
Avatar n tn Regardless of age, it is up to the person taking it to realize they have a problem. The first and hardest step is admitting it. I would try again to get her Dr aware of what you have found. (Like the extra pills in the hospital). Addiction knows no boundaries. All ages, all walks of life. At her age and problems, there may be nothing the Dr will want to do.
Avatar n tn Can you become addicted to Vicodin in one week? My doctor put me on it for pain. Because I am sensitive to medications I only take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. I take Tylenol inbetween. I had what I might call withdrawl even though I didn't stop taking it. Suffer from depression and would really like to put a stop to the medication if that is what caused it. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest, chest pain, body shaking and scared.
Avatar n tn My wife and my mother-in-law are both addicted to vicodin. They have been for several years. It has only cost my wife four jobs, she has been in three car accidents (all her fault) and she is constantly depressed and miserable. We have two kids in elementary school and I know they are being affected by this. This drug is worse than heroin because it is legal.
Avatar n tn If it hadn't been for the great doctor he had, who gave my sister whatever amounts of morphine he needed whenever he needed it, his last year of life would have been one of unspeakable agony. Thank GOD for morphine. It is a wonder drug, Skorchee, for people with intractable pain. It is shameful that we are all so brainwashed into thinking it is something evil.
340181 tn?1311115381 I think I'm doing much better now. Still a little tuff to sleep but I have not taken in Vicodin in 77 Hours. I think the tapering made it much easier.
Avatar f tn tying to post my story not good with computer lol anyway i tested negative for pain med that should have been in my system i dont get it now my pcp does not believe me sent me a cert letter refusing any more meds suggested i 30 day to find a new doc on mass health new doc with this ya right , pending ssi disability case i think doc sent negative results to them now what ssress has been trigerng my eplipsey anxiety soon to be out of meds i do have thyroid cond could this be why also took antibio
Avatar m tn In your case it appears that the drug may just not be metabolized and utilized as effectively as it does in some ppl. Our systems are all different and what works well for one may not work well for another. The physician that prescribes my pain medication will not prescribe Oxycontin. That is her personal preference and I respect her opinion. Your PMP may have a similar preference. If he will not prescribe you Oxycontin will he try something else besides the morphine?
Avatar n tn I don't know what to do, I feel like I might be becoming an addict, but also part of me feels like I should just be getting my own prescription for vicodin because I have a lot of physical pain and no Dr. seems to take it seriously enough.
Avatar m tn This from when I get up in the morning till I go to bed at night! This four the three week I have been off of 6 vicodin ES 7.5 mg's for 4 years . The first thing is not to listen to those who speak in absolutes because there aren't any! If you have the time and aren't working or have vacation sick time take it because if the W/D'S are what most go through you will be more able to handle it at home.
Avatar f tn I was hopeful to get some advice from those who have 'been there done that' for my own future refference should god forbid I ever need it. In my early 20s after my first c-section it was discovered that I am allergic to morphine atleast as it was delivered by the pump/drip after surgery. I got NO relief from the pain at all and after the nurse turned it up for the third time, my breathing started shutting down leaving me clinging to the edge of the bed desperate to get a deep breath in.
Avatar m tn Your doctor prescribed this hoping that will help with your depression- it does not work in all patients, because not all depression is attributed to low serotonin and serotonin levels vary greatly from person to person.
Avatar n tn A lot from what I hear, doctors take FOREVER to help endo patients or even surgery to see if they can remove it. So in the hospital they gave me morphine and vicodin for the pain. Then the doc gave me a RX for the vicodin. well it was hydrocodone, not sure if that makes a difference. But anyway, I had taken vicodins in the past, starting out for my endo pains (my friends mom has an RX and would just give them away) and then I started taking them when I didn't have pain.
Avatar n tn It isn't entirely the vicodin causing your mood problems. It is the xanex, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, and living in constant pain. Some of it you will just have to resign yourself to. Like living in pain. But love your kids, they are all you have. Sit down and talk with them. Explain what you are going through. You would be amazed at how much they would understand. God Bless and hope you sleep soon.
Avatar n tn This can result in serious or fatal consequences. I have done this before for fun, and it does create and absolutely wonderful high and I won't lie, BUT, I AM EXTREMELY TOLERANT TO OPIOIDS! Fentanyl is approx. 40x more potent than Diamorphine (Heroin), and 80-100x more potent than Morphine (Kadian)! I have sucked on used patches that still contain enough Fentanyl to cause anagesia and euphoria.
Avatar f tn ok so here I am a little under 2 hours later and icaved and took the 1/2 perc i had in my purse. Now I am SO F-N mad at myself, I loved having it there "just in case" but when it wears off in 3-4 hours, I will have no more for "just in case" and i am SUPER scared now that i will have to start Detox all over again tonight - hopefully since its such a small amount it won't be that bad.
Avatar n tn you name it The key here is to understand that your boss isn't going to automatically assume it is a substance abuse problem just because it is EAP...does he know you have one? If not, why should he assume it? If he does, he may be glad you're going to get help...sounds like you're a valued employee. Look, it sounds as if you do pretty well at your job, they value you and have retained you through tough economic times...they have promoted must be doing some good for them right?
Avatar n tn Thankfully there are more than a few people other that you all (now) whom I have been able to confide in regarding my addiction.The problem as I see it is that I have NO interest in quitting! I LOVE Hydrocodone. IT has made me a new person and given me a new lease on life. Its the greatest mood elevator I have EVER found. Thusfar, it has not interfered with my life in any was that has become apparent to me (not including the daily pill counting and agonizing over where I will get my next Rx!).
251667 tn?1189759431 My life is so boring now that I feel vicodin is the only thing I have to have fun. I just work, take vicodin, work out, take vicodin, come home, and take vicodin. Maybe some shopping in there. One of my favorite things in the world is to take vicodin and go shopping. I need some advice on how to help kick this thing at home. With my job there would be no way I could go to a rehab with out everyone in the world finding out and losing my job. I like my job.
1689696 tn?1305822697 Hydrocodone (Vicodin) does come in a 5/325 dose. You may want to request a lower dose of acetaminophen. On January 13th of this year the FDA "is asking" that all medications containing acetaminophen (apap) reduce the amount of that drug to 325mg per table...over the next three years. The recommendation is still not to exceed 4,000mg in a 24 hour period. The real problem comes from ppl who take other medications that contain apap dosage.
Avatar f tn I did sit down with my Dr to tell her about this and we decided to try something else which is working great.I liked the idea too that she is trying me on something that does not have acetaminophen in it. Something you may want to think about and talk to your Dr about. If I'm not mistaken, your current medication does come without acetaminophen in it. You do have some choices here.
1116472 tn?1260078652 Take 10 a day if you have too! If you have access to a hot tub, just grab your pillow and live in it! It's amazing how much better hot water can make you feel. If you get the rls, there is a product called Highlands Restful legs. I have never used it but have heard nothing but great things about it. There's a natural sleep aid called melatonin. You can find it at any pharmacy or wal-mart. You may want to pick up some immodium for the "you know what"!
Avatar n tn Because Gooberman puts so much in each syringe, it lasts 24 hrs from 1 shot. He does it this way because, 1. it is easier; 2. even heavy users get instant relief (because it is so potent; 3. he doesn't think you need to taper it. What I've done is taken the full syringe the 1st 24 hrs; used .8 the second day; .6 the third; .4 the fourth; .2 the fifth. Worked great that way. (I simply used some allergy syringes I had to transfer some buprenorphine). Other people I have recommended to Dr.
Avatar n tn C96 FaraBell (27-Dec-02) . Hello To All- First, I just want to say what a terrific site this is. It really allows people with Vicodin addictions to express themselves and allow others in, whereas in "the real world", that can not easily be done. Others who do not struggle with this just don't understand it. People who have an addiction such as this one NEED to talk about it because nobody really likes who they are while they are doing this.
3524676 tn?1365524476 I have been flipped back and forth between the Morphine and Oxycodone three times in the last couple of months. I have complained that it doesn't last long enough and I am very unhappy with it...but for some reason my neurologist preferred to put me on 30 mg Oxycodone three times daily rather than Morphine 30 mg four times daily. He said he didn't feel comfortable raising me from 90 mg to 120 mg Morphine yet.