Does suboxone give you a buzz

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Avatar f tn Am I a candidate for suboxone if I take ten percocet tens a day and use coricidin on a regular basis?
Avatar f tn In your question it is unclear to me as to whether you are ready to quit taking Suboxone or want advise on how to get you doctor to give you more. Suboxone was approved as a substitution treatment for opioid addiction specifically because the patient was not suppose to develop a tolerance to it and need a higher dose. Obviously, this fails to be the case in many instances.
1224339 tn?1287606736 Yeah i dont think you are supposede to get a buzz, i think you are supposed to function.
Avatar f tn I was sober for 7 years through AA and went back out for 2 weeks shooting dualasid(K4) and stopped after 2 weeks cause I so dust want to live like tht but had a friend give me suboxone in case I had wd. I don't think I would of for only doing it for 2 weeks but was scared. Now I like the suboxone and have taking it for a month, longer that I shot up. I take it about 3-4 times a week about 12mg, really just recreational. Can I cold turkey stop it since its just been a month or should I tapper?
307401 tn?1194835748 Do you carry a ID card identifying you as a suboxone user? On the back it tells the physicians how to treat you for pain management, Mine which I got free from, they will send you a kit which contains the card. It is very important that you carry this card with you in case of such emergency, Or if you should be brought into the ER unconscious, They would no how to treat you should you have the card is an easy accessible place in your wallet like in plain view near your license.
Avatar n tn hey, I hope your feeling better; both of you. I'm tapering off methadone maintance I'm at 49milligrams. I'm going down 2 mill a week. I'm still not sure what to do when I'm done detoxing. My doc at clinic wants me to try suboxone. but with all the horror stories I've heard I don't know. but most of all if I work my a** off tring to get of meth. I don't want to start something eles.
Avatar f tn My advice is be supportive, most of these drugs require you have help thru their therapists and some have you attend support groups as well. It is commonly refered to as a suboxone program protecal. I say yes this is a good thing you will see his life get better as long as he wants it.
480035 tn?1222369764 Incase you didnt hear that, You cant get high on Suboxone. Not to get technical, suboxone is a compound med, besides pain reliever, and a couple other ingrediants, it has a blocker in it to keep you from getting high.
Avatar f tn I agree, Ibuprofen is a bit better than Tylenol. If you take Tylenol too long, like a week straight it can cause a "Tylenol headache" when you stop taking it. it's ok if you just take it occasionally. Many people find Ibuprofen works better, but like everything, too much can cause problems. Stomach bleeding seems to be Ibuprofens abuse indicator.
Avatar f tn What is it exactly? Does it substitue oxycodone by making you free of withdrawal symptoms? Or does it give you some type of high? Does it have side effects that any of you have experienced? I read the site for the med , but it seems too good to be true. I appreciate any feedback you can share-positive or negative . I want to know if it is worth going that route. I really want to get my life back together...thank you guys for all of your help.
717440 tn?1292747342 Get good medical advise and if you have tried everything else Suboxone may work for you... it also can provide you with a bit of "normalcy" to get your life semi-back to normal, no stealing, working, going to aftercare is paramount.. It too tho can also be abused, as most drugs, the primary goal or attempt, is that you really want to quit, and all of the other methods i.e. treatment havent been able to keep you clean, including aftercare.
Avatar f tn yes i do, i am on suboxone and it has saved my life, i have 2 kids and was strung out on pills VERY bad, i went to suboxone and have totally changed my life, you have to really want to be clean or NOTHING you do will help you, it all starts with you, suboxone is a great tool to help you if the want is there, i started out on 3 a day and am now on 1, i will come down a half and then i will only get a 2 mg one and then IM DONE, you dont know how good i feel about myself being clean and able to pas
763205 tn?1234426176 I agree with worried the cravings usually are for that high you would get with taking oxy's or any other full agonist opiate. Although suboxone always did give me a slight buzz of energy, it was never close to the feeling I had with methadone or oxycontin. The one odd thing for me was that I found sub to be more effective when I got down to a lower dose. Not to say that it wasnt working when I was taking 8mgs, but when I got down to 2mgs and under I actually felt it more and felt better.
1109246 tn?1268196401 I cut down for a while after a CT attempt, and got back up. On average up until the suboxone I was taking about 12 per day. 5/500 so about 60mgs. For my last 2 doses tonight I only took 1mg instead of the 4 i am prescribed. I already feel crummy. Think I might have to do a quick wean just so I don't drop too fast and get super sick. Maybe take the 1mg a few days then jump? Lesa I 100% agree. I would have been better just treating my symptoms CT with OTC meds. I have done that before.
1468549 tn?1286754387 I am 11 days off of Suboxone and you think you feel good now just wait til you are off it!!!! It is the best! I jumped off at 2mg and the WD's were NOTHING like I was told they would be. So the difference between Suboxone and Subutex .Suboxone contains a second medication – naloxone – that is added to the formulation to keep people from abusing the medication. Coming from a person who uses the needle I can say from experience that it does NOT send you into WD's if shot up.
Avatar m tn I've come off and gotten back on Suboxone a few times. I definitaly think you should be on at least 4mgs a day. I don't know how many pills you have. I don't know if you should take more before you talk to your doctor, because you don't want to be short a day if he/she won't give you more. However, I would think that if you did go ahead and take more and tell your doctor that it was unbearable for you on such a low dose. I think they'd understand that and up your dose.
Avatar m tn Do me a favor and ask yourself if Suboxone will give you what you want, because you said in your intitial post what you want. "I do want off pills I do want a life without narcotics I do want my life back " Suboxone is a pill, and is a narcotic, and while it will help short term, if you decide to do it long term, ask yourself if you really will have the results you are looking for. Your heart will tell you, and you will do what is best for you.
351846 tn?1273619144 Where I go once you mess up like smoking pot or something they give you a weeks worth and send you on your way.. Whats gonna happen when that day comes?? Does anybody know?? I dont think you can successfully come off it!!!! I have been on it for years!!! What to do??????????
464957 tn?1207010936 I agree with Allaboutmary. If you are getting a buzz you are on to high of a dose. Why are you coming off of it??? Do you mean when it wears off before your next dose? Have you tried to come off of it all together or the other drugs you were on C/T before you tried Suboxone??? From what I have read and researched when on Suboxone it keeps your W/d to a minimum and they tapper you off of it very slowly so that coming off of it is not a really bad experience.
610505 tn?1329607323 well, some addicts tend to exaggerate the amount of pills they were taking. I know I did. Suboxone will give you a bit of euphoria, but has a ceiling effect. Your body will get used to it. DONT take more than you need. Take the smallest dose possible. As for people saying taper from the hydros, well some people have a hard time tapering from their drug of choice. So talk to your doctor and tell him about your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Is there anyway you can space out the rest of your pills so you can make your road trip. Suboxone is like a last resort kinda thing and is a long term commitment. I stopped using vicodin and tramadol 10 days ago and was seriously considering doing the subs. I'm so glad I didn't. It's all a big money scheme. First they get you hooked on pain meds then they get you hooked on meds to stop the cravings. For me it just wasn't worth it.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, never posted here b/fore but it seems like from the posts I've read that at least some of you guys have/are taking Suboxone. I was put on a Suboxone program about 2weeks ago. Everything was going great, no withdraws/ cravings. I was required to go to NA meetings 4 times a week. Ok, I can handle that. The problem was/is that when I went one day, I had another member approach me about buying some OxyContins from him (my DOC).
Avatar f tn You are thinking about it way too much. It's great that you are wanting to quit, but you just need to do it, and not worry about all of these things. I did the same things, until i was forced to quit in the hospital. I would not take Methadone if I were you, it is true that it's as bad if not worse than Oxi's or whatever you are coming off of. Suboxone is a great drug. You do not get "high" it was a "ceiling" effect that will not allow you to mis-use or get "high".
Avatar n tn i think i like it okay but it does give you a feeling,not a high or anything like that but a feeling non the less. i cant explain any more you have to experiance for your self. its not a bad feeling either but not a good one hard to explain.what is the drug you take for i never heard of it. is it a naracotic?
Avatar n tn The bottom line is that PLEASE make sure you have gone as long as possible with no drugs before taking the Suboxone. It is a miracle drug, but if you take it too soon you will regret it. Push yourself until you have to take it or relapse. By that point you should be okay. Let me know how it is going. Good luck!
621290 tn?1226723861 How do I know partner, father of my 3 kids is taking heroin. He has a history witrh lots of others, in recent times tabs. Recently after 5 months abandonent he said to me during an argument about his careless attitude that "You would make anyone want to stick a needle in their are". I thought this was a strange thing to say considering as far as I know this was not his problem area. Why didn't he say I was enough to make him take tabs???
210982 tn?1280987495 My question is this...does Suboxone make you high if you take too many? Can you mix Suboxone with other pain meds and if so what will happen? What happens if you mix Suboxone with alcohol? My friend said that her sister and her mom got into an argument and her sister said, "Fine, me and Haley and Kelsy and Kassidy will just go to bed!" Well Kassidy isn't even on this trip. Then my friend went in to talk to her sister and her sister said Haley is about to go to bed...
Avatar m tn Again b12 helps with mental health. Doesn't give you a small buzz like subs, but you also won't be married to it, like the subs. God, I don't miss taking a fuching pill everyday.