Does soy milk have estrogen in it

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Avatar n tn Hello, Renee. I've been using silk soy milk for about 6 years and now I've read on the internet that it might hinder absorbtion of vitamins and minerals. What do you know about this?
Avatar f tn Thank you in advance....
Avatar f tn Almond milk from Blue Diamond is delicious and priced like soy milk. Almond milk and rice milk still have some soy in the ingredients but not as a main ingredient. To answer your question , anything but water can interfere with stomach absorption of meds. Anything but water is digested, water alone is just absorbed. Traces of sugar, proteins ect are digested. Will you notice depends on how much. Ritual coffee drinkers, will constantly slightly effect absorption.
Avatar n tn I 've been taking HRT for 1 month it is not helping (don't like it)I still 've hot flashes daily. My question is 1) Is it ok to drink Soy milk while being in HRT and Soy milk vs breast cancer. I drink Soy Milk daily and I am consused and worried. 2) Is there any natural estrogen replacement 'cause I don't like the side effects from HRT. After I read the side effects of HRT,I don't feel confertable taking it and I prefer natural. Need help please.
Avatar f tn Label read everything and you will be shocked at how many things have soy in it. Including soy oil, soy lecithin, soybean oil, etc etc etc. They word it every which way, just like they do with MSG.....also inosolate....disodium, etc. Again play on words to hide what is put in. Soy became popular because it was a very CHEAP cheap filler for food companies.....that is how the whole ruckess started.
Avatar m tn I do eat (in moderation) soy products, mostly tempeh (fermented soy), tofu and maybe some soy milk in my coffee. I've heard from several people that I will have to cut out all soy products because it interferes with the medication and is a huge contributing factor to my hypo. Is this true? Should someone suffering from Hashi not consume any soy? Or is it just a matter of only eating it a few hours after you take your synthroid to not interfere with absorption?
Avatar f tn After a median 4 years' follow-up, women in the highest quartile of soy consumption (for example, tofu, soy milk, or fresh soy beans) showed lower hazard ratios for total mortality (0.71) and recurrence (0.68), relative to those in the lowest quartile. The effect was noted in both estrogen-receptor–positive and –negative tumors, and with early- and late-stage cancers.
428506 tn?1296560999 any input on soy appreciated by falldown, Nov 11, 2009 09:14AM For years, nutritionists have touted the health benefits of soy. But now some believe this protein alternative could present a real danger since it is found in a large number of foods we eat Lenore Nolan-Ryan, who owns a catering company in Lauderdale by the Sea and is a personal chef to many clients, loves to cook soy.
Avatar n tn It can cause so many problems, even infertility (as soy milk did in my close friend). If you give it to your kids it has the same effect as birth control pills. Anyway, just my two cents. I know I would touch that stuff for any amount of money again though. Too bad I consumed it for so many years without knowing =(.
Avatar n tn I ditched soy milk last year in favor of almond milk (its great). But even almond milk has some soy lechin (spl) in it. Like I said, just pathetic.
Avatar m tn Soy is low in fat, but it's also a phytoestrogen, meaning it has plant-based estrogenic properties. Doses comparable to those eaten in the Western diet have been shown to promote fat-cell growth. Newbold says parents should be especially wary of feeding soy to babies or children. "Studies have shown that kids on soy formula have a tendency to gain weight," explains Newbold, who notes that soy affects developing children differently than adults.
Avatar f tn I wish you well. I may have to try the soy milk. Right now my gyno gave me Apothecary estrogen/prog lozenges that I just started taking a month ago. Due to my liver stage, I cannot use anything that will absorb too much. I believe we finished tx around the same time. Have you had a recent blood test? I only fit the menopause and liver stage indication. Could always loose 10 lbs!! Its so easy to overthink this and the reality is that we are all going to respond differently. Go figure!
Avatar f tn I just thought it in your best interests to steer you away from using soy milk as an alternative. We all already know who should avoid almond milk substitutes, because most of us are aware of tree nut allergies for certain individuals. But, people usually already know if they need to avoid the almond milk substitutes.
Avatar n tn As many of us know, the decrease in estrogen after menopause is thought to be linked to greater difficulty in clearing the virus. Since soy contains estrogen-like compounds, would taking soy isoflavone supplements help women with HCV maintain their pre-menopause "edge" in keeping the virus at bay, and/or increasing their liklihood of SVR? My Google search has yielded some conflicting information about soy isoflavones.
135456 tn?1301441224 I had a horrible drastic hgb drop because of the riba so I dont think in any way it blocked any of it gettig in to me). Honestly if milk were to block it...I'd be the one and it didn't at all.
Avatar f tn What I have to comment about soymilk is, if you try almond milk, you'll pour the soymilk down the toilet. Most agree after they try it. Some soy mimics estrogen - thus how the the product you take works. That said, it might be easier for men to say no to soy than the women here - there is no benefit for me at all.
Avatar m tn I have Hashimoto and get no bad taste from almond milk. You can have anything for 1/2 hour after thyroid meds. Nothing but water.
Avatar f tn I would really do some research on soy. The reason you may have heard its bad for boys is because it raises estrogen levels and lowers testosterone. But thats not just bad for boys its bad to mess with a girls hormones as well. There are a lot of other issues with soy, but I think you should research it and make that decision yourself. As for cutting out dairy, you may want to try cutting it out, or it may not be the culprit at all. Many babies get gassy, lots of formula fed ones too.
Avatar f tn I hope to see more answers. I was told to avoid soy products, specifically tofu, edemame, soy milk, soy sauce is OK in the small amounts usually used. This was a blow to me because I love tofu and made soy milk chai every morning. The other item I avoid is flax seed because it's high in lignans and the phytoestrogens are there as well. It's great for the heart but now I avoid that as well. I'm on Arimidex as a postmenopausal woman.
1041627 tn?1253115610 I wonder if it is possible to determine what we have in common. We seem to all get a cyst, some of us a second cyst after removal of the first. Are we all eating something that can cause this, or taking some similar medication? I wonder if its possible to pinpoint a common part of our lives, through this forum, that can help us prevent future cysts... I'm from the northeast coast. My diet is non-restrictive. I eat everything, except onions and anchovies.
Avatar m tn After struggling with on and off constipation I had put her on soy milk at the age of 4. Now, about 4 months later since I put her on soy milk I learned of the high estrogen content. I am concerned about this and wish to remove her from soy and try almond milk (she has no tree nut allergies). My concern is almond milk has very little protein. What should I give her to provide her with enough protein that cow's milk has? Do I give her protein pills?
Avatar f tn At first I thought she could be colic, she seems to have some symptoms of it, but she does not carry on with crying for hours..but does cry out in pain and frantically for minutes before she has gas, passes a BM, burps, and she gets hiccups with almost every feeding. I have cut out almost all veggies from my diet and beans. What are some other foods that could be problematic?? I heard citrus fruits as well, and I have all but stopped eating those too.
Avatar m tn Yet, some areas where lower IQs were reported also registered concentrations below current guidelines. In response to the study, some of the affected municipalities have already decided to install special filtration systems.
Avatar m tn ( I said Soy wasn't good for men and woman for a number of years! Only fermented soy is OK! Soy is in everything. I have seen it listed in the ingredients on a box of tea.) Eating too many simple carbs can lead to weight gain, and increased body flab has been shown to raise a man’s estrogen levels and lower testosterone. According to a University of Buffalo study printed in the journal Diabetes Care, 40 percent of obese participants had lower-than-normal testosterone readings.
Avatar n tn Yes it is normal for them to stick their fist in their mouth. Michael does it all the time. He will make his self throw up some times. Now I have a question. Michael has had diarrea since Wednesday night. Well that is getting better now but now he won't take his bottle. I changed his morning diaper at 7:30 this morning and my mom just changed him around 11:00 and it was barley wet.
Avatar n tn It is in vegetable burgers and hot dogs and is a hidden ingredient in many other foods. And don’t forget soy milk. I've seen it even added in tea bags. The soy used in our country, however, is primarily non-fermented soy in the form of soy-protein isolate and soy milk. It is the non-fermented form of soy that is causing so many of the problems with soy foods. The soy industry would have you believe that Asians eat lots of soy.
Avatar f tn I was thinking maybe the estrogen in the soy milk is causing this but I wanted to see if anyone else had an idea of what it could be. She has an appt for Dec 1 and I will ask her pediatrician about it but DHs mother freaked me out yesterday and said "what if it is cancer?" like I dont have enough to worry about. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what it could be.
Avatar n tn I want to do things and go out and have a great time but there are times I have no control over it and I just need my bed and need sleep. I find that this does not get better as I get older but has gotten worse. I do relate and if any of you have any questions please feel free to add your additional comments to this post and I will reply back to you asap.
Avatar n tn I have had it for months on and of. I have a lump constanly in the crease of my finger. If I go climbing or carry shopping bags its really painful. So I try to be careful not to put pressure on it to stop the "pop" which is even more excrutiating. Hope someone out there can help.
Avatar m tn Bill I think this is enough for you to read!! I suggest that you see your MD about your breast you never know Men also get breast cancer. Just play it safe For years, nutritionists have touted the health benefits of soy. But now some believe this protein alternative could present a real danger since it is found in a large number of foods we eat Lenore Nolan-Ryan, who owns a catering company in Lauderdale by the Sea and is a personal chef to many clients, loves to cook soy.