Does shingles rash spread

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Avatar n tn Can my shingles rash spread from contact with my blistered rash to unaffected areas on my body? Or for example if I itch the rash then touch my face, can it spread to my face? Also, if my sheets, or clothing get fluid from the blisters on them can it spread the rash from contact? I want to do as much as possible to not spread the rash to other areas of my body, especially my face.
Avatar n tn A person with shingles can spread the virus when the rash is in the blister-phase. A person is not infectious before blisters appear. Once the rash has developed crusts, the person is no longer contagious. Shingles is less contagious than chickenpox and the risk of a person with shingles spreading the virus is low if the rash is covered. If you have shingles Keep the rash covered. Do not touch or scratch the rash.
Avatar f tn This morning when I woke up I noticed that the rash had gotten extremely painful and had spread across the top and outerside of my thigh. I went to the doctor this afternoon and was diagnosed with shingles. He wrote me a prescription for Valtrex and told me it was a good thing I came in because we were able to catch it early. Much to my dismay I just noticed a small patch on the left side of my lower back. Is the rash just going to continue to keep spreading?
Avatar f tn The answer to your question about vitamin D, before discovering shingles is Yes. I also have the same rash as chipdee. Can you tell me more?
Avatar f tn It does look like a shingles rash my husband had. Definitely take her in as it can get very painful. Many years ago before there were treatments available, my grandfather couldn't work for a year because of a bad case of shingles. Another great reason to give kids a Chicken Pox vaccine!
Avatar n tn m wearing a TURTLENECK! I feel like such a freak. Does anyone know if the virus can spread to other parts of the body like that?
Avatar n tn Just before Thanksgiving his rheumatologist took a quick look and said it was shingles because of the pattern of the rash, and gave him Valtrex. The rash has not gone away, but has spread. It still does not hurt, so he thinks it is not shingles but has not gone to a dermatologist. ( finally agreed to try to make an appointment, but now can’t get one till after Christmas.
Avatar n tn I went to an urgent care clinic and they diagnosed it a shingles based on that it was only on the left side of my body and the rash was very extensive. They did no culture the lesions. I really do not have any risk for HSV. I have been with the same women for the last 6 years and the only concern we had was HPV. She had it when we first met and I may have had a wart frozen off a few months ago with no return. Is it possible the diagnosis was incorrect?
Avatar f tn a shingles rash will not spread after the initial ob and it stays on one dermatone. it's unfortunate that they didn't culture your shingles rash too to confirm that indeed it is shingles. I assume it was your hsv2 genital infection that was diagnosed with the cultures and blood work? how are you treating everything at this point? you need to see your provider and get a much better work up done.
Avatar n tn I went to an Urgent Care Clinic and he diagnosed it as Herpes Zoster and prescribed Valtrex 1g 3 times a day. Over the next few days the rash spread down to my mid thigh and on to the top of my penis shaft. The rash has remained only on the left side of my body. Since the rash spread onto my penis I have become very worried about it being actual Genital Herpes.
Avatar n tn I recently went to a doctor with a rash on my hip, pelvis, and back, all on my right side. Right when she looked at it, she told me that it was clearly shingles, but she took a swab of it and sent it into the lab (for a viral culture, I think?) to make sure. I received a call from the doctor four days later saying that my rash was from HSV-2, genital herpes. This is extremely bizarre to me because I've never had sexual contact with anyone.
Avatar m tn i walk a lot and the rash itches so bad. also on one arm it seems to be a spot like i had with shingles. My question is does shingles show up in groin area? I takw a lot of vit c and d can a over dose of vitamins bring on a rash?
Avatar n tn It followed my nerve track around my chest and to my back. I have however heard of shingles in the central nervous system that are wide spread. Mine were tiny little clusters of blisters that itched and stung. There are anit-viral meds that can be prescribed for this. She should see a doctor.
Avatar f tn In shingles, is there always a rash? And are there very mild rashes sometimes, but considerable pain? I have been having pain, sharp and stabbing sometimes, but skin that feels like it is burned. I have a few small blisters on my back under the shoulder blade, then one under my right breast, and one on my nipple. They have been there for about a week, and are itchy, sore and red at times. But I am having pain that comes and goes in the band between the back and around to the breast.
Avatar m tn Hello, The area of the body and the distribution of the bumps in a particular dermatome are quite suggestive of shingles. The virus may spread from one or more ganglia along nerves of an affected segment and infect the corresponding dermatome. I suggest you to get it seen from a dermatologist. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn fever, abdominal pain or loss of appetite, mild headache, body malaise or headache. The rash usually found in the face, scalp, chest and back and can also spread the entire body. Are there other signs or symptoms present? Viral exanthems may also present with rash and needs to be ruled out. It is important to avoid scratching the lesions and to keep the area clean and dry. Drinking plenty of fluids and resting may help.
Avatar f tn No; her doctors office just lost their dermatologist and it’s a small town so it might take a while to get someone to see her. It does not ooze but it is just very itchy she says.
Avatar f tn I formed a small rash last week, that is painful when touched. It has not spread or gotten any bigger in size. It tends to itch and is very painful when I gently touch the rash. They are located underneath my right breast, but down a little lower. Their are 6 small red dots with a tiny pin-sized black dot in the center of each one. I ruled out shingles when talking to a few different people. What could this be?
Avatar f tn Hi, i dont know much about shingles except that my neighbor had it for months and nothing they did worked. Is it painful at all? I would call the Dr right away..of course it is the weekend.. I am going to read up on shingles..
Avatar f tn You're confusing different viruses. Shingles is a skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. This virus is called the Varicella zoster virus (VZV) - also referred to as herpes zoster, and is in the herpes family of viruses. So it's the reactivation of the chickenpox virus that causes shingles. You can't catch shingles from someone else who has shingles.
Avatar f tn How were you diagnosed as having shingles? Be seen for a proper exam and insist on a swab/culture to determine what it is; shingles won't just spread all over the body.