Does shingles rash spread

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Avatar f tn Had rash no blisters, rash was almost gone then came back itching so bad with the pain. My question does the rash always blister and crust over. Thought I was about over it then the ras was spread all on my left side again...
Avatar n tn Typically how long does shingles spread? Is it too late for anti-virals? Is there any problem with using anti-itch lotions? Calomine, Aveeno, Oatmeal baths?
Avatar n tn i have had a pain on my side for over a month no rash doctor says shingles it goes from my mid back around to the front below my rib cage now it has spread straight across my back and around the other side. i took anti viral medicine as soon as i stopped pain was right back it never really left.helps with pain killers codeine and topical patch helps a little very bad pain sometimes also feels like its a hollo feeling numbness. will this ever go away?does anyone have any suggestions..
Avatar n tn I went to an urgent care clinic and they diagnosed it a shingles based on that it was only on the left side of my body and the rash was very extensive. They did no culture the lesions. I really do not have any risk for HSV. I have been with the same women for the last 6 years and the only concern we had was HPV. She had it when we first met and I may have had a wart frozen off a few months ago with no return. Is it possible the diagnosis was incorrect?
Avatar n tn I went to an Urgent Care Clinic and he diagnosed it as Herpes Zoster and prescribed Valtrex 1g 3 times a day. Over the next few days the rash spread down to my mid thigh and on to the top of my penis shaft. The rash has remained only on the left side of my body. Since the rash spread onto my penis I have become very worried about it being actual Genital Herpes.
Avatar n tn Yes, it's the common herpes mediciation but what most people don't know is that chicken pox and shingles and a form of herpes. Don't worry though it's not an STD. You can get shingles from being in contact with someone with the chicken pox, or in my case a tramatic experience followed by extreme stress. I wouldn't take ssomething that wasn't prescribed. I would ask the doc about valtrex asap! Don't scratch and no hot baths or shower, it will spread.
Avatar m tn The bumps aren't really clustered together nor are they in a row, they are spread out within the area of the rash about 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch apart. The area was itchy and somewhat painful if rubbing up against my pants. Currently, it looks like only one of the bumps has a barely noticeable blister head - its very hard to see this- the others are just red.
Avatar m tn Today (Wednesday) it's still worse... how long can I expect the rash to continue to grow? Since the rash is still growing, does this mean the Acyclovir isn't working? Is there anything I can do other than keep the rash clean and covered with a cotton undershirt? I'm staying home from work to avoid exposing other and rest up, but I can't stay home from work forever. Aside from Acyclovir, I'm taking vitamin c, trying to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids.
Avatar m tn He asked if I had a rash and I told him no. He prescribed medicine for shingles and said that shingles does not always have a rash. Do you agree with this diagnosis?
Avatar f tn In shingles, is there always a rash? And are there very mild rashes sometimes, but considerable pain? I have been having pain, sharp and stabbing sometimes, but skin that feels like it is burned. I have a few small blisters on my back under the shoulder blade, then one under my right breast, and one on my nipple. They have been there for about a week, and are itchy, sore and red at times. But I am having pain that comes and goes in the band between the back and around to the breast.
Avatar n tn My daughter had shingles with a rash at age 10. Now she is 17 and she came to me today complaining about her back hurting. After questioning her, I beleive it's back with no rash right now. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning to see what he thinks.
Avatar f tn It does look like a shingles rash my husband had. Definitely take her in as it can get very painful. Many years ago before there were treatments available, my grandfather couldn't work for a year because of a bad case of shingles. Another great reason to give kids a Chicken Pox vaccine!
Avatar m tn I am a 30 year old male and roughly 2 years ago was diagnosed and treated for a spot on my inner thigh as being a sore caused by shingles. The rash did not spread and soon disappeared although I have felt an "odd" feeling of numbness in that area ever since. Roughly a month ago, the same area began to feel increasingly more uncomfortable and soon appeared much redder and began to itch and hurt again.
Avatar n tn My brother has a very red, burning, itchy rash on his chest, and has spread to the neck, sholder, and upper back. He completed several chemo-therapy treatments, 6 months ago. He says it is very painful also, and at times has what he calls "cramps" around the left and right chest(not at the same time). He sometimes runs a fever, but it has not been measured, to know how high it is at those times. It does not have "blisters.
Avatar f tn Hi, firstly I've had both chicken pox and shingles and know its rare to get it a third time but following months of hellish symptoms and little clear test results I turned to a friend of the family who's a retired Dr & he seems to think it could be another flare up or post shingles complications. I've been describing my severe burning, knoring, pain & itching as like when I had shingles 6 yes ago only now its much deeper & has spread in bands to other areas folloeing nerve paths.
Avatar f tn Already in hospital for transfusion due to anemia this time also. I have not been itching this rash. I hope I don't have shingles because they may pull my off the tx and I want to be rid of this awful disease.
Avatar n tn I have ended my relationship and I am trying very hard to manage my OCD and anxiety until I can get the blood test at the 3 month mark. I have a followup question able my case of shingles. The rash began to appear on October 29, 3013 and the last time I had intercourse was around September 7th with that partner. On September 23, 2013 I engaged in mutual masturbation and his penis may have slightly touched me. I went to the gyno on October 29th with bumps on the right side of my vulva.
Avatar n tn I can't see my dermatologist for another 4 weeks. About 4 days after noticing the rash, it has started to spread. Every day I have a couple more bumps on various parts of my body - 5 at the hollow of my throat, 3 on the back of my lower neck, two on one breast, two below the other breast, 3 on my belly, two by my right elbow, one on the right side of my neck, one on the back of my right arm.
Avatar m tn Does touching the blister and then touching your face spread the rash? # 2 Does touching the blister and then touching anything else contaminate the object - (glass - plate ect.) so that someone could get chickpox.?
Avatar m tn Its i guess on the band but the bumps arent red or blistering and dont hurt, well not to the extent i've heard shingles does. I went to see a doc today and he thinks it could be a contact dermatitis but told me to comeback if the bumps spread to the sides of my body. The bumps itch at times and sometimes feel burny but i've heard that the same can happen from a contact. LIke i said its been like a week and the rash has not spread. I also had a mild upset stomach but its getting better.
152264 tn?1280358257 Over the three weeks, the rash has slowly spread upward and downward (still just on the right side of my spine). Now I'd guess the rash is about 5 x 5 inches. Does shingles do this--spread vertically?
Avatar n tn The middle of each bump had a tiny bit of puss in it. This morning I noticed that the rash surrounding the bumps had spread so I saw a doctor who diagnosed me with shingles. Now, I have had my fair share of bug bites; I am incredibly prone to them. My skin is very sensitive to bites and I know how my body reacts when I am bitten. The bites always turn red and always develop puss in the centers.
Avatar f tn She had fooled around with a guy only two weeks or less before the shoulder rash appears but says she does not believe he had any cold sore and she did not have sex. My question is is it possible that this rash,which is clearly herpetic, possibly HSV 1 reactivated or a new infection (if she is wrong about having it as a child)? Or does the placement (front side of body, rt shoulder and neck) sound more in line with shingles?
Avatar f tn On the same day I developed a red rash on my side and at the corner of.eye. My doctors office was closed due to the holiday, so I couldn't see him til today 3/29. I learned I have a severe case of shingles and have started treatment. A MRI is being scheduled to see if the cancer has spread. I am concerned about treatment. Has anyone had this happen and do you know if I can start treatment for the breast cancer? I'm scared this will postpone e everything. Any info. would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi, My sister a few weeks back got a horrible rash on her shoulder blistered and and looked like 8 dots clustered together plus two on her neck a few inches away. After seeing an initial general doc she went to a derm doc that said it looked like shingles and gave her antiviral which she took only for one day because of headaches. It didn't stretch beyond that area but was severely itchy and she said a little painful.
187666 tn?1331176945 Sent an email to my doctor (we're allowed to do that) as an FYI that my shingles looking rash is back. Just wanted it noted in my file. She insisted I come in. Odds of shingles second time round is about 2% she said. Plus it's on the opposite side. Shoot. Now I'm on acyclovir and have an dermatology appt. Not sure how long it takes for the med to help but nothing yet (48 hours). I should have ignored it like I planned. I'm confident it will go away.
1218873 tn?1300094816 The rash has spread but stil confined to trunk and neck but does not look any more angry than it did 3 days ago. He does not have an elevated temperature. Athletic's? well yes, he is training to be a ballet dancer. Living arrangements- there are 190 students at the school around 160 live on campus in twin study bedrooms DS is in his final year so lives off site but because of the career path these students wish to follow they work from 8:30am to 7pm each day there is one canteen shared by all.
Avatar m tn Friday, May 20th. I had a small bump on my thigh 4 inches down from my groin which broke easily with clear liquid. Later in the day, I discovered another blister in my upper pubic region and a larger one on my scrotum. Each burst easily and immediately. They were not tiny and they were not in clusters. Several have come and gone since in the crack of my thigh. The whole area has produced maybe twenty distinct blisters which turn red upon bursting and then start to heal over.
Avatar f tn Hello, Shingles does not recur. It can be due to perifolliculitis. It is characterized by small, very itchy pustules within the scalp, often most troublesome on the frontal hairline. The scalp should be washed with a mild normal shampoo as often as desired. Antidandruff shampoos containing antifungal agents such as ketoconazole or ciclopirox are sometimes helpful. Apart from that you need topical and oral antibiotics, antihistamines, oral steroids and topical tretinoin.