Does percocet have codeine in it

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1038815 tn?1253272157 How long does it take to get Codeine out of your system if you go cold turkey?
Avatar f tn i went to a treatment center for almost one month and never touched another pill that i thought i could become addicted to - almost 8 years later, this past December, I fell and broke my hand and was prescribed Percocet by the ER doctor for the pain. I knew I should have refused it, I had never had this medication before, but was well aware of the addiction level of it. I took the prescription, filled the 30 tablets, and within about 4 days, had consumed all of them.
Avatar n tn You're probably suffering more from mental and emotional withdrawel than physical but that doesn't lessen the problem, does it? I'm searching myself for a detox centre in my area but we have very limited resourses. Have you tried cutting the amount you use down on a daily basis and keeping a record? This is the route I'm taking. I've cut all the pills in half. I use them for headache also but would rather put up with the pain than the 'panic' I feel when I'm out.
Avatar m tn I hear that tapering off is the best way, but as a former addict to coke i see it as i could never just do alittle coke so I don't see how I could do alittle oxy, but thats just me and i'm gonna do it cold turkey. I have previously tried a taper and was unsuccessful in it only because my underlying pain issues were so bad that i couldn't tolerate both the pain of withdrawal combined with the pain that the meds were treating.
Avatar f tn The only advice I can give about the clonidine is to only take it as prescribed, I work in the ER and I have seen many people come in from detoxing with clonidine and their blood pressure plummets!!! So please be careful! Good luck and hopefully the light is @ the end of the tunnel for both of us!!
Avatar n tn You definately do not want to quit cold turkey if you taking that much because your body can go into shock. As far as oxycontin, I have never taken it but I know it is worse than percocet withdrawls. Perc is a good drug for pain but you pay for it when you stop taking it unless you have something to help you with the withdrawls. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn you'll probably have all those symptoms for a while and then slowly they will dissipate a little bit. It may take a while to feel better (everyone is different) so don't panic if your symptoms still linger for a few weeks or so. Take immodium for stomach and sudefed (or any of that stuff) for sneezing. Look up the Thomas Recipe on this site; it tells you all the stuff you should take day by day. You will have to deal w/ some emotional disturbance also.
Avatar n tn My father gave me this Canadian tylenol with caffeine and codeine in it. I have been taking it for months at about 12 to 16 a day as that's what he said to do. I took my last four this morning. I am really frightened that I'm going have bad withdrawals from it. What can I do? Please help!
210982 tn?1280987495 When I take the percocet, it releives all my pain and allows my body to relax, but when I take the morphine it feels like it does nothing. I still have pain, stiffness, etc. I thought morphine was stronger than percocet, so why doesn't it work?
Avatar f tn I took it when I was in the hospital with a kidney infection... stayed in l&d unit at hospital and thats what they gave me for pain.
Avatar f tn Both my OB and Pain management are aware of me on percocet and I have been very open about it. I am so upset and so depressed about what I am doing to our innocent baby. Please anyone who has any advice, experience, stories, results, I would like to hear it all. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I just graduated and out patient program that I was in for almost a year and it saved my life. I have been clean for year in April. You need the support you cant do it on your own. Good luck you can do it your awsomw.
Avatar f tn Its one to two weeks of nonsense before things change for the better with some residue insomnia and restlessness. It does pass..It isn't like months worth of the extremes..One week extremes, then daily improvement little by little..Seizures are rare, the anxiety is normal when getting away from the opiates. The klonipine or anything in the xanax category is different. That stuff people warn about seizures and advise tapering...Your doctor really could help you with this though..
Avatar n tn tell other family members? does she have the support there? is she aware of her problem and wants to stop? it also seems she has some other issues as well. get a counseler, or phycologist someone she can talk to and get professional help. I hope this helps and I'm sure more people that maybe fermilliar with these situations will chime in.
Avatar n tn I am not sure about the adverse effects of codeine. I saw it was category B in the US and C in Australia. I, myself, would try not to take anything in the first trimester as that is the most critical time in development but I also do not have arthritis or anything like that. If your OB said it was OK then you should probably trust her/his opinion or call your pharmacist and ask them.
12953 tn?1270757997 I have three herinated disc in my back from a severe car accident 2 are almost degr=enerated the operation is to risky in the area . It;s in my middle back I have seen 4 to 5 specialist and they do not want to touch me with a 10 foot pole without my signing a long waiver saying I understand the risk od paraylisis and death in surgery . SO thi leaves me with one relief that is meds . I have refused to increase my dose or change my meds they work for the pain but not as well but .
Avatar f tn Go into telling yourself that failing is not an option. You have it in you to get and stay clean. It isn't easy but is possible. Be sure to stick around here for support. Post as often as needed even if you just want to vent. It's a great way to keep your mind distracted. Go through and read the success stories. It will help with motivation. Don't just read the posts on codeine. Read all of them. There really is much of a difference between codeine or percocet, vicodin, oxy, etc.
Avatar n tn I wish you all well with your codeine withdrawl. I know that prescription drug withdrawl is hell in general. I have a question. I was searching the web for Tylenol withdrawl.I have been taking regular Tylenol for a long time now, and became concerned after talking to a friend of mine regarding my long term usage. Does stopping regular Tylenol, without codeine have any withdrawl ?? I would be happy to receive a reply !!I am taking 500mgs. now..maybe 3 times per day . Thanks.
Avatar n tn Yesterday with the immense heat (on the east coast), his body temp rose and he started feeling nauseated from the fentanyl patch - so he took it off (he works in unfinished homes - therefore, no air conditioning... it gets HOT!). He took 2 Tylenol4 w/codeine this am and is starting to have the onset of pain again. We'll have to see about other forms of help (for his addiction) to work with the ortho.
Avatar f tn My drug of choice now is a non prescription tylenol/codeine/methocarbamol mixture (Robaxacet 8) it is available in Canada if u ask at the pharmacy without a RX....lucky us.
Avatar n tn You don't want to come back here in a year with a 20 pill a day habit and in the shape that most of us have been in. MrM hit it on the head and his advice along with Percs and Hippy should be taken very seriously. Drug addiction is not a pretty site my friend at all. You are at such a low dose now that just giving them up will be a breeze. A little flu like **** for a couple of days and you will have your life back.
Avatar m tn The pain lasted about an hour and then disappeared completely. I put it down to the Codeine. I have never had any issues with Codeine based drugs in the past but will be vigilant in avoiding them in the past.
Avatar n tn And I know It's me. I have a plan....I just have to do it. I hope your doing well...
Avatar f tn When my sister was pregnant she was in so much pain fro migraines and vomiting that her doctor put her in the hospital and gave her morphine. It does happen. I can't believe the first doctor was so rude to you. You were reaching out for help and he just dumped you, what a jerk. If you had an old prescription of percocet it is obvious you are not addicted.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your response and the tip about it not lasting...I was wondering about that. I have never taken the percocet at night because I can't sleep...I have to take my last one around 8 if I want to go to bed by midnight. They keep me up. I'm hoping these morphine ER tabs don't make me too drowsey, if so I will need to go back to the Vicodin or Percocet. One more quick question, my Dr. says a 10 mg perc is the same as a 10 mg vicodin but the percs seem stronger to me.
Avatar f tn If you're going to do it, get rid of any pills in your house that contain any opiates such as codeine, tramadol etc You're going to feel as if you have the flu so treat it in the same way. You'll have some aches and pains so get some plain paracetamol and ibuprofen to take as needed. Get some travel sickness tablets to combat nausea, but only take them if your nauseated (if you take too many they'll make you twitch!). Get some imodium for diarrhoea too.
566544 tn?1219441277 Which I know it's so hard.. I'm in agony right now.. But staying active will help push it out faster. I have been addicted to snorting pills & heroin for 7yrs now... Keep telling yourself.. U can get through this.. And how much longer do u really wanna prolong ur pain... Or wait for a Normal/better life... Think of why your trying to get sober.. Kids... Family... Most importantly.. Yourself..
Avatar n tn I hear such persistance coming from you, and really admire the way you have of continuing to seek whatever it takes and apparently not beating yourself when you relapse. Keep going for it Chad. I have no meth experience, but it does seem to me that if you keep relapsing, meth may be the right choice for you. I think the hardest part of getting clean is these first few weeks when the emotions are just like a roller coaster..all over the damn place. I know mine sure were.
Avatar n tn I was taking anywhere from 20-25-30 5mg or 10mg vicodin, percocet, oxcontin 40's, for two years now. I had to stop. It is completely mental. You have to have the mentallity to want to stop. I was scared of the withdrawals which is why i never stopped before. Today is seven days. I feel amazing, happy feelings are coming back, and i can eat again. Sleeping is better, not great though. And withdrawals are awful. But dont be scared.