Does losing weight lower blood pressure

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Avatar f tn It's normal to have lower blood pressure during pregnancy. your body has doubled the amount of blood now. It's better for it to be low than high. Mine has always been low but my doctor isn't concerned because I don't have fainting episodes. If you have blurry vision or faint, then it needs to be addressed with your doctor. As far as weight gain/lose, everybody is different. Some people lose weight all the way through and they'll give birth to a 9lb baby.
225237 tn?1333138999 In 2005 i was dianoised with high blood pressure, which in return made me have horrible anxiety. Well in 2006 i found out i was pregnant and my high blood pressure went away...totally normal. Now a few months ago I go to doc and he puts me back on blod pressure meds, which in return my anxiety has came back. I currently take 5 mg. of lisinopril. I have lost 17 pounds and st5ill working on getting some weight off. So I guess my questions are: Can my anxiety cause my BP too flucuate?
Avatar f tn Well about 2 years ago I started watching what I was eating & cut out all junk. I lost 50 lbs in 1 year. Since October when my FM came back to haunt me I have gained that 50 lbs back. I am a stress eater. And you hit them both on the head I am also a smoker. I have cut back about 1/2 of what I use to smoke since my doc put me off of work. My mother in law is visiting right now & she smokes like a chimney, I will give it a whirl at quitting when she leaves at the end of the month.
Avatar m tn ve since lost that weight. Years ago I lost 60 lbs, but my blood pressure never normalized. I kept the weight off for five years, so in my particular case weight doesn't seem to be a factor. And when I went through ribaviram and alpha interferon, ten years ago, I was a null responder and had no change in blood pressure. So my current circumstances lead me to wonder if curing HepC helps lower blood pressure.
Avatar f tn You know the best thing to lower blood pressure? Almost like medicine? If your doctor okays it, it's exercise. It literally works so great for lowing blood pressure. Here is an article on things that might help lower blood pressure as well. I've also heard of beets helping, garlic tabs and tummeric. Losing weight is very beneficial as well if you need to.
1419848 tn?1283643589 you should do some research on what kinds of food can lower blood pressure and raise it also. you may be able to change your diet and lower your blood pressure. the best and healthiest way to lose weight is to watch your fat calories and carbs, your workout should include some weight training and cardio (my husband is a personal trainer) also drinking lemon in your water helps raise metabolism.
Avatar f tn Had my blood pressure checked Monday, and it was even lower than it was a few weeks ago. Then 98/60, now 94/64. I wonder how likely this is to be from a thyroid problem? I don't get dizzy or faint, just fatigue, sleepy, lack concentration, lack motivation.
Avatar m tn my blood pressure runs lower than that of yours at 97/62 and trust me i am relieved that it runs that low because it is not easing me into a world of hurt as high blood pressure does.....athletes tend to have a lower b/p then others altho i do not know if you fit that catagory...unless you are experiencing dizziness or other symptoms that your doc has told you to look out for i seriously would not be too concerned......good luck with this.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am looking for ways to lower my blood pressure. I'm 58, and had a heart attack due to blockage in 2003. I have 2 arterial stents in the same spot (2003 and again in 2014) and 2 weeks ago I admitted myself to the ER with arm and chest pain. They did a cardiac cath and didn't find any blockage over 50%. I was released later that evening with an appointment to see my cardiologist. My Ejection Fraction is at 52% due to damage to my heart in 2003. I am taking: 6.
Avatar m tn What else can he/we do to lower his blood sugar??? Diets play a big part to cause or reverse diseases, yet it does not seem to work for him?
646318 tn?1261181494 Does Hep C mess with some peoples Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar?? I'm 27 years old.. Have Geno 1a.. For some reason my blood pressure is pretty high and i dont eat that much salt.. Has anyone notice their Blood pressure and Sugar fluctuate.. Everytime i go to the Doc my blood pressure is high.. Tonight i went to a local store to check it on one of those blood pressure testers and it was 166 over 108 heart rate 74.. What do you guys think i should do??
Avatar f tn t have hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, etc, as these can all make losing weight more difficult, as well as causing aches/pains by themselves. I totally agree that you need to opt for low impact exercise, such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga, etc. Once you start losing some weight, you should see some of the pains diminish.
Avatar f tn I was recently told I have PCOS and diabeties my husband and I really want a baby but the doc wants me to get my weight down and my a1c lower I was wondering how other people out there have lowered their a1c and lost weight
5553641 tn?1369840147 If you are overweight, losing weight is WITHOUT DOUBT the most effective way to lower blood pressure. Blood pressure can drop 1 mmHg for each pound of excess weight you lose. Aerobic exercise is also important, exercising 3-4 times/week will usually lower blood pressure approx. 10 mmHg. Some people are experiencing high blood pressure in response to excess salt intake or caffeine, while others don't.
Avatar m tn Beets contains nitrates, which open up blood vessels and therefore lower blood pressure (similar to being given a nitroglycerin tab under the tongue if you are having chest pains thought to be related to a heart attack.) Please know, however, that all supplements such as beetroot capsules, are NOT studied by the FDA and should not be substituted for actual medicine. What does your doctor say about your blood pressure?
Avatar m tn because it often goes unrecognized and without symptoms while it slowly does damage to your blood vessels. The key is finding medications that decrease your blood pressure with few symptoms. A good internist should be able to help. Ask for generic medications --- they work just as well.
Avatar f tn Hypothyroid can cause low blood pressure among other things. Weight loss could cause your pressure to lower. Get yourself a home monitoring pressure device and take it daily in the morning and evening and adjust your diet accordingly. It sure has helped me.
Avatar n tn I'm a 38 year old female and have always had blood pressure of 117/74 or lower. The odd time it would be 120/80 but this was rare. For the last 4 days i've checked my pressure and it has been on average 129/76 (i check it very regularly at the drug store). I've very concerned that it is this high so quickly. I've always battled my weight and am currently on the Weight Watchers program. I don't smoke, don't drink and really don't have alot of stress in my life.
Avatar m tn You can always start with these things. Simply losing weight and regular exercise helps many maintain blood pressure in the normal range. If you can't, then yes. A doctor can prescribe medicine. My general practitioner treats my blood pressure and that is the place to start. They can refer you to a cardiologist if necessary. How old is your partner? What is their actual BP readings? (should track over a period of time with a home bp cuff).
Avatar m tn Im a 44year old Male 6'2'' 235lb with high blood pressure can I lower it with weight loss what food should I eat?