Does it matter what prenatal vitamins you take

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Avatar f tn Does it matter if you take your prenatal vitamins at night vs. the morning??
Avatar n tn Ok great thank you! And thanks!!
Avatar f tn I actually have to take the gummie like ones. There called Vitamix prenatal. I can't stomach pill like ones because I have something called gastroparesis, which means my stomach emptying muscles are paralyzed. So i have to take chewables, so they disolve easily. I am up like clock work, every 2 hrs no matter what time I go to sleep. What is so weird is that, I have normal bathroom visits during the day, once every 5 or 6 hrs or so.
Avatar f tn Also does it matter what kind you take at all , and although my doc says no does anyone think I should be taking more than one a day since I have two babies?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if it matters what time of day you take your vitamin? Somedays I forget and take it in the evening.
Avatar f tn Every time I take my prenatal vitamins, no matter what time of day, I throw up soon after. I've tried taking them with food and on an empty stomach but nothing has helped. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm afraid my baby isn't get what he/she needs.
Avatar f tn They make prenatal gummies that are really easy in the belly. You can but them in any grocery store or target and they are wonderful.
Avatar f tn How does it affect the baby if you dont take vitamins every single day?
Avatar f tn I want to switch my prenatal vitamins and was wondering does it matter if they both have the same vitamins in them
Avatar f tn I'm 6w6d and I just bought my own prenatal vitamins. I was wondering if its best to take the ones giving by the doctor or does it not matter?
Avatar n tn I'm a first time mommy 8 weeks and 5 days. What kind of vitamins can I take that don't taste and smell like fish??please help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I just take it everyday at the same time of day. My Rx says 2 hours before or 2 hours after you eat but I never listen to that. My Dr said I can take it with food or not but usually I do bc vitamins make me sick or like the ladies above said take it at night to avoid feeling sick. As long as you take it everyday i don't see a problem with how or what time. Just watch taking it with other meds that's the only thing I would ask your Dr about.
Avatar f tn If you take it right before bed it's a lot less likely it'll make you sick. It's important to be taking them everyday as your baby needs the folic acid for healthy brain growth.
Avatar f tn Yes every time I take my prenatal vitamins it makes me sick (nauseous) sometimes makes me throw up as well.
Avatar f tn Oh and hold your breath when you take it and avoid dairy before you take it and a couple hours after, cuz dairy will just make it feel worse
Avatar f tn Which ever doesn't matter...for some the pill is strong so they take it with food...personal preference. ..
Avatar f tn I take nature made.. have you tried taking your prenatals with food? That's the only way I can take mine.
8305112 tn?1402009678 It's most likely your iron supplements causing the constipation. You should increase your water intake. Green leafy veggies, broccoli, an apples have lots of fiber. I would also talk to your doctor about switching your prenatal vitamins to something that has a still softener in it. The prenatal bits that I take are called Citranatal 90 DHA and it's plant based and has a stool softener already added in so I luckily didn't experience much constipation during my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn 14 weeks and I've been feeling nauseous and extremely tired for the past 3 days... I have tried crackers and ginger ale for rhe nausea but it doesn't help. As far as being tired I take my vitamins every day but I need something to give me energy... any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi, I take Natures Made Prenatal Multi Plus's a soft gel tab I take only once a day and it has no taste...maybe that will Work!
Avatar f tn Does it matter what kind of prenatal vitamins I take or what time during the day I take them at?
Avatar n tn As long as it contains folic acid it is great, the brand doesn't really matter.
7826987 tn?1401691041 No I take 8 prenatal vitamins and 4 folic acid and 2 calcium a day I think your fine I eat healthy and my doctor said nothing about take less
Avatar f tn If you only forget every once in awhile and you still take it later, I'm sure everything is fine (: Just try and remember ! And it doesn't matter when you take them in the day as long as you're taking them regularly ! I take mine before bed !
Avatar n tn I dont take mine every night.. sometimes i just forget..