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1103592 tn?1274757161 Got the surgical consult - He said they would do surgery to fix it after delivery. If it becomes a problem or very painful they are comfortable delivering any time 36 week & on. Still going to try for a vag. delivery even though it may make it worse - he said as long as they can push the bowel back in (after delivery pushing) it's not an emergency (just NOT comfortable). It's a femoral hernia- so not the same as the abdomen ones (what people usually get with c-section scars). What a pain!
Avatar n tn if you have medical conditions that make the surgery unusually risky, that needs to be taken into account. It can't hurt to be seen by a surgeon for his/her opinion.
Avatar f tn Usually it is treated conservatively (without surgery). If it does not respond he may then ask for a CT or an MRI scan. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Ugh man I don't know what to do because when it does hurt I can't even touch that part of my belly. So putting something over it will really kill me. I have a maternity belt but like I said I hardly can let shower water hit my stomach because of the pain. And wow only 32 weeks. Mine didn't start bothering me till 35 weeks. But we will get through it.
Avatar n tn I have had hernia surgery several years ago. my scar is an inch above my belly button. I. have another hernia above my scar. judging by my fingers its about quarter size. i have had this one for a long while. It does affect me if i eat too much and what i eat.. When i did abdominals it does hurt so i stopped doing them. It has been very frustrating. I have not been able to go to the doctor to get anything done because i have had two major foot surgeries that i am trying to get over and heal.
Avatar m tn I am 32 year old male and he said that when I get older and put on some weight then I should have it checked if it is still there. He claimed doing sit-ups will rid me of the problem within a year. PS, the hernia does not hurt nor bother me and only once did I see a very small lump just above the belly button and in a rare occasion felt sore in that area. Also it does not hurt when I exercise. He did mention not to lift heavy weights yet til this was sorted.
Avatar f tn I think i could deal with it if it didn’t hurt... It's just making me worry because not only do I have the umbilical hernia but also a small "window" in my uterus.. This Pregnancy is just doing a number on me... Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!
Avatar f tn Well it dawned on me I was born with an unbelical hernia but it went away (so my mom thought) about a month after my birth. My doctor confirmed yesterday that it is indeed the same hernia I was born with just comming back BC of pressure :( now I'm freaking out BC she said there's a possibility of needing surgery after baby is born. And it freaking hurts already I can't even imagine the next 20 weeks of growth what it will look/feel like! Anyone ever experience this???
Avatar f tn Hello. Does this sound like a hiatal hernia? I have lfet side pain(burning sensation) under left rib. After a big meal or any food or drink that irritates my stomach I get a pounding sensation in my chest. Sometimes I get dizziness and pressure in my head as well. As well as a pain in my left side of my back behind ribcage. Thanks so much for any insight.
7444176 tn?1390862612 I am very afraid and sadden by his condition, perineal hernia. He had surgery a couple weeks before X-mas a year ago, thankful it has only been one. But the vet never told me before or after costly surgery that this would be life long. I excepted the challenge because the love I have for my animal. I have tried everything from peas and carrots in his food, fiber, laxatives, olive oil, psyllium seed, etc.
494961 tn?1250745677 Hi, I am 36 year old female and was just diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. My symptoms are trouble breathing, a feeling of chocking when I eat, fatige,stomach bloating, chest pain and sometimes pain in my upper right side below my ribcage. When I eat I can only eat small amounts because it feels like I am going to choke to death. I have never had hearthburn.I did have my gallbladder removed in 98. I am awaiting for my doctors appointment. Does anyone else have this with out the heartburn.
Avatar n tn Now at the age that I am, the idea of loosing the remaining testicle during surgery does not bother me. I have been on testosterone injections since 2003. If I notice a lot of pain again I will not hessitate to seek medical attention right away. Loosing a testicle cannot compare to me loosing me life. If you had undescended testicles as a child than the possibility of a hernia is very likely. Talk to your doctor about this and ask him to look for a hernia specifically.
Avatar n tn I have been told I have a large hietal hernia. I am trying to lose weight, plus take nexium. I do not have heartburn per say. My problem is I have a constant cough which causes gagging, dry heaves anytime during the day & at night I spend the night coughing (have bed propped up, etc.) If I bend over it causes me to get nauseous and start heaving, etc. I also have a umbilical hernia which the Dr. says not to do anything about. It is very large and protrudes from the belly button.
Avatar m tn I'm very concerned about this.. Does anyone have any experience on this? Is this just part of the healing process of a hernia repair?
Avatar n tn The surgery is a minor surgery and will help the hernia to not get worse. This type of surgery is common and is not a big deal. However, surgery in general can cause scarring and has the potential to cause other problems. So, you can leave the hernia. Perhaps it will get worse or perhaps it will stay the same. Hernias in adults rarely close. Or you can get surgery, it is an outpatient surgery and common. But surgery is surgery and can have deletrious side affects.
438877 tn?1224361089 My belly button incision is fine, however, there is a big hard 'lump' around the incision made using the old scar from last year. the bump does not hurt, but the area around it does.. it gets smaller when i lie down and larger when I stand up. Does anyone know if this could the a hernia, or just a normal occurence of using an old scar? the actual incision made for the laparoscopy is only about 5 mm long.
Avatar n tn The best thing is to get yourself examined and rule out hernia; if there is a hernia then you have to plan an elective surgery. Take care!
Avatar f tn Ive been so scared because this is my first pregnancy and its scary not knowing. I'm just glad it does hurt its just uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn I had three of them (one umbilical, and two by the testicals). Usually, surgery is the primary method of fixing a hernia and it usually costs around $15,000+ to have it fixed. If you don't have the money to have it fixed, by all means, if you are a US Citizen, check with your local Department of Economic Security (DES) and see if their health insurance program can help you. In my case, I was a college student (with little money) and they were my only option at the time.
Avatar n tn Since my surgery I have gained about 10-13 pounds. Last week the hernia sight began to hurt. Not a sharp pain, but dull. And my girlfrind noticed that it once again is sticking out. Not as much as beofre the surgery, but it is noticable. The other issue is that thee is a hard lump that i can feel. I have not thrown up or and still contine to have BM movement. It does seem to fell a bit warmer around the area. Currently I do not have atemp.
Avatar n tn When I do need to have a bowel movement, the groin does hurt, and quickly passes once I have been to the toilet. I am fearful my hernia may now have bowel protruding through the canal, and want to know if I should seek medical attention now that I am overseas, or wait til I get home in a weeks time. I am fearful as I don't know the countries medical system too well (I am in Greece).
Avatar n tn I'm not so sure about that though because when I press on my hernia not only does it hurt in the surrounding area but a sharp pain goes to my heart, back and sometimes groin. Who knows!
Avatar n tn It was corrected during the surgery I had last year..I had gastroplasty and fundoplication with hernia repair..Almost everyone that has reflux surgery gets a hernia repair...
Avatar f tn knew i would take care of her so we went home on beli ribbon blanket for 2 months and had to keep being tested.than we had reflux start with a belly button hernia almost had to have surgery till the blockage finally passed.neitherless problem after problem.shes been in speech and pt about a year.and tomorrow we see ot.we have early intervention and early start also involved.but its always the question what issue is causing which problem.
Avatar n tn Hi, After having hearthburn surgery I developed gastroparesis due to a damaged nerve during the surgery. I have had the sthomach emptying problem for 4 years since surgery. You can try to use Cytotec (misoprostol) 100 mcg. This medicine is used for labor inducing therefore it should not be taken during pregnancy. However, I have had better success taking another medication called Motillim. But it is not sold in the US, and you can get it from Canada.
Avatar f tn I was hospitalzed due to an emergency surgery. They never gave me ANY meds except for morophine for several days, then OF Course, I crashed & burned. I am bp with manic depression. They also gave me none of my regular meds either. I have been on a regimend of seizure meds, Abilify & Lamictal, & Cymbalta. The anger part is six yrs ago when I was diagnosed I have never crashed before. Due to this though I have had several people abandon me.
Avatar n tn Then there is alka selzer but it contains sodium. I have found when Gas X does not work,alka selzer does?? there is also eating a red delicious apple every day. But more important is that you have to watch what you eat,if you plan on a big meal with dairy or heavy meat,spice and grease ,chocolate,peppermint,tomato based product,take a nexium or prevacid one hour before meal.
Avatar n tn Weight loss will be the easiest way to alleviate the symptoms, as it will reduce the internal pressure, but the hernia (tear in the fascia) will remain, and symptoms could certainly recur, unless we have surgery. If any of you has surgery to repair the hernia, I highly recommend a patch. if they just sew it up it will usually recur.
Avatar m tn Anyhow, after more than a month of trying to convince a variety of medical services that there was indeed a problem, he was finally referred to a hospital where they ran an ultrasound, found out it was indeed a hernia, and performed surgery (bear in mind that the only hospital his insurance would cover at the time was a crap-freaking-tastic place that (at least used to) have a reputation for its... less than spectacular performance.