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Avatar m tn Candida dubliniensis has a different DNA makeup than candida albicans and does not grow at 42 degrees C, as candida albicans does (this is the way doctors differentiate between the two). In terms of symptoms and treatment, however, these two types of candida are similar. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn but maybe not sytemic candida but i have to have somew kind of candida, depression, anxiety, headaches, toe and penis fungal infection, idk high white blood count. I havent had bad anxiety since i started rtrying to cut sugar and carbs out of my diet, i also did the spit test and failed.
Avatar f tn Here is what I know about hypothyroid and candida (experienced in both unfortunately). Hypothyroid in general (does not have to be Hashi autoimmune) can slow down the digestive tract from lack of stomach acid and even reduced pancreas enzymes - not good at all. This disturbance in digestion can cause IBS, reflux (gerd, heartburn), bloating. Mushy foods like gluten starches, sugar and proteins can then hang around longer than they should.
Avatar n tn My naturopathic ob/gyn suspects candida. I am taking acidophillous/lactobacillous live cultures and D5 to kill bacteria. Meantime I went to an ENT who told me after scoping my throat that I have a white mucus coating my throat. Does that sound like candida? He said that I was not producing enough saliva and prescribed a very expensive medicine( Evoxac) that I could not manage. He came to this conclusion in 5 mins. I now have another appt. with a highly recommended ENT.
Avatar n tn My problem is this. Diflucan mainly treats candida infection, but candida infection is almost impossible for a healthy man to get. Sure, I'm uncircumcised, but I have good hygiene and am in good health. I am wondering if this means my partner had candida infection of the mouth? Everyone has some candida in their mouth but for him to infect me with it must mean he has abnormal amounts of candida in his mouth, right? Which would make him likely to have HIV or AIDS?
922048 tn?1387946184 I still get tired easily and am a bit bloated, but from everything I've read, getting rid of candida and the 80-some odd toxins it produces in your body, takes some time! It's important to note that, although taking Diflucan does kill the candida, if you keep eating foods with sugar, flour, dairy, etc., it will just come right back. In addition, after killing the fungus you have to get it out of your body.
Avatar f tn I've googled alot about ANA and patterns. I do know that different labs have different results. That's why if my Rheumy does bloodwork through his lab then I only compare the labwork only when I get it from him. If I get it from my doctor, then I only compare with that one. I have had the Lupus labwork done for Scleroderma from the first rheumy. He said I do not have that and we was able to rule that out. I do not have Sjogren's. I do not have dry eyes, or dry mouth.
512442 tn?1216263100 If you want something natural (like i do) that works, go with the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse. It doesnt upset my stomach and does not have harmful chemicals in it.
Avatar n tn So there it was confirmed. A yeast infection of the skin surrounding my vagina. She gave me diflucan, in on pill to take and also gave me monistat 7 to use as well. So I took the pill 3 days ago today and have been using the cream since. I feel better with the itching again, but at night, I think I touch the area, so when I wake up in the morning it's red again. I feel like these treatments aren't working. How long do I have to wait for the treatments to work.
Avatar f tn However, antibiotics attack bacteria and can allow candida to become a problem. In bad cases of candida, a prescription anti-fungal (diflucan or nystatin...) is needed to kill the yeast, and a good probiotic helps re-establish the good bacteria in the gut. The prescriptions are not harmful and shouldn't be hard to get with a good knowledgeable doctor. In addition, garlic is a natural anti-fungal, and there are supplements in health food stores to help rid of candida.
Avatar m tn Changing your diet and taking pro-biotics will re-build your digestive system's healthy bacteria. All the diflucan does is kill the bad bacteria (which causes the yeast infections)...but it kills the body's healthy bacteria along with it. You need to rebuild that in your system. It totally works!!
Avatar n tn Modern day diets extremely high in sugars are also blamed for the condition as sugars are rapidly metabolized by fungi, especially yeasts, and prevent the growth of bacteria. What does it do to our bodies? Candida is believed to play a part in creating what is called a "leaky gut," an unfavorable increase in intestinal permeability. Candida has been found to produce 79 distinct toxins.
Avatar m tn He usually prescribes hydrozyzine for the itching and a hydrocortizone cream. One time he gave me anti biotics and he has also given me diflucan. nothing ever seems to help and the best answer my doctor can give me is that its probably just something to do with bacteria. I have been tested for stds and have not had sex since this has been happening! there are small reddish colored bumps that are usually there once in awhile they will go away for a few days.
Avatar n tn these have been giving me symptoms of frequent urination,irritation in the urethra i have heard of a few people having this for quite sometime and had every test possible only for a urologist to tell them he was testing them for Ureaplasma and she was positive and certain antibiotics cleared this. given the fact ive had the same symptoms as this person it does fit this is what i have as i have the same symptoms now as i did when i had the infections?
Avatar f tn I use to get painful sores on both sides of my tongue from yeast and diflucan was the only thing to help so it probably does depend on what type of yeast you have but the probiotics is a must because of the antibiotics too.
Avatar f tn It also has some anti-candida effect, and it says when combined with fluconazole (Diflucan), it works well on Diflucan strains of the yeast. I hadn't heard of taking Xylitol, although I have taken Stevia in the past. I felt a bit crummier for the first month of taking Stevia. Later I read that Eva Sapi had seen it kill some spirochetes and cysts in the lab. I figured the extra fatigue and brain fog I had was the die off. After that eased up, it didn't seem to benefit me anymore.
87651 tn?1259606003 And don't worry about it being yeast -- there are a lot of yeasts out there, and one doesn't turn into another -- baker's yeast can't become magically candida yeast. Some books will tell you it does, but it doesn't. So, there are a lot of books to read out there, and seeing a naturopath is a good idea for this, or a holistic nutritionist. Good luck all.
Avatar f tn I am now taking Candex to kill the candida and trying to stick to an anti-candida diet. It many articles on the internet fecal body odor is not listed as a symptom of candida overgrowth but there are many people with fbo that have gotten rid of it by treating for candida overgrowth. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn And their all mold and really bad for the body period.. I also ended up with rampart Candida form hell!! And the being put on Diflucan caused even more problems. DO NOT let the 'scare monger's' put you off using Colloidal silver, its amazing stuff. I make my own using a machine i bought but if you look on Youtube there are video's that show you how to make your own cheaply using battery's and a couple of bits of wire. DO NOT ADD SALT TO THE SILVER!!!
Avatar f tn After the first year I went into a GYN specialist and at first look she could see the skin irritation and found that my inner and outer labia fused together, so whatever was the skin issue has been alter the skin.
Avatar n tn --Candida Cleanse (an antifungal) to kill the candida (by Purely Holistic; only available on Amazon) --Saccharomyces boulardii (a probiotic) to help restore good bacteria (by Jarrow Formulas) --Brown Rice Powder, a supplement full of amino acids, which help build back your gut, which likely has holes (by Jarrow Formulas) --Oxy Powder (a colon cleanser), which helps flush dead Candida toxins out of your body (by Global Healing Center) If I were you, I would start with the Candida Cleanse and t
Avatar f tn Protein (meat, eggs) and low-sugar vegetables like zucchini and onions. Oh, and don't forget the garlic. It really does kill the yeast. Eat all you want, it's not a starvation diet. That kind of diet and the diflucan was what finally kicked it for me. There was a book out several years ago called 'The Yeast Connection', and I think it's been updated since then. ... I just now googled -- yeast connection -- and got a bunch of hits. Looks like the doc who wrote it (Dr Crook -- really!
Avatar n tn Overgrowth and mutation of normal canadida in the intestines which can be caused by birth control pills, antibiotics etc. You will need Nystatin to kill off the bad candida and also replace the acidophillus that has been killed off as our body does not replace it. You can be tested for this, most people either have chronic diarrhea or constipation with this.
Avatar n tn my g/f was diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection about 5 days before June 10, and was successfully treated was one single dose of Diflucan (fluconazole). -June 17, i went to a family doctor and told him that i had the itch for one week. He precribed me Levaquin 500 MG and i took it for 10 days. He said, the penis has some kind of minor infection, just take the medicine, go home and don't worry about it. well, i did exactly what my doctor told me to.
Avatar f tn Docs (even LLMDs) are sometimes not very savvy about these things, and I got a huge systemic yeast infection that several docs (not just my LLMD) didn't recognize as such. A yeast infection is a fungus, and antibiotics don't kill it, they just kill all the good bacteria which would normally keep yeast/fungus under control. There are good probiotics that can be taken if that is the case.
Avatar m tn I am going to order Diflucan this week to kill the remaining candida. I will repost with an update, later. I post this info as a message to anyone who is as frustrated as I was with both the persistent symptoms and the lack of concern from a medical community that I feel is sorely lacking competence. They dismissed my recurrent symptoms as prostatitis, which they were not, and told me they could not help me anymore. Talk about a feeling of hopelessness.
255722 tn?1452550141 The antibiotics you are taking to kill the Lyme bacteria will also kill acidophilus, but will not kill the Florastor. Therefore, because the antibiotics are wiping out the Lyme bacteria AND the 'good' bacteria that keep your gut and body humming along without fungal infections, it is necessary to either take the acidophilus far enough away from the antibiotics that the acidophilus bacteria don't get killed off by the meds.
Avatar n tn The doctor seems to be not concerned and just prescribe diflucan. I have not other sickness than Candida Albicans. But the problem it comes back nearly ever month before my period. I did so much research on yeast. I am doing my best and approaching this as a whole body and mind issue now. I am reading Ayurveda books. The best website I found is These are good too: http://www.ei-resource.