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Avatar f tn The only thing that I notice with Copaxone is the injection site reaction. It does burn. Sometimes I get a welt, a lump, or some hives (all of which are normal for this drug.....). If you use an warm compress before injecting and a cold pack after it really helps. The drug company should send someone out to show you how to use it and explain all of the side effects. I know what you mean about finally knowing something but still feeling kind of helpless. I have been there myself.
Avatar n tn For me the auto-injector does not work as well as simply doing the injection by hand. I is easier to know that the needle is not going into muscle tissue. You might consider having this nurse teach how to not use the auto-injector.
1391915 tn?1280637007 Is anyone else on Copaxone? I was diagnosed in June, and I started treatment almost three weeks ago. How are you tolerating the treatments?
Avatar f tn It goes away after a while leaving a nickel sized red spot. It itches like crazy. Does this mean I can't take Copaxone anymore or am I doing something wrong in the injection? Thanks!!
1637739 tn?1371692306 Does anyone get very bad headaches and feverish being on the copaxone? Also, does anyone ever hear people speaking or music playing that really isn't ....or have I truly lost my mind?
790496 tn?1315619257 Does anyone out there have any suggestions on taking copaxone? 1 Which is the easiest site to inject? 2 I heard to warm site 1st and then ice after? 3 What time is the best time to inject am or pm? and does it have to be the same every day? 4 What is the chances of some reaction? 5 When you start is it a smart idea to have someone around in the house just in case ther is some sort of reaction? 6 Does anyone get the reported flu-like sx that they report and how long does it last?
1678656 tn?1369237418 I didn't know if others experienced the same issues or not... Does your dr. seem to think that the copaxone is not working for you as well??? Thank you for your response.
400099 tn?1282958464 Anyone on copaxone, anyone have their tastes changing? Putting on weight? Just wondering, things taste a bit strange since copaxone.
Avatar f tn I've been taking is copaxone, and it hasn't been working so I'm switching medications. I'm not really sure which medicine I should take next does anyone have any suggestions?
2288403 tn?1339568328 and watch some Telly with the hubby, it really helps with the pain. I am 1.5 months into copaxone and it does get better. It hurt alot in the beginning and my legs are the worse. They would ache all over for like 1 hour after the jab. It's a lot better now. I can inject, ice alittle and pretty much move on. Magsmomma don't give up yet! Give it at least 1 month!
645390 tn?1338558977 SS no longer calls now they send letters. I have to get Copaxone through Medco Accredo. SS does not work with Medco Accredo. They do not work with many other pharmacies. Otherwise the MS Society may offer help you. Teva makes more money on the Copaxone in the U.S. market than you can imagine.3.4 billion a quarter. Go to their web page for Stockholders. They say no other MS drug in history has made the money Copaxone has.
Avatar m tn Well, "shared solutions " called tonight and said that the Copaxone would be coming from "McK... Pharmacy". It is supposedly a nationwide pharmacy. Does anyone else get the Copaxone this way, via fed ex?? We are supposed to hear from them in a day or so to find out what our co-pay will be. I was just wondering if this was our insurance requirement or does everyone get it this way. Craig is pretty sad tonight.
1053159 tn?1255148119 And my Neuro. advise me to to begin Copaxone. I have been on Copaxone now for a year. But I have only been taking it every other day.I went on to fight inflammation in my system. Which included changing my diet. My diet consists of no meat. Also I have been eating 5 oz.'s of Salmon every day. I am now thinking maybe I should take the Copaxone everyday because my left leg still is weak and tends to not want to walk along with me, on top of the stiffness.
Avatar f tn I am finishing my 3rd week on Copaxone tomorrow evening, and I have a question for those of you that have been using Copaxone for awhile. Does the horrible stinging after injecting ever go away? At 5'2, 71#s, I really don't have much body fat, and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with why, the stinging is so awful, and continues. Still grateful to be on it-just wondering if it will become less painful.
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with a 5mm lesion in the centrum semiovale which the radiologist stated was suspiciously like MS. My neurologist wants me to start using Copaxone immediately. I was wondering about side effects and when the best time of day to inject yourself. I have bilateral neuropathy with some muscle weakness and speech dysarthria.
Avatar f tn Hi JJJ, It's good to read that you are taking an open mind approach to this. Everyone does react differently, but I think almost all would agree it becomes better. I am on copaxone, I had the hornet sting feeling for the first few months, but now I rarely feel the shot at all. Recently I've noticed I have small lumps at the injection sites on my thighs and arms but not the other places. They don't hurt and it doesn't bother me.
400099 tn?1282958464 Well, it looks like I can't take copaxone. I get injections site reactions the size of soft balls. Fire engine red and itchy for an entire week. What do you do when there is no DMD that you can take? That's the boat I'm in now. Copaxone was really my only hope as far as a dmd goes. I can't do the interferons because I also have lupus. (in lupus, your body makes interferon) I'm open to suggestions.
Avatar f tn The burning with Copaxone does diminish after a while. I never get a bump anymore at the injection site, which used to be about the size of a baseball (no exageration). I do think that it is worth it. For me, it has been better than a 33% reduction in relapse. With several years of symptoms, I had a doctor's prescription for a wheelchair about three to four months after starting Copaxone; however, things drastically improved about nine to ten months of being on the drug.
Avatar f tn I was very discouraged to use this medication after the horrible time I had with Avenox. I have been on Copaxone for a week now. The needle itself does not hurt but the medication burns, hurts then settles in a few minutes. When I inject into my hip my left cheek goes numb in one little spot. My sides hurt where I inject and now I must learn to sleep on my back because my hips hurt when I sleep on my sides or I have to put a pillow between my knees.
849876 tn?1238928827 I had to stop Copaxone because of skin reactions. But it's a good med, I understand that not only does the Copaxone have less systemic side effects, it is also more successful in stopping relapses and disease progression. Threre are alot of different meds used by people on this site, so I hope you have lots of responses.
Avatar m tn I am signing up for Medicare and discovered my contribution on Copaxone will be approximately $5000 a year. On my old insurance my payment was $600 a year. Living on a fixed income I won't be able to continue Copaxone if I don't find help, shared solutions doesn't help with people on Medicare. Anyone have this problem?
Avatar f tn They tried it as a pill first and it did not work in the digestive system. They had hopes on getting the first oral out after Copaxone but that did not work so they had to make more profit on Copaxone. They call it their goose that laid the golden egg. They promised there share holders big returns in recent years and things did not pan out. Until they have a successful oral drug Copaxone prices will go up and up.
1936411 tn?1333835449 and see that I'm not the only one to experience this. Does anyone else on our forum experience nausea with Copaxone? I don't suppose there's anything to be done about it, but I'm open to suggestions...
Avatar f tn Hi Brianna- I too HATE needles, blood, etc. I was just sick to my stomach when I found out all MS treatments were shots. I was put on Copaxone by my Neuro about 3 years ago. The good thing about Copaxone is the autoject device that does all the "tricky" work for you. You never see the needle , no pinching skin and jabbing it in etc. It is atleast something I "CAN DO"despite being squimish! Hope that helps a bit!
567489 tn?1297254314 So I guess that will be a baseline and over time they may redo it to see if I add any lesions there? I'm at the end of my second week of copaxone - not minding it at all so far... I'm trying to figure out how to take Neurontin without feeling doped up. Sometimes it really hits me hard. I'm only taking 300 mg (which is half of what the doc ordered) and it can knock me out or just make me stupid - neither of them help me get a day's work done, which is a must.
1876457 tn?1322409189 Can anyone explain the way Medicare works with part d coverage for copaxone? The term catastrophic coverage has raised my eyebrow a smidge. I'm awaiting a call back from shared solutions and their "medicare" expert team. If im understanding the sales lady right, she informed me I would be responsible for the first $4700 approx.?
12832842 tn?1448732401 The copaxone nurse will call you up directly and make arraignments to visit your home and teach you how to make the injections and where to put them. She will also stock you up with literature and other things. You should get an auto injector a needle snipper to cut the sharps off the syringes and like a years worth of prep wipes and other goodies. You can also go to their website and kind of prep your self by watching the videos they have on doing your injections.
776614 tn?1265826354 Does anybody have any info on their experience trying to get Copaxone assistance thru Shared Solutions, and the NORD application? I'm scared enough of starting the treatment, but the uncertainty of waiting is drivng me bonkers!