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Avatar n tn Tired/Fatigue, Bad Memory, Depressed, Cold Feet, Shortness Of Breath, Headaches, Frequent urination. My doc said he wants to try this medication out for a month and see if it helps, if it does continue for another 7-8 months. Can anybody give me advice? is this medication any good? what to expect? do these symptoms clearly suggest Depression? I thought I had a underactive thyroid since it runs in the family.
Avatar n tn incidentally, I had spell of feelin extremely faint at work on friday. Cipralex was causing terrble stomache aches/burns. but seems that cilift is also upsettin stomach.
Avatar f tn Lexapro takes about for to six weeks to work, and it does take time when you up the dosage. Usually modern dosing, to play it safe, is to go up by 5mg increments, 10mg for depression, 20 mg for anxiety. I agree with the above, it's always better if you can solve the problem without medication because medication just covers up the symptoms, but if you can't solve it any other way and need medication you do have to give it a chance and you do have to put up with side effects.
720657 tn?1233015167 I wanna know if anyone has anything to say about this medication. Does it work good? Does it have alot of side effects?
Avatar n tn I had a an occupational exposure to blood at work and have tested for HIV at 3 months and all were negative. On my last test I keep replaying the whole situation in my head over and over again and keep thinking or some reason that the nurse wanted to infect me. My doctor said this is irational thinking and I agree but can keep the though out of my head. He put me on Cipralex and It has been three weeks.
Avatar n tn I am coming off cipralex and I am soooo itchy especially my hands and neck. Has anyone had this withdrawal symptom? If so what can be done about it. Hand cream doesnt help.
Avatar f tn I stay awake all night some nights --its like my mind won't shut off for sleep- I did try the trazdone --for two nights -- did nothing for sleep or anything- I had a severe migrainne headache next morning after taking the trazadone. It does not work for me at all- Hope you have better luck with it-- Its horrible to watch the clock all night long and never get to sleep. Good luck in finding some sleep aid that will work for you.
Avatar n tn I even contacted my psychiatrist from last time (who works where I work but does not take my insurance!) and he said that if I needed CBT then I had to go to a psychologist, that he does not do it. So you will get medication management from most psychiatrists and talk therapy. I'm not saying that all psychiatrists do not do CBT but most do not. You have probably learned all the CBT you need anyway.
Avatar n tn But 1 thing for sure Thank God I dont get the panic attacks anymore, and I do not feel depressed or down that much either, and my social anxiety is very minimal and it does not interfer with my daily life at all (i.e I can deal with people either at work or on the street fine and am normal but sometimes I get a little uncomfortable around strangers but not that much).
Avatar f tn Also, is going from 10 mg to 5 mg to quick of a reduction? My last question - does medication actually help heal or does it simply cover up the symptoms? If someone could provide some insight based on their experience, I would be greatful. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Well it's been almost a year since I started Cipralex (lexapro) ended up at 15 mgs a day... so a pretty low dose. Well I have doctor's blessing now to begin the wean off process - SLOWLY. So today i took my first dose of 12.5mg and i will stay at this for about 10-14 days and then drop again to 10 mgs for another 10-14 days then stay at that for 10-14 days and then go down to 7.5, then 5 and then stop.
Avatar f tn The first one my Dr and I ever tried was Cipralex. He told me how it would make me feel worse before it made me feel better etc etc...and it never made me feel better:( So on to Paxil...which made me feel worse, and then made me feel BETTER! BUT...I gained a ton of weight:( So...we switched to Prozac, which made me feel worse, and did not make me feel better:( So...with a heavy heart, and a heavier body, we decided to go back to the Paxil-- Because...besides the weight gain, how was my life?
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago I started feeling anxious again, but this time at the same time I found I had low mood, no interest in the things I used to enjoy, etc. I finally went to see my doctor and he prescribed me 5mg of escitalopram (as Cipralex).
Avatar n tn When you stop taking a medication, within days it leaves the body and stops working and if you only take it for a short period of time it will not change your genetic code, it will not permanantly change your brainwaves, you won't become addicted and you will not be left with a lifetime of side-effects, it just does not work that way.
Avatar m tn You've JUST started the medication, it does take a while to start noticing improvements. It can take up to 4-6 weeks to really notice changes, although a lot of people report that they can feel some mild improvements after a couple weeks. It's also normal to have some side effects, they will also typically start improving by about week 2. The headache and increase in anxiety are likely side effects, those are two pretty common ones.
Avatar m tn Dear All, I have been on cipralex 10 mg for about 3 years for GAD, for the last few months i have lowered my does to 5 mg... although nowadays i feel a bit of anxiety and depression but it is controllable, however my biggest concern is that can we take cipralex for lifetime without losing its results.....
Avatar n tn I have been on Wellbrutrin 300mg for 2 years. When I first increased my does to 300mg (from 150mg) I had just moved and started a new very stressful job (vet clinic). I never had time to eat at work very often, I ended up loseing 20lbs in just around 3 weeks and got very sick. I ended up quiting my job. Now I eat probably 3 times more then I did before to sustain the weight I'm at. If I don't eat within a half hour of feeling hungry I actually vomit.
Avatar f tn I am the life of the party, whether I am at work or out. But, get me at home, and unless necessary, I make any excuse to stay that way, in my bed. No matter how much I mourne the loss of connection with my son and daughter this kills me the most the loss of the experience of freinds, my mother, the beach, sunsets and rises, everything I love in life but just cant seem to bare at the same time. What is this?!?!?! It hurts. But when its good, its oh so good. And confusing. And sad.
574118 tn?1305138884 You need to look back at exactly when this change in your behaviour started and if it does indeed coincide with going back to work then maybe you need to seriously ask yourself if it is beneficial to your health to be working. It is normal to feel anxious in a new job but if it continues and if you are living in fear of being "found out as having BP", this is not going to be good for you.
Avatar f tn I have been on 20mg of Cipralex for over a year-no problems My doctor has gradually put me on Lithium 150mg x 4 capsules per day Since Ive been on the 600mg of Lithium my hands shake, sometimes so bad I cannot write of apply eye make-up I went to the doctor he has taken me off the Cipralex...Im not sure why if I havent had problems with it. Does Cipralex affect Lithium?? I JUST want to feel better!!!
Avatar n tn The thing I over think is that I love someone who I stayed with for 6 years, and I loved her SOOOO badly, and so does she. Now, I work overseas and she works in Colorado. I used to spend each and every moment with her when we were together in the states, and now, I'm all alone without even friends. As a result of this, I started to think of her all the time (24/7) and I'm dead serious about this! I feel so horrible. I can't stop thinking of her.
Avatar n tn what vitamins and natural remedies (herbs) should i avoid when on cipralex and seoquel ?
Avatar f tn Over the last 6 months it has ramped up to a new level, like panic disorder where I've had attacks that landed me in the ER three times in as many weeks. I was on between 20-30mg of cipralex (lexapro) for the past 7 years, so my doctor has now switched me to 50mg zoloft a day. I'm also taking 1.5mg of xanax split into two times a day to help me get over the hump. I've been on this new regimen for about 5 days, and I'm just feeling odd. Not anxious per say, but just weird and off.
Avatar n tn will it mask my sensation of the PACS and PVCs am feeling ?!! and cipralex .. is it good ? does it have any bad side effects or long term side effects ?!
Avatar f tn I had anxiety and I was on Cipralex 20mg & Zyprexa 5mg I was doing fine. I got a viral infection for which I used leflox 500mg antibiotic 2 times a day. The viral infection got cured but I got anxiety. My doctor has gave me a plan to temper zyprexa as it was giving me brain fog and has added wellburtin SR 150mg. I am asking him to give me some benzodiazepines he does not gives as he says that Cipralex & Wellburtin are enough. He says that give wellburtin 3 weeks to work.
Avatar f tn hi for 5 weeks now i have been experiencing dizziness, pressure in head arms and legs, nausea, heart palpatation,especially the heart it races up to 105 and slows to 62 while sitting or sleeping i have seen several doctorsand have several ecgs, blood work, chest exrays, thyroid, urine all which have come back normal, i had an echo i have borderline lvh it has remained unchangedbut they recently found evidence of valve restriction.
328799 tn?1276569332 when i was going through switching of medications back in about july/august (i was on one medication from age 8(luvox) and was switching to cipralex) i would get these scary thought. like "what if" thoughts. and i would think "what is the point of life, whyy do we do things day after day, life is one big circle" i told my doctor about this, cuz i was a absolute wreck with these thoughts. and he said i was going through withdrawl.
Avatar m tn The medication (mainly Cipralex) helps my wife enormously but it's not a cure for BPD. I'm suspicious that there are far more sufferers in Indonesia in general who simply cannot afford to get serious medical help for this condition. My wife sometimes goes through dreadful memories of her past when she was brutalised as a child, which I'm sure wasn't a deliberate thing.
Avatar n tn to add on, the doctor prescribed me vit B plex, but it doesnt seem to work =/
574118 tn?1305138884 But tired from what if i am at home not at work. Upon asking is it from cipralex they said not from cipralex Any clues?