Does benzaclin work for acne

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Avatar m tn In other words, is it better to apply benzaclin to existing pimples and then differin to spots on your skin which are currently acne free ? What does each work to prevent etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I think it is foolish to buy BenzaClin even though your insurance pays for most of the cost for the following reasons: 1. The alternatives work just as well. 2. If you ever want to change your insurance company, you will have to say what medicines you have used in the last 2 years on the insurance application. If you have used an acne medicine that costs $445 per month, no insurance company will accept you unless your premiums are substantially higher than $445 per month. 3.
118884 tn?1270478379 My 18 year old daughter took Minocycline for acne for 3 months, became very, very sick and was diagnosed with drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis as a result of the Minocycline. This is a very serious illness, and, in hindsight, was not worth the cost.
Avatar f tn Ortho Tri-Cyclen (called Cilest in the UK) and Diane35 (Dianette in the UK) are prescribed for controlling acne as well as birth control. They should be withdrawn about 3 months after acne has cleared, and restarted if relapse occurs. Most healthy women can take the pill without problems but it is contra-indicated in heavy smokers and very overweight women and associated risks increase over 35 years of age.
280418 tn?1306329510 I got rid of my acne within 2 weeks days.after reading this book NO MORE :) I'm sure it will help you out to.
Avatar f tn Im just so lost anymore, i shouldnt have acne at 23 years old and its very disapointing to know that everything they prescribe does not work! I have been on retina for 6 months, although is cleared my face slightly..I still have acne, Now they prescribed me differin 0.3. Does this work better? Is there something else? Ive use benzaclin with retina and nothing works! I dont feel that i have acne bad enough for accutane. Whats next if differin doesnt work?
Avatar f tn I haverecently gone to my primary physician and dermatologist and they tell me it is acne and prescribed benzaclin/ Atralin and sumaxin. Benzaclin seemed to work at first, but now it seems to make my breakouts worse. The other two prescriptions just dont seem to work at all. What could this be?Herpes? I do have herpes, but my doctor tells me it should only be on the lip (I have it next to the lip) it's not noticeable at all.
Avatar n tn The pimples i keep getting are cystic acne. They hurt really bad and nothing helps them go away. This is currently what i use on my face: Face wash with .5% salicylic acid and another facewash with 3.5% benzoyl peroxide. I MAKE SURE to take really good care of my skin but it dosent seem to work. Also i have a prescription face medication cream called BenzaClin which is 1% clindamycin and 5% Benzoyl peroxide.
450122 tn?1205518926 There are a lot of options. Proactiv didnt work for me, and it wont work for most. Main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, and that doesnt help squatola with my acne. I believe I have PCOS as well. I'm going to the doctor soon to discuss it. I am really quite sure I have it. I get sharp pelvic pain, about every 6 months. My periods are often extremely heavy, extremely light, bloodless, and very irregular. Sometimes I skip a month and a couple times I've got two in one month.
Avatar n tn My face kept producing acne one after another and each acne stay on for weeks. I feel like those topical product doesn't work at all. My acne are filled with blood and omg and the root is deep inside and those topical product doesn't work. I am using benzaclin, 10% benzoyl proxide, tretinion cream and clindamycin and nothing work. I do not want to pop any pimple because it make my face so red, but when I take a shower those big pimp just pop and full of blood. What should I do ???
Avatar n tn I'm 22 years old. I have been on Accutane for 16 weeks (roughly 4 months), and my progess is decent. The first two months I was on 40/mg per day, and the following two months I have been on 60/mg a day. Just recently (in the past month), I have gotten about 3 inflamed pimples (one on forehead, and two on face). (1)Is it normal to be getting pimples this far into treatment? My derm said that my course will probably be 6 months.
Avatar m tn So for the past few summers I've been getting one episode of a rash over my entire top lip. I've never noticed anything resembling a cold sore (nor have my doctors) and I've now had 2 negative Herpeselect HSV1 and HSV2 tests separated by about 10months (from PlannedParenthood). Literally, I'll have one doctor tell me on Tuesday it is not herpes labialis and another tell me it is on Wednesday. It is always terribly itchy and the corners of my lips split at each recurrence.
Avatar f tn Does proactive work for acne? It seems to have great celebrity endorsements but i would like to hear from real people that have used it.
Avatar m tn my doctor has suggested doing PDT for my back which is terribly affected by Acne .the date has been set for the treatment but not for my face ,doctor has given me Retin-A for my face and is telling me it does the same thing as accutane. i have not been able to use the retin-A effectively because I think my rosacea is getting worse or triggered with it . I would appreciate if you could study my case and comment on that .