Does antibiotics cause uti

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Avatar f tn When habing a UTI, does it normal cause irritation, itchiness, or pain in the vagina.?
Avatar n tn they can. also low estrogen can cause urethral spasms too. continue to follow up on your symptoms with your provider to try to get to the bottom of them. if you can find an urogynecologist near you, they are terrific for follow up on these sorts of issues too.
212161 tn?1476095111 hey, am back with a uti and am taking cipro right now only 500mg a day ,i was told to take 500mg twice a day but i not , i have anxiety with them not bad but have it , i took levquin and had it bad and i know this is a sister pill. what do ya take and does it cause ya anxiety thanks a lot .
Avatar m tn 1015 - 1025 There is also presence of Mucous. I have between 2 - 3 WBC and 1-2 RBC. Does all this mean I have an UTI? is it normal to have Mucous?
Avatar f tn How do you usually get a uti and how long does it last????
Avatar f tn coli is the commonest cause of a UTI and from your symptoms, recurrent UTI may be possible. Recurrent urine infections could be due to various reasons. Most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. Other causes are changing sexual partners frequently ( unlikely in your case) but ask your husband to get a urine examination and swab of penile discharge done, pregnancy, diabetes and of course childhood infections.
Avatar f tn I myself assumed that it was sex related, and since that was over two years ago, I'm NOT getting them that much anymore. I'm not as concerned with the cause as I am why the antibiotics don't seem to be doing the trick this time.
Avatar n tn So I had a really bad UTI and the DR. gave me a pill to take for 5 days and said come back in a month to check if its gone. Does that seem like a long time to wait to go back and check? I'm also 7 days late for my peroid I've taken 2 PG and both negative (both were dollar store) could the UTI have anything to do with a late peroid? I don't have any burning but the cloudyness has returned.
Avatar f tn Many things can cause painful and/or frequent urination; it's good that a culture was done to eliminate UTI as a first step. Give you physician as many abnormal symptoms as you recognize (does it come and go with exertion, do you have constipation too, where in pelvic cavity is pain, is it sharp pain or dull ache, deep or at outer edge of urethra.
Avatar n tn if a UTI goes untreated it can cause A LOT of damage and have really bad sideffects.
Avatar n tn I believe I have been experiencing severe panic attacks/ anxiety as a result of a combination of antibiotics I was on for an UTI. I have stopped the antibiotics, abou 36 hours ago, and am wondering how long before they are out of my system? and when they are out, will the anxiety go away? My GP prescribed a mild anti-anxiety drug and it has helped but not completely.. My heart is pounding and anytime I think of leaving the house I get sick to my stomach...
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if cipro will treat a UTI. cause i dont wanna go through all the **** with the doc. i have cipro here but am unsure to take it or not.. help !?
Avatar f tn Antibiotics sometimes can cause yeast infections which could cause you to itch and you could eat yogurt while taking antibiotics to prevent a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn I had also recently begun a 3 week course of prevacid shortly before getting the UTI, can prevacid cause UTI's?? Thank you for any assistance with these questions.
Avatar f tn I have slow processing kidneys and i can tell you first hand nothing is worse than suffering a uti while pregnant.. Cranberry juice does helo but becareful not to overdue it because too much can cause stomach issues and diahrea.. Ask your ob if you can take azo pills.. They are sold over the counter to ease the bladder contractions and they are miracle pills. They will turn your pee bright orange however but they are amazing!
Avatar f tn I have a uti and i am more than positive that i have one and it isnt my first time. My medicare does not kick in for another two weeks and i researched that a uti can spread to your kidneys and become life threatening.. does anybody know if free clinics will treat me and give me free antibiotics? I seriously dont want to wait another two weeks seeing as i have had this problem for more than 2-3 weeks as it is now.
9956829 tn?1410155495 I would get the antibiotics from my dr. A uti can turn into a kidney infection literally in a flash and those can become a bloodstream infection that can terminate your pregnancy. I didnt know that til one hit me out of the blue.
Avatar f tn I personally dont feel that having invasive procedures is a good idea and neither does my UTI Dr. You may need to have a longer test for bacteria in the urine that allows more time for bacteria to grow and also a longer course of antibiotics. If your sister doesnt get rid of this infection then it is possible the bacteria could get deeper into her bladder wall like they have with me and it is difficult to get rid of then.
Avatar f tn I have a uti and i am more than positive that i have one and it isnt my first time. My medicare does not kick in for another two weeks and i researched that a uti can spread to your kidneys and become life threatening.. does anybody know if free clinics will treat me and give me free antibiotics? I seriously dont want to wait another two weeks seeing as i have had this problem for more than 2-3 weeks as it is now.
Avatar n tn My 6 year old daughter has had a UTI for 5 weeks, we have completed 4 rounds of antibiotics and are currently taking 2 more. Each time the culture returns with no resolution, and the bacteria are just as high as before the antibiotic. Any suggestions? E. coli is the bacteria, >100,000 colonies with each culture. In addition, we had an abdominal ultrasound which showed the anatomy was normal, but a renal cyst was noted. What does this idicate?
Avatar f tn The bleeding may be caused by the UTI, I had a UTI cause bleeding, as long as it's being taken care of it's likely it's just irritation bleeding.
Avatar f tn Another option is to have self start antibiotics, where you would start antibiotics yourself as soon as you begin to experience symptoms. Ultimately the treatment should be a decision made between you and your urologist.
Avatar m tn Pyridium is a urinary tract anesthetic which will give you more comfort while your UTI resolves. If this does not work or if the lesion evolves (enlarges, etc), I would return to your doctor, even if it takes a couple of hours. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Then it appear a bacteria in my urine called enterobacter cloacae. My doctor prescribed me the antibiotics that can kill the bacteria, but when i made my last exam, i just got in the urine culture. My doctor said that it was very strange, so he wants to make me a citoscopy. I went to another doctor, and he made me a rectal exam and he found my prostate gland with imflamation.
Avatar n tn They put me on antibiotics and while on antibiotics it shows that it is clearing up but as soon as I am taken off the infection comes right back. Originally, I had PID with UTI. Now, the UTI won't go away. I'm tired of being in pain. My brother is a nurse and said chronic UTI can lead to dialysis. Is that true? I go to my Urologist this morning. Over the weekend I ended up in the ER from impaction from pain medicine. My BP was 163/114. Any suggestions for a 30 yr old female falling apart?
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies :) So today I went to my Doctors Appointment & everything came out Good with me & My Baby Boy , He Told Me & My Boyfriend that so Far the Pregnancy is Going Great <3 But just to be curious , I also asked him how was all my blood work going & he said that also everything seems normal ... So me & my boyfriend were about to head out when the nurse asked me to give a Urine Sample ..
493068 tn?1224768915 You might need to take antibiotics for long periods of time (as long as 6 months - 2 years), or you may need stronger antibiotics. Your health care provider may also recommend low-dose antibiotics after acute symptoms have gone away. Medicines are available to help reduce the burning and urgency of cystitis. Ascorbic acid can decrease the amount of bacteria in the urine.
Avatar n tn You definately need to see a dr. the sooner the better. It does sound like a UTI, and will only get worse and more serious with time! I've had more of these than I have yeast infections. As far as going to the dr., it's really nothing to be afraid of. They mainly just need a urine sample and ask you a few questions (to make sure it hasn't hit your kidneys yet). You won't even have to remove your clothes, hun!