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Avatar n tn How much does a syringe of 1% androgel cost at the pharmacy? Does it vary from one pharmact to another?
Avatar m tn I didn't know where to post this question since testosterone replacement therapy wasn't an option on the board. However this does relate to depression/anxiety. Does any males here take this therapy?
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever took androgel,if so give me feedback on the gel.How much did you take and for how long.What kind of reponse did you have with androgel.
Avatar m tn So I was pretty excited about something that sounded like it could solve some problems. He prescribed AndroGel, a topical gel that is rubbed into the chest and upper arms, 5 mg per day. I did tell him about my past sexual behavior problems. Two weeks into it, I start getting really horny.
Avatar m tn I can't smell, genetic trait. Does Androgel smell bad at all, when wet or dry? Will my co-workers notice it if I apply it before work? 3. I can't remember what the changes were like. What can I expect? What changes actually occur during treatments (mood, energy, sex drive, emotions, erections, sperm count, etc)? 4. Does the medicine sting or hurt when applying it? 5. How much does it usually cost, without insurance? 6.
978469 tn?1433551546 It should be between 60 and 100 at rest. If your Dr knows little about the Androgel effects can you see another one that does? Your numbers may be caused from this or it could be another reason. If you have pre-hypertension Drs normally want to try and control with it diet and exercise first. Have you cut back on the caffeine and started drinking more water yet?
1139187 tn?1355710247 I tried the androgel pump, but that stuff is a pain in the butt. You have to rub it all over, im afraid to be around my kids. It also gave me this weird flulike feeling all the time. Didnt do much for my libido, made my testicles ache like mad. Add the aching on top of my thyroid discomfort and it didnt make for a happy life. I am now going to try the testosterone patch. Its 2.5. I am not a bodybuilder, i work out, but just a normal build, rather slender in fact.
Avatar n tn Recent Blood work came back and surprisingly I am the almost 100% FINE considering my bad diet, being a 40lb over weight, and a history of many, many surgeries due to auto accident and injury. 9 Back surgeries, 1,brain, 1 hip and several on my left hand, one on my right. Okay, I'm part cat but I am sadly lacking in the HOUND DOG department. My testosterone levels came back almost non-existent. I forget one of the numbers but the other was so low it was hard to forget. That number was 1, yes 1.
Avatar m tn it takes forever (sometimes months) for it to return and when it does, it's only for a couple of days. I wait about a week or two to have the urges but even then, it's a weak erection. I don't understand, I get morning erection so I know is not impotense. I went to my doctor since I had fatigue and wasn't sleeping well either. The blood work came back and found that my testosterone levels were low, he said 40 when normal should be over 100. He put me on Androge and prasterone.
Avatar m tn My tstosterone blood work came back, 2-8-8 797 What does that mean? I'm on androgel?
Avatar n tn i have one that is on the front of testis faced thord the penis it did hurt for a long time like 3year the pain has gone away since useing androgel but since useing androgel seem to have testicular atropey.a little while ago i noticed a lump in one of the cords the size of a bb. im hopeing to get a uratasound soon so that i can understand what is going on down thare my dr did not tell me about that and it makes mad i did know that thay could do that.
Avatar n tn Viagra works when it works, but with low libido, it doesn't always work. Taking Yohimbe with the Viagra made the situation more consistent, but caused increased blood pressure and upset stomach. I am being treated for high blood bressure with Micardis 40mg. Recent blood test was: Age 43 FSH 7.59 miu/ml Luteinizing hormone 4.33 miu/ml prolactin 9.96 ng/ml total testosterone 360 ng/dl free testosterone 78 pg/ml psa 0.
689860 tn?1238721632 I had asled my doctor before the results if cialis will help in getting an erection again and she said let's get blood work. What are my options now? I don't want my marriage to suffer.
Avatar m tn One year ago it was so severe I got a full work-up, I had an coronary angiogram showing no coronary disease. I had a EGD no findings. H. Pylori neg, labs normal. I was put on PPI and the pain resolved. This July the pain returned much more severe. The pain is more associated with eating and there is significant dyspnea. With the pain I get intense ringing in ears, hoarse voice and intense dyspnea. My PCP doubled my PPI dose. Repeat EGD with no findings. CT chest with contrast was normal.
Avatar m tn At a recent annual physical, I asked my dr. to check my testosterone level as part of my blood work, mostly out of curiosity, but also because I have trouble building muscle mass and strength despite putting in my time at the gym. Other than that, I have no other common low t symptoms. I have a great sex drive, no problem getting an erection, plenty of energy, have had 2 children recently (so am fertile),in good physical shape etc. My first test came back at 168.
Avatar n tn I used Androgel and later (for cost reasons) Injectable Testosterone. Either form works great but it does take some work to get the dose right. Good luck! I had readings of 297 and then 250 total testosterone in two tests. FSH was 1 and free testosterone was 70. I suffer from depression, night dreads, social anxiety etc. Can this be the cause? After a year and 1/2 of anti depressants and meeting with psychiatrists, nothing is working.
Avatar n tn 382 He is now taking 112mcg of Synthroid daily along with Androgel. His PSA came back negative. He does not have any ED symptoms, but his testicles have reduced in size. He has low energy (from a man who was always on the go), sweats, memory problems (from a man who had an impressive memory), has had a few dizzy episodes, has been having continuous headaches for the last several months and is starting to have some breathing problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I know I can't take hormones for a long time, but what are women suppose to do in the mean time with the symptoms until they reach menopause on their own? Does anyone know if vitamins actually work for preventing osteoporosis? Vitamin D and calcium.
Avatar m tn I apparently have low testosterone, and have been using Androgel for that. I've also tried, Viagra, and it works like a CHARM pretty much every time. Here's the thing: I'm a very sexually open person, and I've recently experimented with a few threesomes and foursomes. In each of those cases, despite using the Viagra, I was unable to get an erection. There's no doubt, I was tremendously nervous and worried about it going into the experience.
Avatar f tn You say he was diagnosed with low testosterone. Did the doctor put him on androgel or another medicine. I take androgel, which is just a packet of gel that I simply rub on my upper arms/shoulders every morning. FYI, you will not want to come in contact with his application area for at least 3 or 4 hours because there are side effects for you. You didn't say how old your husband is. Has he had a normal sex life in the past? Just wondering.
Avatar m tn I just got some additional blood work back showing real low testosterone and am first starting Androgel. I had a contrasted and non contrasted MRI on my brain that showed nothing. I took a balance test that showed normal ( at the time I was not feeling the shoves). I went to a Neuro guy who examined me but he thinks as well as others think that my problems is nerves. I know nerves can cause problems but I think my nerves are caused from my symptoms.
Avatar m tn pack of androgel every day. I had sex previously, but only oral. I panicked and took 2 grams of Zithromax all at once. This did not clear up the problem. I then went to a urologist and he did a urine specimen, prostatic fluid extraction by massage (which did not work, so another urine specimen), and put me on doxycline for 10 days. This still didn't clear up the problem. Now he has me on septra DS for 4 weeks and I'm into the second week and things don't seem to be improving that much.
Avatar m tn He has seen an endo who has diagnosed him with hypothyroidism. He has been receiving treatments of Synthroid and Androgel. Unfortunately, as his TSH levels go up, his T levels are going down: DATE T TSH 12/20/2006 222 3.397 2/5/2007 182 n/a 5/12/2007 251 4.74 8/28/2007 240 4.139 12/10/2007 388 3.849 3/18/2007 273 3.909 6/16/2008 170 2.888 9/17/2008 n/a 2.382 He is now taking 112mcg of Synthroid daily along with Androgel. His PSA came back negative.
Avatar m tn About two years ago I was diagnosed with andropause.The uroligist gave me androgel 5mg.He said it might help with the anxiety/Depression I have had for most of my life. The first dose made me feel incredible for most of the day,but days after that panned out.Long story short.Now,any time I take any form of testosterone it makes my anxiety/depression worse.Even at 1.25mg of androgel.
Avatar m tn Does anybody else get fatigue with their anxiety? My typical pattern is for really bad anxiety first thing in the morning, which lessens as the day goes on. But this is often replaced with extreme fatigue and drowsiness. I think the two are connected in some way, as I was far less drowsy when I took lorazepam first thing in the morning for a few months last year. Although I go through periods of poor sleep, the drowsiness can be there even after a good nights sleep.
Avatar m tn My husband is diagnosed with Low T, is on Androgel. We have Sex about once every 2 weeks. Not as good as before but getting better. My real issue is that thier is not caring anymore, no wanting to hold, kiss, snuggle - Basic intimacy. It is like the only time he touches me is when he is in the mood for sex. I am beginning to think that is all I am good for beside housekeeper & mother. Does anyone have any resources to help me...? This may end my marraige. 20yrs.
Avatar n tn What type of exercise is needed to obtain collaterization of coronary arteres? Does it have to be very intense exercise such as running or can it be accomplished with brisk walking on a treadmill? Thanks for your time.