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Avatar m tn Since you have had an MI, albeit (and thank goodness) a mild one, you have probably more reason to experience panic in a kind of post-traumatic way than I do, but since panic disorders do not respond to sweet reason alone, one's past is not the biggest part of the problem. My own guess is that panic and anxiety disorder are genetic mistakes, and that if a sufferer were to quiz all the members of his family, he'd find out that he's not alone in his affliction.
Avatar n tn Tonight she is coming over to see my new apartment and the thought of her coming over made me vomit after eating lunch at home. In every case of the anxiety-related vomitting I feel completely better after I throw up. The anxiety is usually gone once I get the food out of my stomach. I've never seen a doctor about this. Like many people I keep thinking it's not a big deal and I can handle it. But this latest episode scared me because the anxiety came out of nowhere and made me vomit.
Avatar n tn I'm a seventeen year old girl and I think I might be depressed. I don't do drugs or drink any alcohol, and I don't cut myself. I am a fairly popular kid in highschool. I used to think I was normal, but I just realised today that I haven't been acting like myself lately. My grades have dropped (I used to get 90's, now I barely get 70's) because I have trouble concentrating. I have been feeling angry and have had many mood swings that my friends and family have noticed.
Avatar n tn I really appreaciate your honesty that even after so many years of having them you still feel uncomfortable with them and get anxiety because of them. I know you're right i need to stop worrying about them but sometimes i get rows of them and i get worried what if they don't stop?! I guess i need to try harder!
Avatar m tn The world has risks in it and we need to better learn how to manage the stress and anxiety/ risk and change it can represent. I have found it helpful having people around me who are open, honest, respectful, accepting, non-judgemental and consistent. Limits and boundaries are also good things to have. Very long-winded but I hope it helps.
968908 tn?1274874715 Boy do I wish I had you around instead of my psychiatrist when I went off Paxil. He did taper me off, but when I fell apart he didn't mention it might be withdrawal. He never mentioned withdrawal to me, ever -- I had to find out on the internet, of all places. My reaction was extreme, and I don't expect many others get such a reaction, but what it taught me is patients need to have foreknowledge even when we don't want it.
Avatar m tn I am 18 year old guy and im studying in univ, and recently i've started to feel like im having mental problem, i have anxiety disorder, i worry about simple thing too much, for example i just completed a quiz on one of my course, and i know that i already score full mark on it, the tutor showed all the students their mark, but i still have this feeling of "how much do i get?", it wont go away until i see my mark for the second time.
Avatar m tn It used to be just at night when i closed my eyes but the restless leg medication helped. However, I am started to feel the pressure on my eyes during the day. I making an eye appt as we speak.
4128244 tn?1350077211 I read that HAART therapy can cause thyroid problems, and HIV itself can wreak havoc on the endocrine system. Do I need to move this thread?
Avatar f tn There was some blood in his diaper, and his gauze was stuck pretty bad, and I just couldn't do it. I was shaking and crying, and I had t have DH do the gauze. I was NEVER this emotional with my other boys, both who were cicrumsized as well. I never had an issue taking care of it. I just fed Conner his bottle as DH did the dressing on his penis, and I couldn't even look. Conner would pull his legs and kick his legs as hubby tried very hard to do it as gently as possible...
1580318 tn?1550258081 The reason i'm asking is cause i'm wondering if it's become an issue for me. I did an online quiz for thyroid disease, and it came back that i answered 12 of the 33 questions as possible thyroid disease indicators. Which is 36%. Some of the ones i answered yes too were Irritability - this was i think the big one.
Avatar f tn It has made me think about symptoms that I have experienced over the last 13 years, ones that I ignored because I was told it was due to depression, anxiety, need to increase exercise, need to get more rest, etc. I believe that all of these symptoms are connected. So I am reaching out to see if anyone else has these issues that have been connected to their thyroid. I am getting tested for the anti bodies for Hashimoto's disease.
1611808 tn?1299558422 the need for approval, need to be loved, need to succeed etc. I looked at strategies to improve my self esteem (doing things I like, and being kind to myself). What have I found out about myself this Module? I found out my score on the Depression and Anxiety Quizzes and their interpretation. Result for the Depression test: In the MIDDLE TO HIGH RANGE. You have more depression symptoms than the average person your age.
Avatar n tn I use them as a coping mechanism, I believe to relieve anxiety - I can do this and it would not continue…I would not have to go to X or do Y or talking Z. They make me feel better…and ironically… help me function. Questions: Are these serious thoughts…there have been moments when Yes, they were active and serious potential realties. I certainly have drunkenly swallowed handfuls of pills in half serious and spontaneous efforts to kill myself.
433412 tn?1232558056 I was on this medication, but for a different reason than you; depression and anxiety. It can be a very helpful drug for many individuals, but is not always the best choice for everyone since people react differently to different medications. What is important is to find one that works for you. Sometimes this requires trying a couple of different ones to find the right one. What I do know is that I benefitted greatly from this medication. It made me feel normal again.
1035021 tn?1296824307 At the same time my General Doctor gave me PAXIL for the same thing, telling me that this med was less addictive and will help me for panic attacks and anxiety long term. My cardiologist told me to quit PAXIL immediately and I DIDN'T do it, cause PAXIL was really helping me for this disorder and more for panic attacks so I continue taking both meds, Paxil in the mourning and Xanax for sleep.
971074 tn?1362763366 It doesn't matter if it is something nice somebody says, or a sweet note, or a friend in pain, or if somebody pissed me usual reaction is a couple of tears. So, I have just been wondering If I need to go ahead and buy some stock on Kleenex. HA! I don't have depression. I have had situational depression mostly related to grief but never a long term depression. I appreciate the feedback.
Avatar f tn I'm not an expert just another patient dealing with Anxiety attacks. I think that Benzos have a place because they do work for a lot of people with Anxiety disorder. The problem (my opinion) is that taking them daily is a mistake because you build a tolerance and it becomes harder and harder to go without them. Instead I think this is a drug that you should only take as needed. So unless your in the middle of a panic attack don't take the drug.
Avatar m tn I should also note, I have a prescription for Valium I was given for muscle spasms following my surgery that was 3 weeks ago. I also have a prescription of Xanax that I was prescribed for "as needed anxiety" back in the fall. I'm going to ask my doctor this when I see him tomorrow, but I have heard some people have used these medications to help "ease" off Effexor with some success. Has anyone had this experience?
Avatar m tn I used to be scared of taking medication because of the side effects, but i learn if i need to take it why not take it.. But i mean i suffer from anxiety n depression n panic.. I can get so depressed but i try my best not to detach from others because i know i will get worst n feel worst, when im depressed i usually just want to be alone.. N yea i can put a smile and act like nothing is wrong n deep inside im hurt.. But i tell u i believe u have a great heart with alot of dreams n goals..
Avatar f tn Also, my grandma had died, so i guess you could say it was sort of the perfect storm for a migraine, huh? I love drinking coffee so I drink that a lot. I don't smoke or do drugs of any sort. Now, moving on to present day, I've been running again (the first time since my last migraine) and dieting again (eating more than before, but not enough still), and I got my second migraine. This one started out on the left side this time.
Avatar n tn I don’t think I could have Hydrocodone though. I think I would take that. I might need to go ahead and get rid of those Meps after a while too, actually. I’m a little disappointed about last night. I thought that those feelings were gone for good. Also, what about legitimate pain? I get awful sinus headaches and I had one Monday night and I didn’t take anything but aspirin and it hurt for hours.
Avatar n tn First off, I am a hypochondriac, and I have OCD and GAD. I am at a doctors office every week. Im 47 and have a history of on again and off again drinking.For about 15 years I drank quite heavily, late 80s early 1990s. Been to doctors for check ups got the usual high liver enzymes etc. Was told I had a fatty liver based on ultrasound.. I stopped drinking in 1998 completely. a couple years latter I have an ultrasound and to my happy surprise my fatty liver was gone!
Avatar m tn I don't know if that is HOCD. Which is weird because I know I don't want want to be lesbian. My brain is just annoying. I do know I don't want to be lesbian and that I am straight, but the other half is bullying me about it.
Avatar f tn It's a strong med and like I said, can be stimulating for some people. Something a person with severe anxiety does not need. Please keep us updated on how things are going.
Avatar m tn Since I saw improvement in my thinking, I felt confident that I could do this and stick with it and have for over 5 years now. I will never go back to fentanyl again. That drug took too much away from me and the deception is that I did not even know it. When I began to think clearer, I noticed an overall feeling of better sleep, wanting to eat and clearly thinking now. It is a rough road as I mentioned but worth every second invested so PLEASE STICK WITH IT!!!!
Avatar n tn I ALWAYS think i have cancer as well, and i have the EXACT same symptoms as you do. I really have had blood in my stool for the past month though, but its been mucusy. Just read all the other postings i had put up if you're in doubt of anything i'm saying to you here. The chances of you having colon cancer are almost nothing. There is a 99.999999999999999% chance that you do not have cancer. Someone between the ages of 30-40 has about a 3 in 1000,000 chance of getting it.
Avatar m tn I dont know how people feel i guess that are just physically dependent and not addicted...i do know that there is this other personality inside of me that i dont like that comes out when the pills are in my life...i did things and put myself in situations i would have never put myself in otherwise...drug seeking behavior...when i used post neck procedure, it scared me because that other personality was breaking thru again after a couple of days...