Do heart attack symptoms come and go

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4186651 tn?1357830957 This is so new to me. Is is part of Chiari symptoms to come and go? I almost feel back to my old self. Just nauseous and very little dizziness from day to day with all the body aches. I'm petrified to have another migraine though which I get frequently!!!
Avatar f tn is it normal that the pregnancy symptoms come and go? I am on 10w+ i didnt have morning sickness but the nausea, breast tenderness and feeling very tired was my symptoms. Scan on 9 weeks was fine baby heartbeat normal. Thanks. Just worried.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor, but I understand people can be having a heart attack and still have a normal or near normal blood pressure. Heart attacks in women don't always include the same/typical symptoms as they do in men. Also, it's fairly common in women that symptoms of a heart attack come and go--so just because the clear up doesn't mean you're not having a heart attack. Better safe than sorry, right? I would seek medical attention immediately. First, take a 325 mg.
Avatar f tn For 15 years I have had terrible symptoms of hyperthyroidism (heart arrhythmias, racing and pounding heart and palpitations, anxiety disorders, heat intolerance, weight loss despite increased appetite). I have not seen an endocrinologist but once in the ER had my TSH checked and it was 1.5 which I know is normal so I didn't pursue it further. The funny thing is that my symptoms sometimes come and go.
Avatar n tn Just wondering if cyst/Ov Ca symptoms come and go over time or do they, once they start, progressively get worse? I have been having some vague symptoms - such as a bit of indigestion, needing to use toilet more often, etc. Have been to 2 different Dr's who've done quite a lot of pressing on my tummy, etc and have both suggested that if I had a large enough cyst to be pressing on bladder, etc they'd be able to feel something (and they can't).
Avatar m tn No symptoms do not come and go. Symptoms normally (if you get symptoms) start small and get more over time.
Avatar m tn they took blood and everything came up normal, with the exception of slightly high thyroid levels shortly after this first attack of symptoms i began having constant muscle twitches in the bottom of my feet sometimes so bad that my toes move along with the spasms it would feel like there was a Phone vibrating underneath my skin, this has been going on non stop for 2 months now.
447939 tn?1235061943 if you had a heart attack can symptoms come and then completly disappear then return again?
994817 tn?1249738278 s what I was told by a cardiac nurse, that a heart attack results in heart damage. Plain symptoms on their own do not constitute a full blown heart attack, more like angina. Of course that's nothing to ignore either.
Avatar n tn If you are having the signs of what you believe to be are a heart attack even if they come and go you need to go to the ER. Not all heart attacks come on suddenly and stay at a certain level. Some people have no symptoms at all of a heart attack only to find out that they had one after all. My grandfather when I was 9, went to a hockey game with my dad and uncle. After he came home, from my understanding he had this same sort of thing going on, and kept saying he was fine. He was only 50.
Avatar f tn If everything is checking out OK then perhaps they could check you for fibromyalgia. That causes extreme fatigue and aches and pains that come and go. There's no blood test or x-ray that shows it. It's a syndrome but by checking the proper points on your body for pain, they may be able to figure this out.
Avatar f tn My symptoms come and go everyday some days I don't even feel pregnant is this normal?
Avatar n tn My mother died at age 66 of a massive heart attack. Is it possible that this episode is a symptom of heart disease or a pre curser to a heart attack? I should also mention that during rest I felt fine. When I was up moving around or moving my left arm is when I felt the pain. Also during the beginning of the attack it was very hard to take a deep breath. This would make the pain worse. If this was a heart attack or a symptom of one what steps should I take now that I am feeling ok?
Avatar f tn I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out!!! I had to excuse myself from the interview and go to the bathroom. My arms felt tight and tingly and I really thought I was going to die!!! Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms?? If so what have you done to get through the attack. i ended up not being able to finish my interview and left work early. In the past I would have gone straight to the ER. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
Avatar f tn My boyfriend came over to my place Saturday morning, he brought breakfast for everyone, and a new game for our Wii which we all played happily until I had to take my 3 kids to thier Dad's place. I also took my youngest son (his Daddy is my boyfriend) so he could nap in the car. It was decided that when I got back into town I pick up my boyfriend and we go out shopping.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Since the post surgery results are good, you should stop worrying. Try to normalize and carry on with your activities. The success rate is very good after an uncomplicated angioplasty. So, don't go by the occasional case and go by your symptoms. As for the exercise, consult your doctor regarding the rehabilitation aspects. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Iv been taking levothyroxine and all symptoms went away for a couple of months, now the weakness in my thumb is back as it numbness and pins and needles. Could this be als or something? Do symptoms come and go or is this just thyroid issues. Please some who KNOWS facts PLEASE help. I'm so worried. O don't necessarily want to know als symptoms because I will then get them, I just want to know if it could be that?
368461 tn?1291515587 I am about 5 weeks and due around Mar 18 -- but so far just feel tired, and breasts morning sickness. I notice my breasts do not hurt as much in the a.m. -- do your symptoms come and go? Is it OK to not always feel pregnant? My stomach is bloated - but sometimes not as much when I wake up. I get low back aches too off and on. Is all of this normal?
Avatar n tn Does this sound like heart attack symptoms? I have been put on a prescription for beta blocker and given nitro spray, had an ecg, chest xray and blood tests but still waiting for results.
Avatar f tn the only thing consistent these last few days is frequent urination and the heartburn and a little breast pain... is this usual for symptoms to come and go... I know it gets asked a lot but I'm just worried it'll like... disappear... lol...
1481758 tn?1287638643 Every heart attack is different, so I believe. But it could be just different descriptions from people about the same symptom for all I know. Numb hands & feet, cold tingle, not sure about upset stomach, shacking, all don't sound like a heart attack and in fact the tight chest is the only one that is. I'd assume they drew blood which is probably where they got the ammonia idea.