Dissolving oxycodone in water

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Avatar f tn (IMO, it's too early to wean off pain meds.). How are you weaning? I took ibuprofen in between oxycodone doses, then stretched out the time between the doses. But I am still taking the occasional oxycodone, even as of today! I never did neck exercises, i just returned to life. I watched tv in a chair, read in bed, & just walked around in the house as I felt like it. I Still don't have much of an appetite, although Occasionally I am starving.
Avatar n tn and when i have the headaches my field of vision is funny. grainy almost. dreamlike. took some kind of wafer dissolving triptan to stop those, but it messed with my heart too much. i was winded and out of breath from walking to the refridgerator for water. so the occasional migraines are annoying but... its this everyday headache that is killing me. im failing in my classes, i do not sleep, i have become depressed and people have noticed my agitation.
Avatar f tn If you took a cheap, store brand aspirin tablet and an expensive, brand name one, and put both in 2 separate glasses of water. The brand name will probably dissolve within seconds, which is what you want, since aspirin is very acidic. But many generics will just sit there....barely dissolving at all. The side of that water glass could be your stomach, and the cheap aspirin will be eating a hole in the lining, or at the very least, causing irritation. Another example: Thyroid meds.
Avatar dr m tn Although, some people use having a crooked septum as an excuse to undergo a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, done correctly, can help patients breathe better, and more importantly, sleep better. Understanding the Anatomy In order to fully appreciate if septoplasty is the right procedure for you, you must understand the anatomy of how it’s done. The nasal septum is the midline cartilaginous structure that divides the two halves of your nasal cavity. The part in the back of the septum is made of bone.
Avatar m tn He started me out with the 2mg subs and had me follow the sheet to which I was almost through all of them ( I had 35 ) with in 24 hours. Through Kaiser he called me in (98) 8.2 mg tablets not strips but the dissolving pills. 3 1/2 a day. Ok I needed that many for about five days. Than after the fifth day I realized I was quite fine after the second one. Please I beg everyone I truly will get to my need, but for some reason writing this all down is somewhat calming my mind.
Avatar m tn For my first kidney stone pain, I took about three drops of Chanca Piedra, about a tablespoon of cider vinegar in a small amount of water, in five hours about eight vitamin Cs (1,500mg x 8) spread apart, extra Lysine for the immune (about 4), three magnesium pills, low on food and watched my foods (not really because I had sweet popcorn actually), low-moderate on water since I hoped to dissolve the stone before being forced to flush it.
Avatar m tn Pain set in, I know everyone handles operations differently, some say this operation is mildly uncomfortable, I say **** no, it’s painful. Once the doctor got in there he said that I was extremely packed with polyps in every cavity and my septum was very crooked. So I’m guess the pain I’m feeling is a mixture of a lot of tissues removed and a broken nose probably doesn’t help. I can’t even open my eyes, I’m so puffy and it hurts way too much to look at anything.
Avatar f tn I always break it in twos at the minimum though. I hope you are feeling better soon... Remember to drink a lot of water as well. You are in my prayers?!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Warriors! Welcome to a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
Avatar f tn That's just too much to take in the state you're in. Go slow with this process and take pleasure in the simple things in life whenever you can (a long walk on a nice day, a good meal, some downtime with your hubby just watching a movie, whatever activities you enjoy). And it will slowly come together for you and soon you'll be strong enough and clear-headed enough to know what's right for you. And you'll be able to handle whatever is in front of you. You're going to be okay.
Avatar n tn or is it something that is not dissolving completely in the kidneys?...could it cause stones in bladder or kidneys? that would be my only worry.
4226456 tn?1354123528 hi my hubby just finished triple tx but about 3yrs before he suffered pain in joints tingling in hands and feet pain in wrists just like carpel tunnel which i myself have had 2 ops for. Anyway they ran some tests and it turned out to be peripheral neuropathy. A furtur blood test told us he also had hepc geno type 1a.
Avatar n tn i was on 4 ampules a day before and now im taking 1/2 of a 8mg suboxone three times a day, i tried just taking one tablet in the morning but i found i need something later on in the day so thats when i started doing three times a day. i would like to stop al together but i dont no how to do it and if its possible. i forgot what it was like to be drug free. i started on buprenex originally to ger of a 20 t0 25 a day loret habit for the second time.
Avatar n tn About a week after I was sent home, I ended up back in the hospital in extreme pain in my back and legs. They fed me morphine (which was fine...lol....at the time) but then nothing else was done. The tests showed nothing and they sent me home a few days after Christmas 2005. Well, I've continued to experience pain in my lower back, buttocks and of course the nerve damage on my left, outer thigh. My pain just feels like they tightened those screws to tight and radiates to my pelvis area too.
211940 tn?1267884866 of the pure, food-grade kind horses get fed--along with Algaecal) or to give my immune system a boost for whatever reason. Not sure if it has to do with fluoride in the water (don't usually drink fluoridated water of any kind) or something else purportedly innocuous.
Avatar n tn Next appointment on 1/18/07 I get the x-ray like usual then go into the exam room. He comes in, takes off my brace, throws it on the counter and then tells me to lay down. (i truly think he told me to lay down so I couldn't punch him when he did what he did next.) Next he grabs my knee cap and starts yanking it side to side and massaging my knee very roughly. He tells my wife she has to do this twice a day, ten to fifteen times and then pick up my knee so it bends a little 3 to 5 times.