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Avatar f tn The doctors said that I dislocated my whole knee, and gave me crutches and a knee brace, and also told me to put no weight on the hurt leg. I had to have an MRI which showed that I fractured my femur, now I have to see a specialist. But what I am wondering is how did all of this happen just from getting my son out of the car? I have been laying on the couch for two weeks (since I can't do much else) and worrying about this.
Avatar n tn i have had a knee pain since sept 06 when i dislocated my knee cap downward and i went to the emergency room they took two x-rays. they said it was dislocated. i was in a brace for 6 weeks to where i couldnt bend my knee and was on crutch's. i went through physical therapy for 4.5 months before i deployed for iraq. currently im in iraq and im still having the same pains on the inside of my knee and below the knee cap i have pain that is in the back of the knee and goes into my heel.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 29 and on Sept 28 dislocated my knee. It popped back in place but the mri said torn patellofemoral ligament, small joint effusion and contusion of femoral condyle. My kneecap will still completely sublux also. I have been in a brace and been doing pt at home. My last follow up the ortho said my muscles are still extremely atrophied and increased the pt, said he would operate if not better in 4wks. I am still having pain when walking and being woken at night by pain.
Avatar f tn since then he has had muscle spasms, pins and needles, cracking and locking up of the knee, He had a straight knee splint for a week, then a knee brace which didnt help and has now been put in plaster from thigh to ankle to immoblise the knee. The ortho dr said he sprained his knee and soft tissues and has loose joints and more prone to this kind of thing. Another ortho dr said his patella was loose and again soft tissue damage.
1551754 tn?1294148367 A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took our kids to an indoor water park resort and I had to climb the stairs many times to go down the slides after we returned home and after I went to bed my left knee dislocated (this dislocation has only happened one other time before, 10 years old when I was pregnant with my first child). It went back into place on its own so I put a brace on the stabilize it. After a couple of days it was feeling a lot better so I went with the brace.
Avatar n tn This can be caused by an injured or torn knee ligament, such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. The condition can be treated either by wearing a knee brace or surgery. Trauma, or a sudden turn or twist to the knee can cause a ligament to give out. Go for an MRI and follow up with your orthopedician. Take care!
Avatar n tn After two weeks my knee cap dislocated 6 times. Went into water therapy to strengthen the quads to help it from dislocating and went on Oxycotin in addition to Lortab. Leg was swollen, painful, and didn't work. May had a manipulation. Things improved a little but did not reduce swelling, pain, or stability. Feel down stairs in August as knee gave way. Had steriod pack helped a little while taking them. Then had series of three steriod cocktail shots into the knee joint.
Avatar f tn My question is when I was 10 years old I had dislocated my knee cap when we were doing a swinging rope activity. My lower ligament on my knee had hit the "safety"mats and my patella had sling shot into my thigh muscle my surgeon had stated he had never seen anything like it. Especially at my age. I had reconstructive surgery to fix my knee. My rehabilitation was very rough certainly at that young of an age. Since then i had played in sports all through hs.
Avatar n tn i dislocated my knee. This is my third time doing it. I have noticed that my knee cap is very loose and it still hurts and cramps up when i bend it and stand up. Also, when i am walking my knee gives out. It has been almost a week since the incodent. should i see a doctor. I have a feeling that this may mean something bad! please help me out. My mom needs to know if i am in need of medical help! Thank you.
885099 tn?1243550605 old son complained of pain in his neck a couple of months after he flipped over a car. he had knee injuries as well. the orthopedic took an xray of his neck and said he was ok. About 10 months later my son complained that while at his bus stop something popped in his throat and he couldn't breath for a minute and was forced to place pressure on it to pop it back in. I found it very odd and kind of brushed it off and said you're ok now so. Then a couple of months later it happened again.
Avatar n tn I have a knee that has dislocated since a childhood injury. It slips out frequently but dislocated the other day. I went an orthopedist who said that my knee did not track correctly due to genetics and that I needed a complete patella realignment. He said this a major surgery in that they would have to move bone as well. I need to know if anyone else has had this surgery and how long you were in the hospital and what the recovery was like.
Avatar m tn Went to the basket full speed and jump stopped and all of sudden felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my knee. After the injury it was apparent the knee cap was dislocated. I was rushed to the ER and upon review it revealed that I had torn patellar tendon. I had surgery the following Monday (7/21) I am 27 years old and a former college athlete and was training hard for an Iron Man in October so experiencing this injury has been very discouraging.
Avatar n tn You can look at my knee and see the presence of a lump below the knee cap towards the inside of my knee. I do not complain of pain unless it is extreme. I walked around on a torn meniscus in both knees the right one for about a year the left almost 2 years when I told my doc that it was getting bad. I am angry and hurt that the first MD did not listen to me. I told him over and over again that my knee was not hurting on the side where the prosthetic is.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Ursula, I am 17 years old and when I was younger I had fallen off of a pyramid in cheerleading, as I got older I had consent intense pain in my right knee. Finally in October the doctor offered a Lateral Release as solution to my knee cap creating a new groove in my bone. The day after the surgery I was already feeling relief from the 10 years of constant pain. I am 2 months post- op and moving around better than I ever have.
Avatar n tn I hope you get some relief from the synvisc. It did take about two full weeks after the injections to get to feeling better. I am back where I started with the right knee. I am about 1 1/2 months out and I am having alot of pain. I have several bone spurs as well as OA. My left knee is great. Never gives me pain or stiffness. Give it a little while longer to absorb in the knee. Hope you will do well.
Avatar n tn My regular orth Dr. was in the process of relocating his offices to a new space (he had done 2 knee surgeries on me) so I was forced to call any ortho Dr. in the area. The only Dr. who could see me that day was a podiatrist who worked within a large group of ortho Dr's in the area - my primary assured me that a podiatrist was just as good to address the break so I made the appt.
Avatar n tn 22 year old male. I work out in the gym 4-5 days per week. Obviously with my goal being weight gain I push myself generously. I've been working out for about 2 years and have gained 50 pounds. August 06 I injured my rhomboid pulling on a pallet jacket at work. Since it was only a slight pinch with no further pain I didn't let it slow me down in the gym. The following day I suffered a mild spasm during a chest workout.
Avatar n tn ) The physio therapy, relaxation, reading, hot baths with epsom salts, valium, massage, stretching, not sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time, concentrating on posture all the time or as much as possible, sometimes I wear a back brace when sitting to keep my posture proper... Constantly focusing on not tensing up or clenching my pelvic floor... Feeling all around for some spots and making sure to stretch those muscles and massage those areas...
Avatar n tn I may get a burst of sharp pains in my temples usually one side, it can happen for a few seconds and repeat for a minute or so. I may get a pain in my knee and then minutes later in my finger, or shoulder or wherever it wants to be. The thing is I am a mental health nurse and keep thinking am I going mad. My partner is sympathetic but gets a bit tired of me mentioning pains 5 or 6 times a night. I'm tired all the time and don't know where to turn.
Avatar n tn I coughed for 5 weeks (nothing really helped) and I felt like I dislocated something in my throat. Every single time I turn my head to the left and then turn it back, I have to pop the upper portion of my throat back into place. It feels like something inside is rubbing agains something and is causing me pain and other weird sensations on the left side of my throat, back of my mouth, and the left side of my tongue. The only time I get relief from this is when I sleep.
Avatar n tn By the way, I don't know if this is connected, but I also noticed that the bones around my knee (the cap, I suppose?!) are jutting out, too; also my ribs.