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1878464 tn?1320559437 I was trying to research this online and found a site for the different types of cutaneous lupus erythematosus (with pictures). Discoid, to me, appears more as rash. What I have appears to be Lupus Profundus, based on visual observation. The site I am referring to above is http://dermnetnz.org/immune/cutaneous-lupus.html (It has some pretty pictures for reference). Listed below are links to photos of the soft painful "holes" that has been led to this diagnosis. http://s822.
1136439 tn?1290178052 Discoid lupus is dxed when a patient with a discoid rash (confirmed by skin biopsy) does not fulfill the crieria for systemic lupus. Although 10% of all lupus patients have DLE (discoid). The lesions geerally do not itch. They appear as thick and scaly. Aching joints are found in 10-20% of patients w/ DLE. Blood testing shows a positive ANA in about 1/2 of the cases. 20% may have anemia, and a 50% have a low white blood count. W/o treatment, discoid lesions may progress.
Avatar n tn i went to see a derm dr and he took biopsy as he thought lupus they came back positive.
Avatar f tn Since you had a rash that was biopsied to be lupus, it is likely that these rashes are also skin lupus. Along with this you could be having systemic lupus. The possibility of lupus affecting blood vessels and causing vasculitis or their inflammation is also possible.
Avatar m tn ve been reading this forum for the past week trying to get some answers about these rashes on my face. I am 19 y/o Male. I was just wondering what are the characteristics of a lupus rash? I have had this same rash on my face for about a year now, it is two patches on each side of my face almost connecting to my nose. It gets extremely dry at times and just peels costantly, and occasionally itches. I read in alot of posts here that the rashes get worse in the sun.
2183922 tn?1340289260 It may not be high enough for the doctor to call you positive for Lupus. But did they biopsy your face rash? You may have discoid lupus or systemic. Did they do a RA test and anti DNA? You can ask the doctor about those too. They usually are all positive for Lupus. The homogeneous pattern is typical of Lupus too but other things can cause a positive ANA. If your doctor is not a specialist in Lupus I would get a good rheumatologist this is.
Avatar n tn I have lupus myself and I have never heard of that. Lupus can cause rashes. (I am referring to systemic lupus, aka SLE). There is another form of lupus called discoid lupus. If she has that, perhaps the lesions could be related. I don't know much about that kind. The systemic kind is known for affecting various organ systems (kidneys, lungs, heart, etc.) The common rash that many systemic lupus patients have is a "malar rash" which covers the nose and the upper part of the cheeks.
Avatar f tn But my friend had negative ANA and the biopsy of her rash (discoid lupus) was the only thing that came up positive. If it is systemic lupus you may not have a rash but you should have the other symptoms such as going pain, rash on the face, sun senstiivity and so forth. It may be a different autoimmune disorder too. The 1:160 is on the edge of positive. I hope you are going to a hematologist or rheumatologist?
209591 tn?1267414714 Hi--are you currently living with discoid lupus? My mother has had discoid skin lupus for over 10 years. She has dark spots and scars, and has lost her hair due to lesions. She is currently off plaquenil because the doctor suggested that it is making her scars appear darker Would you have something similar? Have there been any skin products and creams that you use from stores that can help the skin look better? thanks!
Avatar n tn They Now Say that I never should have been diagnosed with systemic lupus, but I definitely have the discoid lupus ~ marked by the rash on my arms, upper back, neck, and face including above my eyebrows... I take plaquenil and that controls most of the rash and that, as the basic sun allergy symptoms. Plaquenil has been described as a Mother's Milk for rheumatiod arthritis symptoms, but they found that it's also the only known med to control the skin rash associated with discoid lupus!
Avatar f tn If a doctor suspects this condition, a skin biopsy needs to be done to confirm the diagnosis because other conditions can look like discoid lupus erythematosus. If the skin biopsy shows discoid lupus erythematosus, then further blood testing may be indicated." Source:http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_diseases/discoid_lupus_eryt.html A negative ANA does not necessarily rule out an autoimmune disorder.
Avatar f tn t want to raise any alarm bells but it sounds exactly like what my skin did before I was dx. with discoid lupus; the itching, swelling, rash, lesions. The only thing you didn't mention was the hair loss. Discoid lupus lesions will manifest in areas not actually exposed to the sun. Do hope you get a good diagnosis. I'm with kindd ~ Take care and pls do keep us posted on how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar f tn I get a very itchy and bug crawling sensation on my scalp and do have sores which I am assuming is a discoid rash. The pain in my body is mostly in the myofascial tissue. I suppose that could apply in the scalp. Good to get it checked out though.
Avatar f tn This includes serositis (pleurisy or pericardiatis, ask your doctor to check for pleurisy or inflammation of lining of lung), mouth ulcer, low WBC or leucopenia/anemia (hemolytic)/thrombocytopenia/lymphopenia, arthritis, kidney involvement, high ANA, finding of Smith Antibody (Anti-Smith)/ dsDNA/ antiphospholipid antibodies (anticardiolipin immunoglobulin G [IgG] or immunoglobulin M [IgM] or lupus anticoagulant), neurological features like seizures and psychosis, discoid rash and malar rash.
Avatar n tn Today I noticed a red circular rash around the outer area of my armpit. Can this be lupus? Does a lupus rash ever show up on the armpit like this? What should I do. Thank you!
1415174 tn?1453243103 Has anyone experienced a full face full of acne for a prolonged period after starting Arimidex? It is my friend who had breast cancer and she is blind and wants to write for her. She also has Lupus but she has seen a dermatologist and rheumatologist and they dismiss it as acne. She knows she is out of remission with discoid lupus. But they assured her the 'acne" is not lupus breakout.
1722607 tn?1335747858 It should give the doctor a real good idea if any of these things are causing your problem. Usually, people have a rash with lupus that gets worse with sunlight as well. Let me know how it goes. My best friend has Lupus both discoid and systemic. If it turns out you have Lupus please send me a message. I have learned a lot from her about treatment and the side effect etc. Take care and hang in there. It is always hard waiting for a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have discoid lupus and would like to know what kind of face cleansers and moisturizers should I use?
Avatar f tn My discoid lupus started as an after effect from a very rare disease that mimicks tuberculosis and lymphoma... and began with hair loss, and lesions all over my hands, arms, and with some on my upper shoulders at that time. The dermatologist did an immuno fluorescent stain biopsy of one of the lesions on my shoulder that diagnosed me with discoid lupus. Discoid lupus is still an autoimmune problem. My primary symptom is being allergic to the sun, and the skin lesions, now primarily on my face.
Avatar f tn Hi there I have discoid lupus - it only affects my scalp. I was diagnosed with it round about the same time I got my MS dx. No link that I know of.
659694 tn?1224998453 Yeah they call lupus the Wolf disease because of the 'mask' we can get on our face. I have discoid lupus but never had the 'butterfly' rash. But I Did have the inflammation and itching on the palms of my hands, back of my hands and fingers for a long time ~ my upper shoulders, upper back, neck, face, and length of arms all developed itchy lesions also until I was treated with a short term steroid treatment and began taking plaquenil.
Avatar m tn When internal organs are involved, the condition is called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Both discoid and systemic lupus are more common in women than men. Common complaints and symptoms include fatigue, low-grade fever, loss of appetite, muscle aches, arthritis, ulcers of the mouth and nose, facial rash ("butterfly rash") and photosensitivity to light.