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Avatar f tn You are right, men do get breast cancer. The symptoms range from lumps, nipple discharge to skin changes. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am a 21 year old male who has been experencing some spontaneous clear nipple discharge in the right breast. Sometimes I feel an odd sensation in my nipple but don't see any wet spot. Other times I'm pretty I do. If this isn't cancer, then what could it be? I don't have any reletives that have had cancer. I did have gynoecomastitia in my left breast 2 years ago and got the lump removed. I'm really scared and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you see your Dr. for a clinical breast exam and possibly some type of testing (ultrasound or mammogram). Breast discharge that is spontaneous (without any type of stimulation such as squeezing) can be a cause for alarm but even then more so when it's from one breast only. You do need to have this investigated though as breast cancer in men is not all that uncommon. This of course would be less likely since you don't mention any lump in the nipple area.
Avatar n tn Normal functioning (physiological discharge) Physiological nipple discharge usually occurs in both breasts and happens only when the breast tissue is manipulated in some way, such as by squeezing the nipple to check for discharge. The discharge may be clear, yellow, white or dark green. Stimulation of the nipple actually increases the likelihood of discharge, so it's best to leave your nipples alone and avoid checking them. This type of discharge often resolves on its own.
Avatar m tn I have had a slight bit of blood discharge from my right nipple which has me a little alarmed. I am a 33 yr old bodybuilder and have supplemented hormone levels in the past and discontinued this time a little over two months ago. I did use Letrozole as an aromatase inhibitor, as I am slightly prone to gyno, this time which I had not done before. This is the first time I have messed with anything again since three to four years ago.
Avatar n tn Dear Deffok, Breast cancer is uncommon in men, particularly in young men, but a nipple discharge is also uncommon in men. Without examination, we cannot speculate on what this lump might be. If you are not content with the first two opinions you have received, you have a couple of options. One is to discuss your concerns with one of the doctors you saw and explain that the worry is impacting your life. Perhaps some type of testing can be done to reassure you.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of male breast cancer include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or nipple discharge. What you need to do is get a clinical breast examination done by a physician. If he notices something amiss he will suggest a mammogram and USG. It would then be possible on the basis of these reports to decide whether a core needle biopsy or a surgical excision biopsy would be the preferred option in your case.
Avatar n tn Hello, Unfortunately,bloody nipple discharge in men is mostly due to breast carcinoma esp invasive ductal carcinoma.Nipple discharge in men often is related with malignancy.I suggest an immediate mammography and biopsy from an oncologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn I noticed some pain in my right nipple yesterday. It was painful to the touch around the nipple itself, but not further out towards the breast area. The area was swollen and puffy with some redness around the nipple. It seemed to appear out of the blue. There was no chaffing from clothing or trauma that would have caused this. I am aware that, although rare, men can also get breast cancer, but it sounds like it involves a painless lump and some discharge.
Avatar n tn my ears were pierced 18yr ago,and i took them out about 13yr ago,and i have never had any discharge from them at all(NOTHING) and now have had my nipple done 4 days ago,and its starting to discharge and puss,i have been told by the doctor that its just untill it heals properly,like my ears,and that i should never get this once it is totally healed up,it is the bodys way of stopping infection getting in.
Avatar n tn Hi. Did you mean cloudy nipple discharge? Did it occur on both breasts? Bilaterality is important in determining the cause like hormonal influences. If the cause of the nipple discharge is not apparent, cytologic examination of the discharge can be helpful. You can suggest this to your doctor. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My doctors have not appeared concerned about this either. Once I had a bloody discharge from one nipple. Went to a breast specialist and he did a needle biopsy (although I'm not sure that he got a biopsy, just put a needle through the tip of my nipple) Declared nothing wrong. Still have some discharge sometimes, I'm through menopause.
Avatar n tn The pain started at the same time for both nipples. It is focused in the nipples. There is no discharge. No trauma or unusual activities. I am a larger man and do not know if this could be the cause or not. Is this a possible precursor I should be concerned about? Any info is appreciated.
Avatar n tn See above, form what you describe, probably not from that encounter. 4. No 5. Not a bad idea if you have not been in the past year, as screening if for no other reason. 6. HIV should not be a concern from this exposure either.
324913 tn?1302873117 Then today I squeezed my nipple and saw a white discharge! (Sorry if too much info) Only from the same breast... the left one. What scared me is that I read that most nipple discharge is not a sign of anything dangerous unless there is blood (there isn't) or if it's from one breat only, which it is! I would love to know if anyone has experienced a similar thing.
Avatar f tn Because you had a child and were still lactating (the breast making milk), when you poked about and pressed on the nipple it encouraged the milk to come out of your nipples. In fact pregnant women, and men if they have a problem with their hormones due to the pituitary gland, can also lactate. A woman who is not pregnant and not breast feeding, should not have milk coming out of the milk ducts.
Avatar m tn In men it usually presents as a mass beneath or near the nipple or as some sort of distortion of the nipple, possibly nipple inversion, or there may be a clear, bloody or otherwise colored discharge from the nipple. As in women, usually only one breast is affected.
Avatar n tn My husband noticed some discharge coming from my nipple a couple of nights ago. I just recently took off the ortho evra patch to discontinue it's use, I was on my last day of my period, I may have a cyst in my left breast, so, can anybody please give me any info. as to why I had a small about of possibly clear discharge? Thanxs to those that respond.
Avatar n tn If i press in my nipple of slightly catch it the pain is pretty sharp. My breast tissue is also a little tender at times,but no signs of a rash or discharge. I have been to my GP twice,he was unable to find a lump on both occasions and suggested Joggers nippple but was unable to answer why the pain was internal. I'm not running or doing anything to cause the pain via exercise. The pain is still there and I am still worried and do not want to pester the doctor again.
Avatar m tn This problem manifests as a swelling of the breast or a lump under the nipple, including occasional nipple discharge when squeezed. The condition can last for a while, but will eventually disappear in a few months without any treatment. The reason for this is "hormonal changes" in young males that often occur due to puberty and nothing to do with breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I had a burning sensation that ran from my left underarm to my left nipple. It felt like the area just under my skin was in flames. My nipple showed no sign of discharge or dimpling or discoloration or inversion, it was sensitive to the touch though. I felt and still feel what seems to be a slight thickening of the muscle surrounding the nipple, but no lumps or anything out of the ordinary. At times the pain or an indescribable feeling would run down my left arm, at times to my hand or fingers.
Avatar f tn its due next Monday but I have been having headaches, I have never had before, and I am getting a bit of a white milky discharge from my right breast when I squeeze my nipple and feel a bit fatigue.I know it's to early to tell but I am just wondering if I am pregnant or can it be a sign that I am. I took a test and it came negative. I just want to make sure so I can start really taking care of myself.
19681496 tn?1482428437 I'm sensitive to this issue because I had my right breast removed just after I got out of college because of a discharge from my nipple that the doctor thought was probably precancerous. It's probably unlikely that you have breast cancer, but it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion from a surgeon who sees lots of breast cancer.
Avatar n tn But, I want to be sure about this discharge, I am in my 3rd day of what would be HIGH FERTILITY if i had a period but without any blood before it seems strange i would be discharging, ovulation shouldn't be present till the 18th. I have all my dates, no period and SOOOO MUCH CONFUSION!!!
Avatar n tn increase in discharge is a sign of pregnancy, but I'm not sure when it is supposed to start, but I do know it is a symptom! Good luck!
Avatar f tn My mom had something similar and went in to have it removed. She has a tiny scar, but is glad it is gone. I don't know what caused it. Her procedure was outpatient, so she went home the same day.
Avatar m tn By the way, I had a clear discharge from my right nipple soon after I graduated from college. The other person was right that nipple discharge in a guy could be serious. The doc removed my breast because he thought it could be precancerous. Mastectomy in a guy is not a serious operation, but it would leave you with only one nipple.
Avatar f tn When I was 24 years old I noticed a clear discharge from my right nipple. My doctor referred me to a surgeon who removed my entire right breast as a precaution against cancer. It took me a while to come to terms with having only one nipple, but at least I don't have to worry about cancer. Glad I had it dome.
Avatar n tn The symptoms could include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or nipple discharge. Best wishes...